Days of our Lives Spoilers March 14-18: Eli & TR Have an Explosive Confrontation & Eli Takes a Turn For the Worst

Soaps Spoilers full list of spoilers for DOOL from Monday, March 14 to Friday, March 18.

Coming up! Ben shares a wild theory with Marlena, Will appeals to Johnny, Eli confronts TR, and Abigail questions Gwen. Plus, Susan visits EJ in prison, while Gabi fires Kate and Craig crosses paths with Kayla. Meanwhile, Belle is possessed by the devil and threatens Marlena’s life.

Monday, March 14

Opinion: Almost done with this devil storyline!

Susan attempts to prove Belle is possessed.
Ben informs Marlena the Devil is still in Salem.
Will urges Johnny to reconsider making the movie about Marlena.
Eli receives alarming news from TR’s ex-girlfriend, Beth, Donielle Artese. Beth reveals she’s been abused by TR.

susans back being stupid days of our lives

Tuesday, March 15

Allie confides in Will about her feelings for Chanel.
TR and Eli have an explosive confrontation.
TR tries to hide drugs from Eli.
TR tries to manipulate Eli and when Eli tries to arrest him, his gun goes off and Eli’s shot.
Lani and Shawn come upon a shocking crime scene.
Marlena does battle with the devil once more.
Belle shoves Marlena against a wall as she threatens her, and Chanel.
JoDevil returns as Belle’s tied up in bed, ready to be exorcised.
Marlena’s crushed that the devil went into Marlena.
Will and Allie realize she is bisexual.

allie bisexual days of our lives

Wednesday, March 16

Xander pressures Maggie to sign paperwork to have Sarah hospitalized. 
Anna is angry that SaRenee is running the household. She’s unable to sleep in Tony’s bed or SaRenee will pitch a fit.
TR washes up after the shooting and calls Beth to his room.
Maggie initially refuses to commit Sarah until she sees her with her own eyes.
SaRenee is rude to Maggie upon seeing her.
Abigail confronts Gwen about her sister’s role in her kidnapping.
Abe confronts Lani as she deals with a major crisis.
Tony is caught in the middle between Anna and SaRenee.

belle devil on days of our lives

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Thursday, March 17

Val returns to see Eli.
Eli is in recovery and doing well but Kayla tells family that the next 24 hours are important.
Lani and Valerie are horrified when Eli’s condition takes a turn for the worse. 
Allie shares a revelation about herself with Chanel. She’s bisexual.
Abe and TR have a tense  first encounter.
Shawn investigates Eli’s shooting.
Julie visits Eli at the hospital.
TR gives Beth a part in Johnny’s movie as Celeste.
Beth meets Paulina and Chanel.
Chanel agrees to tell Beth a little more about the movie and Celeste’s background.

val returns days of our lives

Friday, March 18

Leo pressures Craig to go after Kayla’s job.
Marlena and John prepare for another exorcism
Will and Sonny ask Chad to help them expose Leo.
Chloe and Brady grow closer.

will and sonny return to days of our lives
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