B&B Spoilers April 1 – 5: Deacon Makes a Realization That Shocks His World

Monday, April 1 to Friday, April 5.

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What’s coming up on Bold & Beautiful the week of April 1?

Lauren and Eric drink martinis together. “Sheila Carter,” Lauren says.

Eric says, “No longer a threat.”

eric and lauren drink to sheila demise

Deacon touches the casket and says he’ll be having a memorial service for Sheila.

Finn listens on the phone as Deacon asks him to please try to stop by.

Liam tells Hope, “You don’t have to do it. Nobody else is going to go to this thing.”

liam cautions hope not to go to the memorial

Steffy tells Finn Sheila shot them and asks how he can even consider going to the memorial.

steffy incensed with finn

Bold and Beautiful Spoilers Monday, April 1:

In Monday’s early B&B recap, Finn defends Hope to Steffy.

Finn accuses Steffy of using Thomas and Hope’s breakup to create a Forrester vs. Logan feud.

Zende and Luna find themselves in a surreal situation.

Hope is surprised by Liam’s authentic concern and comfort.

Liam talks with Hope about the break up and thinks she’ll find someone better.

liam says hope will find someone better B&B recaps

Bold and Beautiful Spoilers Tuesday, April 2:

In Tuesday’s B&B spoilers, Finn is invited to Sheila’s memorial.

Steffy flips when she learns of the memorial service Deacon is planning for Sheila.

Steffy makes Finn promise not to go to the memorial.

Deacon tells the Logan sisters he’s planning a memorial for Sheila but understands that they won’t want to attend.

Deacon hopes Hope will go to the memorial for support.

The Logan sisters attempt to dissuade Deacon from involving Finn and Hope in his plans.

Liam and Hope share an endearing moment with Beth.

katie thinks this is a bad idea

Bold and Beautiful Spoilers Wednesday, April 3:

In Wednesday’s B&B recap, Sheila gets a sendoff from Deacon, Hope and Finn.

Hollis feels bad that nobody but him and Deacon came to the memorial.

Steffy is angry that Finn’s going to the memorial after Sheila almost killed them.

Finn and Hope attend Sheila’s memorial.

With Hope and Finn in attendance, Deacon gives an emotional farewell to Sheila Carter.

deacon casket sheila dead

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Bold and Beautiful Spoilers Thursday, April 4:

Steffy and Liam are conflicted by Finn and Hope’s choice.

Lauren Fenmore visits Eric, who reminiscences about his time with Sheila.

Finn gives an impassioned sendoff to his mother.

lauren drinks to sheila being dead

Bold and Beautiful Spoilers Friday, April 5:

In Friday’s B&B recap, Sheila is found to be alive.

Eric and Lauren rejoice over Sheila’s passing. 

Hope and Finn bond over their shared connection.

Unable to leave her, Deacon accompanies Sheila’s body to the crematorium.

Deacon counts 10 toes on “Sheila’s” body. He realizes she is alive. (It’s probably Sugar in the crematorium.)

deacon bye to sheila final

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