GH Spoilers April 1 – 5: Lois Helps Brook Lynn a Crisis and Molly’s Angry With Joss

General Hospital spoilers from Monday, April 1 to Friday, April 5, 2024.

What’s coming up on General Hospital this week

Dante confirms whether or not Jason shot him, Blaze fills Kristina in on her new job, and Finn opens up to Liz about his dad.

In the weekly spoiler video, Anna visits Brennan and tells Jason they have similar goals, Dante realizes something bigger is going on, and Curtis stands up.

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General Hospital Spoilers Monday, April 1:

Jason visits Liz and Jake.

Dante confirms whether or not Jason hospitalized him.

Anna puts Sonny on notice.

Diane helps Alexis with her appeal.

Natalia takes over Blaze’s Deception contract.

anna sonny talk dante condition

General Hospital Spoilers Tuesday, April 2:

In Tuesday’s GH recap, Jason is threatened by John.

Drew checks on Nina at work.

John has a new plan to take down Pikeman.

Jason reveals something to Anna.

Carly and Michael make confessions.

Dex gets interviewed about joining the PCPD.

anna and jagger in her office general hospital

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General Hospital Spoilers Wednesday, April 3:

In Wednesday’s GH recap, Liz tells Finn she’s been disappointed by Jason her whole life.

Chase and Brook Lynn ask Dante for a favor.

Finn opens up to Liz about his dad.

Sasha and Cody admit their feelings.

Blaze fills Kristina in on her new job.

Nina asks Maxie what happened to Sasha.

Sasha and Cody muck out the stalls at the stables. 

Tracy crosses with Stella. They agree to play backgammon together.

tracy opens up to gladys

General Hospital Spoilers Thursday, April 4:

In Thursday’s GH recap, Curtis walks into Bobbie’s on his own. 

Terry offers Tracy some advice.

Curtis comforts Trina.

Joss is in shock.

Drew and Nina fight. 

Kevin and Laura check in on Heather.

Sasha shows off her culinary skills.

curtis offers listen trina

General Hospital Spoilers Friday, April 5:

In Friday’s GH recap, Joss and Krissy have a big fight.

Drew chews out John.

Lois helps Brook Lynn with a wedding dress crisis.

Sonny and Natalia get better acquainted.

Kristina and Joss argue.

Anna questions Brennan about Pikeman.

Sam is worried about Danny.

Brennan rejects Anna’s offer.

Dante goes home to family.

lois tells sonny natalia stage mom

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