GH Recap: Spencer and Esme Fall Overboard After She Drugs Him, and Carly Celebrates a Win Against Tracy

Weds Jan 31, 2024: Today on General Hospital, Lois confronts Olivia, Carly reassures her new staff, Tracy has reservations, Ava is frightened, and Spencer and Trina find themselves in a precarious situation in Paris.

Monday’s GH recap:  

Brook Lynn, Sasha and Maxie arrive at Crimson where Carly knows they’re blindsided by the changes to Editor-in-Chief with her in charge instead of Nina. Nobody speaks.

carly crimson's editor GH Recaps

She says she wanted to leave lawyers out of this and talks about the contract being up for renewal.

Sasha says running Metro Court and the diner requires a different skill set than a magazine.

BLQ asks how they can trust she can run Crimson.

Carly was an original part-owner of the Deception fragrance company in the 90s. 

sasha gilmore GH

She offers to increase Deception’s page count. They like that idea.

Tracy barges in and tells them not to sign anything.

She laughs and says she’s the only one who can do that.

She’d like to hear how a rank amateur can avoid running Crimson into the ground.

She takes in Carly’s attire as Carly says, “I guess I’ll look it up online,” Carly says.

tracy quartermaine at crimson

She explains she’s run several businesses, learning on the way.

Maxie and BLQ urge Tracy to listen to her but she’s worried about the brand being given to a dilatant.

They argue over what to do. Tracy finally gives Carly the okay but without a contract.

Not until they see real data about her circulation numbers.

She asks what she has planned for September and Carly reminds her today’s her first day.

carly spencer

Tracy puts on the pressure and BLQ asks her to relax.

Carly says she’ll give her April and if in three months, she doesn’t give the numbers, they can walk. 

Tracy wants a break on ad rates — 8% off.

Carly counters with 3% off. Tracy wants 7% but Carly goes for 5 % with Crimson getting an exclusive for Deception’s launch of the new contour palette.

Carly whips out a piece of paper and Tracy is shocked she already has them written out.

She signs papers and goes. The meeting concludes and they all pat Carly on the back for how she handled Tracy. 

tracy wants more from carly

Carly says Julian took a gamble on Nina and it paid off. She’s asking for the same thing. 

Gemma Compton finds Nina in her office at Metro Court.

Nina knows her as the writer of the To The Nine’s column at the Gazette.

Nina loves her column, especially when they disagree. Gemma laughs and says she’s looking for an interview.

She was doing so well with Crimson. Why was she fired? Nina lies that it was her decision. There’s no story.

gemm and nina at metro court

Nina ignores her question about being replaced with Carly.

Gemma says Crimson was a trendsetter when she was in charge, and now, the magazine she brought back from bankruptcy, Carly’s running it.

Nina reluctantly gives her a quote.

“I think Carly Spencer will provide a fresh new take on fashion and take the magazine in bold new directions.”

nina gives a quote

Gemma takes it down but is still outraged by her departure.

How could Drew Cain consider letting her go? Nina’s proud of her tenure and will remember it fondly.

That’s all she has to say on the record. Off the record and in her opinion, Drew is no businessman.

When it comes to running Aurora or Crimson, he listens to his heart than his head.

nina reeves

Gemma goes to see Carly in her office and asks for an interview.

Carly allows it but needs to go through the Crimson team.

Gemma also wants a comment from Drew about why Nina Reeves was fired and replaced with Drew Cain’s romantic partner. Carly looks caught.


In the dining room, Lois finds Olivia working.

She is worried they’ll never speak again. Lois asks her to lower her voice.

She’ll talk to her at home. Lois doubts that. 

olivia wants lois to shut up GH Recaps

She keeps disappearing on her. Lois claims she’s busy as a business owner and mother.

Lois is aware but they need to talk so Lois takes her into the little room and tells her to make her apology quickly.

Lois apologizes but admits she stands by her decision.

lois quartermaine

Olivia barks that she broke a lifetime of trust.

Lois wants to work it out but Olivia’s not sure they can.

Her relationship with Sonny trumps theirs every time. Lois’s jaw drops.

lois versus olivia

Olivia jumps up and goes to her office and barks at Nina, asking why she’s in her office.

Nina reminds her that hers is being redecorated.

She listens to the women fight over Sonny and questions them.

Lois tells her to stay out of it but Nina says he’s her husband. Nina credits Lois for that.

nina at office

Lois makes cracks about Nina’s wealth and Nina rolls her eyes. She was going to tell Sonny herself.

She blew up both their lives. Lois yells back that her life deserved to be blown up, “You lying, dime-dropping family-wrecking snob!”

Olivia yells, “That’s enough!” Nina thanks her but Olivia’s on Lois’ side.

She knows why Nina went to the SEC. Nina reminds them that insider trading is illegal.

Lois laughs since Sonny does illegal things. She thinks Nina needs humility. The brunettes take off.

lois vs nina

In the boat on the Seine in Paris, Spencer finds the blood from the captain on the deck.

He yells and meanwhile, in their stateroom, Trina’s stunned when Esme shows herself.

By the time Spencer gets to the stateroom, Trina’s gone.

esme and spener on the boat seine. GH recaps

Esme comes upon him and he grabs her by the throat and shoves her against the wall.

She tells him not to snap her neck.

It’ll be bad for his little girl.

Spencer found the captain and radioed for help.

spencer makes demands

She says they’re headed for the English Channel and she she smashed the satellite tracking system.

They’ll be long gone before the police show.

Spencer threatens her life and she says to go ahead.

She’ll never find Trina in time. She taunts him, knowing this is agony for him.

It doesn’t compare to the torture he and his dad put her through when they took Ace from her.

spencer threatens esme

“So go ahead,” she says. “Kill me and Trina both.” Spencer says he’ll never see her son again.

She cries, telling him she’s Ace’s mother and she’ll do anything to get him back.

Spencer will stop her.

If he does, Esme says she’ll kill Trina.

spencer yells at esme

She goes to get her bag of tricks and comes out with rope.

She forces him to let her tie him up and says until Ace is safe in her arms, she wants everyone to suffer.

Spencer demands Esme tell her where Trina is.

Esme says that she’ll be able to get word to Laura and be rescued when they’re someplace his grandma won’t find them.

Once Laura tells her where Ace is, she’ll let him go.

Spencer yells that Laura doesn’t know where Ace is.

He wonders how she sees this going down and urges her to give up but she won’t.

He says he’ll fight her but she lets him know she will drug him. Spencer realizes he was right to give his brother to his father.

Esme’s sick of listening to him so gets the syringe from her bag.

spencer tied up

Meanwhile, Trina’s gagged and tied up below in the engine room.

She sees a nail sticking out and tries to undo her binds and once she breaks free, rushes to the stateroom with a wrench.

She and Esme have words and get into a scuffle.

trina in engine room tied up

They fight with the wrench and it falls and then the syringe goes flying.

Esme and Trina’s fight moves to the bed where Esme chokes Trina.

esme and trina fighting

They roll around, trying to get the upper hand and Esme kicks Trina in the gut.

Trina goes flying and takes the wrench and hits Esme on the head.

Esme falls unconscious and Trina goes to find something to break Spencer’s binds. She finds scissors and returns.

esme out cold

They cut him out of the binds and she wants to go. “What about her?” Spencer asks. “Let her bleed,” Trina says. 

They run outside and hear horns in the distance.

They jump up and down, trying to get the other boat’s attention when Spencer crumbles.

esme injects spencer

Esme injected him with the syringe.

Trina yells. Esme says there’s enough for her and tries to inject Trina.

Spencer grabs Esme and they both fall off the boat while Trina screams.

trina scrams

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On the island, Sonny and Ava hide behind a table as someone shoots at them on the patio.

sonny and ava hide from bullets

Dex appears at the door with a gun and tells them they believe there’s a single shooter and that they’re closing on his location.

Shots continue to fire out as he says this, ducking.

dex with a gun

He covers for Sonny and Ava to run inside.

Shots are fired and he fires some of his own. 

Inside, Ava frets about Avery, so Sonny shows her a life feed.

dex fires shots

She’s with a bodyguard. Dex appears and gives them the all clear.

Ava notices blood on her hand and they bandage it up before a guard takes her to her kid. 

Sonny complains about the shooting to Dex.

He and Aladio need to find the shooter and bring him to him. Dex goes and Ava returns, worried. Sonny reassures her.

Later, he’s alone when Dex finds Sonny to tell him the shooter is gone and a guard is unconscious by the gate. The shooter set that up. They knew what they were doing. 

sonny and ava hide out

Back in the dining room, Lois thanks Olivia for having her back. Everyone’s been welcoming of her except Tracy.

She’s sorry she let this come between them and betrayed her confidence.

She wishes she could take it back. Olivia forgives her.

lois with olivia

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