B&B Spoilers Jan 29 – February 2: Hope Still Cannot Commit to Thomas

Monday, Jan 29 to Friday, Feb 2.

B&B recaps are up just after 1 PM EST, daily.

What’s coming up on Bold & Beautiful the week of January 29?


Bold and Beautiful Spoilers Monday, January 29:

In Monday’s B&B recap, Ridge reacts to Thomas telling his dad that he asked Hope to marry him.

Ridge figures out that Thomas proposed to Hope.

Hope doesn’t want to constantly have to defend Thomas to her mom.

Brooke doesn’t get how Hope can possibly have a relationship with Thomas after all he’s done. 

Luna demands the truth from Poppy about Bill Spencer possibly being her father.

Poppy tells Luna that Bill’s not her father. She cries as Luna demands answers.

thomas ridge talk hope

Bold and Beautiful Spoilers Tuesday, January 30:

In Tuesday’s B&B recap, we’re left wondering if Jack really is Luna’s father, not Bill. 

Luna becomes suspicious of Poppy’s secrets.

RJ is surprised Bill isn’t Luna’s father. He wonders if Poppy knows.

Finn visits Poppy and Luna.

Poppy goes to Finn’s office to talk.

Brooke and Ridge are once again on opposing sides of the Thomas/Hope proposal.

Brooke demands her daughter give the ring back.

Charlie appears and congratulates RJ on his new digs.

Ridge tells Hope that she and Thomas are good together.

thomas doesn't want to fight with brooke

Bold and Beautiful Spoilers Wednesday, January 31:

In Wednesday’s B&B spoilers, Zende lashes out at RJ for getting a beach house when he can’t afford one.

Zende purposely interrupts RJ and Luna’s time together to keep them apart and complains about RJ having more money than him.

Thomas makes an emotional promise to Hope.

Hope and Thomas have sex after she tells him she isn’t ready to commit. 

Brooke and Ridge talk about Zende and RJ’s rivalry. 

zende deadpans

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Bold and Beautiful Spoilers Thursday, February 1:

Steffy is blindsided by the news that Thomas proposed to Hope.

Luna attempts to mediate a war of words between Zende and RJ at the beach house after Zende pushes his way in.

Thomas and Hope continue to make passionate love at the cabin.

hope tells thomas she loves him

Bold and Beautiful Spoilers Friday, February 2:

Steffy and Finn take Brooke’s side regarding Hope and Thomas. Ridge is left on his own since he has given the pairing his blessing.

RJ creates a romantic evening for Luna at his newly leased beach house.

ridge and brooke talk to steffy about eric

February Sweeps!

Since SOD closed the doors on their magazine, there is only one spoiler for sweeps.

Bill and Poppy grow even closer in the weeks coming. 

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