GH Recap: Liz Talks About Being Disappointed By Jason, Maxie Gives Nina Tough Love, and Tracy and Stella Make A Girlfriends Date

Weds April 3, 2024: Chase and Brook Lynn ask Dante for a favor, Finn opens up to Liz about his dad and Sasha and Cody make admissions.

Tuesday’s GH recap:  Drew & Nina Fight, Curtis Can Walk, and John Threatens to Charge Carly With Rico Violations if Jason Doesn’t Cooperate With The FBI

Brook Lynn gives Dante encouragement at General Hospital when he walks back to his room.

He feels like dirt and jokes that the nurses saw his butt when he went for a walk earlier.

dante can walk now GH recap

Talk turns to dancing at Chase’s wedding and Chase tells him they’ve downsized the wedding and he’d like him to be a groomsman.

There will be standing, walking and dancing. Dante hopes so.

Sam visits and tells Dante about seeing Jason clearly for the first time. 

dante rests

In another area of the hospital, Tracy finds Gregory waiting to see Dr. Kramer for a follow up. 

Tracy’s waiting to get her wellness visit.

Liz pops in and takes Gregory to his appointment.

gregory with traci appointments with doctors general hospital recaps

In a patient’s room, Gregory is checked on by Liz.

He wonders why the head nurse is examining him.

He tells her he doesn’t mean offense but wants to keep his private life separate from his health issue.

She never meant to presume. She goes and later talks to Finn about doing his dad’s pre-appointment check in.

liz check on gregory

She tells him everything’s okay but he accused her of overstepping.

Finn gets it. He’s accusing them all of it. They need to back off, Liz says while Finn always thinks he never does enough for him.

He spoke with a fellow doctor about this and feels useless.

Liz feels like that with Jake right now. Finn gives her a pep talk.

She brings up Jason’s appearance and calls it a train wreck.

They talk about how Jason was never much of a talker and didn’t share much of himself with her.

She’s glad she got it right with Finn this time. Finn agrees with her assessment. 

finn talks doctors without borders

Later, Dr. Kramer examines Gregory who asks if he can preside over his son’s wedding.

Kramer’s no psychic but thinks it’ll happen.

He assures Gregory he won’t talk to his sons about his health without his express permission.

This makes Gregory happy. 

dr kramer with gregory on GH

Chase and BLQ appear at Finn’s office with a request to help save their wedding.

They ask him to get information about Gregory’s latest appointment but the doctor refuses to tell them anything at Gregory’s behest.

Finn and Liz learn that they’re downsizing their wedding and offer to help. 

chase wants help

Kristina stops by Crimson to see Nina.

She’s clear that she;’s not cool with what she did to Carly and Drew but it was an impulse that spiraled out.

One bad decision doesn’t dispute all the good she’s done. She knows her dad misses Nina.

This surprises the blonde who looks at her burgeoning belly and is told she’s pregnant as TJ and Molly’s surrogate.

krissy forgives nina

Blaze and Maxie arrive and Nina learns Blaze is the new Face of Deception.

Nina congratulates her. She’s a big fan and recalls meeting her at her wedding.

Blaze congratulates her and Kristina and Blaze don’t acknowledge that they’re together but Kristina congratulates her on being the new face and goes.

Everyone files out but Maxie and Nina asks what happened to Sasha.

She learns Sasha wanted out.

maximista gh recap

They discuss using Blaze for their new face cream and Nina’s proud of Kristina for being the surrogate for Molly. She asks if she should send a note to Sonny to congratulate him.

That depends if she minds that Sonny will throw it in the trash. Nina assumes she’ll look desperate if she does so.

She hasn’t signed divorce papers and has a secret weapon.

Maxie rolls her eyes and tells her not to rely on Ava. She’s not generous or selfless.

Besides, any man you have to plot to keep isn’t worth it. She never liked Nina as Sonny’s wife anyway. She misses her Nina. 

maxie looks good

Sasha walks into the stable in red overalls to see Cody.

She’s looking for her new purpose.

cody and his little helper, sasha

He’s mucking out the stall and says this isn’t the resume builder she thinks.

She’s hoping inspiration might find her. “What’s the worst that could happen?”

She asks before grabbing a pitchfork and helping out.

She talks about her past in the stables and loves being here.

After they’re done, Cody talks up living at the stables and loves the kids who drop by.

It’s like being a part of a family.

sasha looks like santa's little helper

Sasha reminds him he does have a family if he’d come clean with Mac.

Cody’s not sure he can handle it. She calls him aloof and they laugh about how he never tries to touch her.

She likes how comfortable things are between them.

Cody says he’s kept his “very significant” interest in her at bay.

cody wants sasha


Krissy visits Dante in the hospital, glad he’s doing well.

Dante comments on how big her pregnant belly is.

krissy pregnant belly

Stella appears and asks if Dante wants to go home today.

Dante smiles widely. Everyone goes but Kristina who asks Dante to spend time with their dad who is blaming himself for

Dante landing in the hospital. Dante will do it.

gladys good news for dante

They talk about Ava living with Sonny and both find it weird. He’ll keep an eye on it.

Sam returns and Kristina kisses her big brother and goes.

Sam’s been telling everyone he’s coming home today and requested no visitors. She asks if Kristina’s okay. She seemed off.

Dante reveals that she’s worried about their dad living with Ava.

They talk about Jason and how she blames Jason for everything. Danny doesn’t want near Jason and she’s fine with that.

dante tells sam about ava


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Gregory finds Tracy outside his room and tells her about his appointment with Kramer.

Tracy thinks Alexis will be relieved they can go to the wedding.

She’s not close to BLQ, so she wouldn’t make the guest list if it weren’t for him.

She invites him to coffee and though he’d love to, he has a battery of tests ahead of him.

tracy talks about gregory's date with alexis

She thinks he’s more than the sum of his tests and calls him intellectually challenging, and not bad to look at.

Gregory laughs and calls her a vixen.

greogry calls tracy a vixen

He goes to see Finn and asks that he not call Dr. Kramer anymore for updates, just to ask him for them.

Finn agrees to it. Liz offers to call a cab for him but Gregory can get home on his own.

He takes off, leaving Finn to realize he needs to step back from trying so hard with his dad. Liz hugs her beau.

liz hugs finn

In the hall by the elevator, BLQ and Chase discuss honeymooning in Palm Beach.

He asks if she really wants to go there. She assures him she does. It’ll be perfect.

Chase thinks he can do better than perfect. 

chase and blq talk honeymoon

Tracy finds Stella reading a hair color article in Deception.

Tracy doesn’t think women their age should color their hair. Stella isn’t sure she could pull off the green anyway.

Tracy joins her and Stella learned the face of Deception is a woman of color.

tracy and gladys looking at deception mag

You wouldn’t know it from reading the magazine.

Tracy tells her she’ll see it in the next issue. She asks why Stella hasn’t retired.

Stellaa says she’d be bored. Lose her mind!

Tracy gets it. She talks about not having a lot of deep meaningful relationships. Just acquaintances.

When she thinks of Gregory, she seems saddened and opens up about ‘a friend’.

She talks about Gregory’s issues and then the women toast to each other and make a date to play backgammon. 

tracy opens up to gladys

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