As Anna Discovers Evidence About Luke’s Killing, Victor Sends a Thug After Her, and Jake Confesses Something to Finn

General Hospital recap for Tuesday, March 15, 2022. In today’s GH episode, Anna and Felicia discover clues about Luke’s accident, Michael and Sonny fight over Nina, and Jake runs out of therapy.

We also have Monday’s GH recap where Esme manipulated Carly and Selina had a proposal for Curtis.

victor takes bait GH

Outside The Grill, Victor shows Johan the tarot card that he assumes will give him access to Drew’s memories. They’ll have to lure Drew somewhere secluded and try it out. Johan points out that failed last time. His boss says that if it fails this time, they will have to eliminate Drew.

ava talks to nina sonny womanizer general hospital abc soapsspoilers

Ava and Nina go to The Grill for lunch. Once they have their menus, Ava asks if she is planning to file for visitation. Nina is trying to avoid going scorched earth. Her friend hopes she’s not naive enough to think the Corinthos family will do the right thing.

Nina claims she has someone in her corner. Sonny is trying to lower the temperature.

Ava hopes she doesn’t have false hope and points out how badly Sonny’s plans go. She assumes that he is doing this to impress Nina. He’s one of those men who can’t be without women.

nina is surprised general hospital abc soapsspoilers

“Correct me if I’m wrong, you do want Sonny, don’t you?” Ava asks.

Nina says that she sometimes doesn’t recognize Sonny and is worried she is repeating her self-destructive patterns. Sonny has a lot of issues and she thinks she should stay away.

vvictor kiss ava hand general hospital abc soapsspoilers

Victor interrupts the ladies. He remembers Nina as his wayward son’s ex-wife. After some chit-chat, he walks off to take a call.

Nina notices her friend has been laying it on pretty thick with the Cassadine. Ava says the family is complicated and asks her to butt out of it politely.

Ava is sure that Sonny is in love with Nina. Nina isn’t sure she wants that on her conscience.

sonny willow michael argue general hospital abc soapsspoilers

At the Quartermaine house, Willow shows Michael her new passport. As they kiss and look forward to Paris, Sonny arrives, eager to get on the same page about Nina. Michael declares he and Willow are on the same page. They don’t trust Nina.

Sonny points out that she has legal rights. His son says that will have to be fought in court. Sonny offers to keep this out of the courts so they can all get what they want. If they let Nina see Wiley from time to time, they can dictate the terms.

Willow doesn’t trust her and Michael doesn’t see the point of a compromise.

Michael adds that his father he shouldn’t trust Nina either. His father just wants to turn down the temperature. Before he can walk out, his son accuses him of putting Nina’s interests ahead of his family’s.

sonny wants everyone happy GH

Sonny objects to this suggestion. He explains that when he returned from Nixon Falls, he had to wrap his head around his wife marrying his friend. Then his friend died. He wanted to tell everyone the truth on his terms but that didn’t happen.

He’s just trying to do the right thing and Michael better never forget it.

holly kaplan monica temp general hospital abc soapsspoilers

Monica (temporarily played by Holly Kaplan) runs into Finn in the hall at General Hospital and tells him she is having the doctors over to her home for dinner. When she says he can bring a date, he tells her that he and Liz are on a break.

Monica is sorry to hear that. She always rooted for both of them and has always had a soft spot for Liz… she was even married to her father. That didn’t end well. It breaks her heart that Jeff doesn’t have a relationship with his daughter or grandsons.

jake hospital caught general hospital abc soapsspoilers

When the elevator opens, Jake steps off. He looks angry. Monica wants to talk to him but Finn suggests this might be something he doesn’t want to share with his grandma.

Once Finn and Jake are alone, the kid abruptly says, “You can’t make me go back there.” Jake explains he ran out on therapy. Finn needs a good reason or he has to take him back. Jake is tired of being accused of setting the studio on fire.

Finn assures him that no one thinks he’s crazy. Jake explains his therapist keeps asking him leading questions.

The doctor points out how much he has lost. The teen insists he is not acting out because his mom was moving on. Finn asks him what he was doing in the brownstone the day of the fire. “If my mom finds out what I did, she will never forgive me,” Jake admits.

liz drew worry jake GH

Liz is beating up a vending machine after her money gets stuck. This fails. Drew comes along and punches it. It spits out her treat. She tells him all the pain and suffering Peter caused has finally caught up with her family.

The nurse tells him that strange things related to Franco have been happening.

All signs are pointing to Jake being behind them. She reminds him of what Jake was like when he came from staying with Helena. Drew is sure she has the strength to help him through this.

nu monica with liz drew general hospital abc soapsspoilers

Monica pops up and informs them that Jake ran out on therapy and is with Finn. Liz explains that her son is going through something. There are behavioral issues. This doesn’t surprise Monica given how much he has lost. She offers to stick around but the nurse will be okay.

Once Monica leaves, Liz tells Drew he doesn’t have to stick around either. “That’s what family is for,” he says. She worries she hasn’t paid enough attention to her boys’ feelings. Drew doubts that. He’s sure she has the strength to help Jake.

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mayor meeting general hospital abc soapsspoilers

Outside of Charlie’s, Laura bumps into her deputy Eileen as she heads in to meet with Robert, Dante, and Sam.

They think Victor took the bait and will reach out to Drew. The situation will be monitored to make sure that Drew isn’t accidentally triggered.

robert and dante convoluted plot GH

Robert finds all of this convoluted. Laura doesn’t understand what Drew’s past could have to do with Luke. Eileen watches them through the window. Dante suggests that Victor might just want the Ice Princess for the money.

Laura knows he’s mostly motivated by lust and greed, but he also seems to like playing god.

laura meets with robert general hospital abc soapsspoilers

Eileen interrupts and asks if there is something she needs to know about. The deputy points out that the mayor’s calendar is a matter of public record. Laura claims this is only a social meeting but her deputy reminds her that the office is under a lot of scrutiny.

Since she’s put her in an awkward legal position, Laura tells her that she has reason to believe Luke may have been murdered. She is looking into it on her own but it needs to be kept separate from the office.

anna talks official austria general hospital abc soapsspoilers

Anna and Felicia are at the transportation bureau in Austria looking for evidence that Luke was murdered. When they head inside, Anna dons glasses and Felicia cries loudly as they ask a clerk for information.

Anna claims to be an attorney sorting out an estate. She claims Felicia’s late husband was in the cable car accident and asks if they can look at the evidence for proof he was there. The clerk can’t allow that.

Felicia sobs more violently. Anna claims she can only move on if she has some confirmation of the death. The clerk can allow them access to the hard copies. Felicia is overly ecstatic.

anna felicia clue GH

The clerk leaves them alone with some papers. Anna tells Felicia she was hamming it up. The blonde is out of practice with the undercover stuff. “God knows what you would do with an accent,” Anna jokes.

She finds something she suspects will prove the crash was no accident. There was a delay in the cable car’s departure and there are no details on why. They wonder if it was held back to make sure Luke was on it.

As Anna starts photographing records, Felicia decides to buy some time by distracting the clerk and leaves her alone.

A different clerk calls Victor and informs him that two women are looking at the records. He recognizes them from their description. Victor orders him to handle this by any means necessary.

The clerk goes after Anna with his gun out.

Back in Port Charles, when Monica gets home, she finds Sonny still arguing with Michael and Willow. She tells them that she’s tired of Jason’s children living in limbo and has decided to petition the court to have him declared legally dead.

Victor calls Drew and tells him they need to meet in person.