General Hospital Spoilers March 14 – 18: Esme Explodes at Spencer, Harmony is Recognized as Lorraine and There’s an Arrest

Soaps Spoilers’ full list of spoilers for General Hospital from Monday, March 14 to Friday, March 18, 2022.

What’s coming up on General Hospital this week? The drama continues with Carly laying hands on Esme, Sonny losing his temper, and Lydia Look returns as Selina so you know something’s up! Watch the GH spoiler video and take a look at this week’s

Monday, March 14

Selina has a proposition for Curtis.
Chase has an awkward exchange.
Chase and Brook Lynn clear the air.
Cameron visits Spencer at Spring Ridge.
Carly confronts Esme.
Curtis receives an unexpected proposition.
Brad asks Britt for help.
Esme gets closer to Nikolas.
Carly calls Diane.

selina upset brad with britt general hospital abc soapsspoilers

Tuesday, March 15

Anna uncovers evidence and Victor sends a thug after her.
Jake makes a confession to Finn.
Sonny tries to relieve things with Michael.
Ava tries to understand Nina’s feelings.
Sonny is at odds with Michael and Willow.
Drew supports Elizabeth.
Finn gets to the bottom of a secret.
Laura, Robert, Dante, and Sam plot to take down Victor.
Anna and Felicia go undercover.

ava talks to nina sonny womanizer general hospital abc soapsspoilers

Wednesday, March 16

Esme lies to Spencer.
Carly worries about Drew.
Anna and Felicia get a shock.
Anna is unaware as danger approaches.
Victor tells Drew to meet if he values his family.
Jake worries Liz will never forgive him.
Ryan watches Spencer and Esme.
Joss’s study session takes a turn.
Joss and Cam support each other.

cam joss hug after tape general hospital abc soapsspoilers

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Thursday, March 17

Thursday, March 17 GH Recap: Carly ruined Drew’s attempts to get the goods on Victor.

Today is Sydney Mikayla’s last airdate as Trina Robinson. Tabyana Ali will be coming to the role later this month.

Britt is forced to reveal a new development to Carly.
Trina makes a decision.
Trina tells Spencer to dump Esme, who is a liar.
Spencer asks if Trina wants him to dump Esme for her.
Esme eavesdrops on Trina and Spencer’s conversation.
Sam and Dante have to adjust.
Sonny has news for Nina.
Nina is scared away from Sonny who apologizes for his abusive behavior.
It’s awkward as Portia runs into Jordan.
Portia tells Curtis that she can’t understand her daughter’s attachment to Spencer.
Carly learns that Jason is to be declared dead.

sprina last airdate trina gh

Friday, March 18

Friday, March 18 GH recap: Michael is arrested.

Nina meets with Harmony.
Harmony agrees to work with Nina to get time with Wiley.
Harmony is recognized as Lorraine.
Michael surprises Willow at work.
Before Willow and Michael can pack for Paris, Michael assaults a reporter.
Michael is arrested.
Carly apologizes.
Drew and Carly flirt.
Sam and Dante take time alone to regroup.
Shawn voices his concerns to Alexis.
Shawn wants to get back together with Alexis but she refuses.

michael hits the reporter gh