GH Recap: Drew & Nina Fight, Curtis Can Walk, and John Threatens to Charge Carly With Rico Violations if Jason Doesn’t Cooperate With The FBI

Tues April 2, 2024:  Drew checks in on Nina, John comes up with a new plan, Jason makes a reveal and Dex is interviewed. 

Monday’s GH recap: Anna Puts Sonny on Notice, Jason Faces Jake, and Natalia Places Restrictions on Blaze’s Contract

Curtis stares at his cane and gets up from his wheelchair, in an attempt to walk.

He stands up for a few moments and Gladys walks in with a gasp, wondering how long he was able to do this.

curtis stands

She freaks out, hoping he told Portia. He’s been planning on it once he’s better at this.

She gets it, remembering that she had to relearn things after her stroke.

She’s so proud of him and reminds him that secrets broke up his first marriage.

He should tell Portia the truth. Portia turns up and Gladys makes herself scarce.

gladys shocked curtis can sstand

Portia lets Curtis know Dante woke up and is doing well.

Later, Curtis stands up from his chair and uses the fireplace to help him walk over to Portia.

She’s beside herself and hugs him when he gets to her.

They share a kiss and she laughs, unable to believe what she’s seeing.

curtis can walk

Madison can’t help but let Drew into Nina’s office at Crimson.

Drew just wanted to see what Nina was up to.

She’s got her hands full bringing Crimson back from the brink.

Carly did major damage. Drew blames Nina and says the first mag went out on time.

There was a bump in circulation since people were curious about what Carly would do.

Nina’s annoyed that he doesn’t appreciate her and says she’ll just walk then. Drew calls her a spoiled brat.

nina approached by drew

She’s used to getting what she wants and Crimson is his.

She reminds him he needs her. He thinks they should focus on getting the fall magazine out.

They discuss Carly and Nina thinks he wants payback. Drew asks what payback has ever gotten Nina. She focuses on the wrong thing.

She tells him he’s sanctimonious and he tells her she has a victim complex.

She lost Nelle, lied to Carly, lost Willow, tried to send Carly to prison.

Nina calls him pathetic for defending Carly but Drew says she never wanted to become the editor of Crimson.

He doesn’t want her to suffer, either. He tells her if she could focus on her talent, she’d be happy.

drew goes to see nina general hospital recaps

Nina was happy. She had a family. Willow, her grandkids, Sonny and her job.

Now she has nothing except for Crimson. Drew thinks she should feel responsible for the turn of events.

Nina reminds him Sonny wanted her after Nixon Falls.

They yell at one another about accountability and Nina says Carly always gets a pass.

She tells him turning him into the SEC was perfectly legal.

She tears up and says now she’s exiled from her family and husband. “Is that fair?”

nina yells at drew

She thinks he still has rage and anger inside and wonders if there’s a button he could push that would make Jason disappear… “Would you push it?”

Madison walks in with work news and Nina gets back to work. Since Drew is curious about her next piece, she says it’s about feeling good.

He wants to read it so she forwards it to him. He thanks her and thinks they can work together after all.

Stranger things have happened, she says before he goes. 

drew gets nina's email

Dex strolls into the PCPD to see Detective Bennett who refuses to shake his hand.

They head into an interview room and Bennett says he’s his instructor at the police academy.

He asks why Dex wants to become a police officer.

He talks about his past in Afghanistan and the blemish on his record.

He talks about working in private security.

Legitimate work but he can’t provide the names of those he worked for since they’re private high-profile citizens. 

bennett with dex PCPD general Hospital

When he brings up Corrinthos Coffee, Dex says it wasn’t exactly legitimate.

He tells the detective what led him to leave Sonny and Anna’s involvement.

He wants to do something good, serving others. They had a purpose in the army and believed in their cause so strongly, they put their lives on it. It gave his life meaning.

The goal working with Sonny was to make money, which Dex feels was stupid. He wants to make up for his past.

Bennett says that’s not a reason to take the job but Dex needs a purpose.

dex interviewed pcpd

Carly, Donna and Joss make lasagna at Carly’s house.

They talk about how happy Carly is that she’s with her girls and her bestie Jason is back.

Donna doesn’t remember him but Carly knows he’ll be amazed at how much she’s grown.

Michael brings Wiley over.

Donna says she and Joss made it.

joss makes pasta

Wiley wants to help so they let him set the table so they can play Star Wars.

Donna elects to be Darth Vader.

Michael and Carly are left alone and Carly asks if Jason was with her son before he turned himself in.

He admits to everything.

They discuss Ava spending time with Sonny and about Jason being an informant.

Michael had no idea.

michael wiley and carly general hospital

Neither knew where he’s been but Micahel learns he’s staying in a room above Bobbie’s.

They’re sure Jason will be okay.

Carly hasn’t been this okay in a long time, she says, crying.

Willow appears. She got kicked out of Star Wars.

Michael leaves the room and Caraly thanks Willow for putting herself on the line to help Jason.

willow thanked for helping jason

Willow says she was backing Michael up.

They make the Ceasar salad together and wonder what comes next for Jason.

Carly doesn’t know but she trusts him.

She gloats about how he’s always trusted her. Willow says Drew says they broke up.

Carly’s taken aback and asks show Drew is.

carly wistfully talks about jason

Willow says he was hurt. Carly loves and misses him.

She didn’t know Jason was going to come back. Later, Joss returns.

They’re alone when she tells her mom that Dex taught her how to cook.

Carly can see she misses him and hugs her daughter. Joss knows she needs to let it go.

She promised herself she wouldn’t answer if he texts or calls.

joss embraces mom

The whole family heads into the kitchen and Carly thanks them for helping make dinner.

She’s lucky they have one another, that Jason’s back and Dante’s doing better.

They’ve a lot to celebrate. “Let’s eat,” Donna chirps.

carly's family dinner on GH

Jason visits Anna in her office.

She’s grateful he got himself a phone.

She tells him it’s a relief Dante’s awake.

He’s relieved too — about Dante and that he’s exonerated.

jason is exonerated GH recaps

Anna thinks they’ve mutual goals.

She wants information about Pikeman but he can’t tell her anything because of Cates.

Anna says he’s on his way over. He arrives and the men stare each other down.

Jason reveals Anna knows he’s working for Cates.

Cates is mad that it violates their agreement.

Jason calls him Jagger and says he dishonored their agreement when he lied to him about who he was and that he knew his family or his mother.

anna wants to work with jason

“You engineered a scenario where I had to let her believe I was dead!” He yells.

Cates shrugs it off. He took this deal of his own volition.

There was nobody else with his qualifications and he doesn’t care how Jason feels about the job.

Only that he gets it done. Anna tells Cates that Jason’s cover is blown.

He can’t work as Alan Jacobs at Pikeman. Jagger says he still has value and knows too much.

Pikeman will want to shut him up.

Cates says Jason must stay there in PC in the open to draw Pikeman out.

jason yells at cates for lying

Jason refuses to be a walking target, nor have his friends or family be collateral damage. Cates says to draw him out then.

When Jason doesn’t respond, John says they can always charge Carly with Rico violations and criminal conspiracy.

Jason will do what John wants as long as he leaves Carly alone.

John doesn’t like that Anna’s involved, knowing she is WSB as was Pikeman. Anna’s pissed. She had nothing to do with Pikeman.

They share the same goal to bring Pikeman does and John hopes Jason knows how to do it. Jason knows a lot about Pikeman and knows John’s right. They’ll want to shut him up.

John regrets that Jason has to be used as baith butu the mission of shutting Pikeman down remains. He exits.

Anna can see he became an FBI informant to save Carly. “She can’t know,” Jason whispers before he goes. 

anna and jagger in her office general hospital



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