Esme Ratchets Up Her Battle Against Trina, and Carly Crashes Drew’s Attempt to Get the Goods on Victor

General Hospital recap for Thursday, March 17, 2022. In today’s GH episode, Victor tries to activate Drew, Trina tells Spencer to dump Esme, and Nina sees a new side of Sonny.

We also have Wednesday’s GH recap where Esme lied to Spencer and Anna and Felicia received a shock.

Portia bumps into Jordan at General Hospital. She asks the commissioner if she considers Spencer dangerous. Jordan doesn’t have a personal opinion but he’s a felon. The doctor brings up Esme and asks why she wasn’t charged.

jordan portia and curtis chat hospital general hospital

Jordan guesses this has something to do with Trina. Curtis joins them. The doctor backtracks and explains her daughter is just dealing with some friend drama. After Jordan tells her to reach out if she needs help, she walks off.

portia worries about trina to curtis GH

Portia and Curtis head into her office and she unpacks the sex tape situation. She just wants to smack down Esme, but that’s a bad idea. In good news, Trina seemed excited they are moving in together. He guesses there is more on her mind. She can’t understand her daughter’s attachment to Spencer.

portia curtis excited new house general hospital

They mull over Trina’s friendship with the Cassadine. She wishes her daughter would leave him alone. He suggests that’s Trina’s decision. Curtis tells her that he had knuckleheaded friends too and his aunt tried to warn him away from them.

He wouldn’t listen but eventually he realized who they really were. She’s still worried her daughter is in trouble.

britt surprises carly GH

Carly bumps into Britt. She tells her she has a lot going on. Britt assumes she’s talking about Monica’s plan to have Jason declared legally dead. She might need to provide a statement for the declaration. It sinks in for Carly that this is official.

She feels like declaring him dead is giving up. Britt says it’s time to accept it and move on.

Carly doesn’t think she’s moving on. “What you had with Jason was just a memory before he even went to Greece!” Carly snaps.

carly britt talk jason dead general hospital

Catching herself, Carly apologizes and says she’s been through a lot. They talk about her divorce and Joss’ problems. Usually, she would turn to Jason for help, but he’s gone.

Jordan joins them and pays her condolences before Carly walks off. Britt asks the commissioner about her kidneys.

Later, a reporter corners Jordan to ask about the sex tape, querying why the university has asked the PCPD to take over the investigation. She can’t say anything.

Britt calls the matchmaking service and asks them to resend their questionnaire. She is ready to move on.

nina scared by sonny general hospital

Nina stops by Sonny’s penthouse. He explains that he talked to Michael and Willow. She was having second thoughts about asking him to do that. He informs her that it didn’t do any good. After she thanks him for trying and says she will call Martin, he throws some dishes and yells, “I told you I’d fix it!”

nina doesn't know sonny GH

He apologizes. She wants to leave, sure that he is drunk and angry. Sonny claims he’s just had some bad days. Nina wants to help him but can’t put herself at risk. When he tells her she knows him, she answers, “No! I knew ‘Mike’.”

Sonny knows “Mike” never would have scared her like that. They both miss “Mike”. He misses that he wasn’t complicated, had no dead best friend, a wife who left him or a son who blames him for the breakup of the family, or a step-father who beat his mother. He can see his step-father reflected in her eyes.

nina concerned sonny drinking general hospital

Sonny has no excuses for the way he behaves. She knows he’s in a lot of pain. Everyone he loves has slept through his fingers and drinking isn’t helping. He drinks and admits he’s been drinking a lot.

She tells him he can’t drink to dull his pain. Sonny goes on about his step-father. He can’t keep using booze as a crutch and promises he will never hurt her again. Nina wants to believe him and asks him to dump his booze in the sink.

After they empty his decanters, she wants to go.

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trina asks spencer to leave esme GH

Trina (last airdate for Sydney Mikayla) surprises Spencer by visiting Spring Ridge. They have been thinking about each other and discuss the sex tape. She makes it clear this isn’t a social call and it’s her last visit. As long as Esme is in his life, she can’t be.

He tells her this isn’t a good time for this conversation and reminds her Esme works there. She accuses him of making Esme the priority. Esme eavesdrops and slips a phone with the sex tape on it into Trina’s bag. Spencer admits he’s made mistakes and is paying for them. Trina thinks his girlfriend should be paying.

esme eavesdropping spencer trina general hospital

She hands him back the book he gave her. Esme smiles. Trina tells Spencer that she accepted the book assuming they are friends but he keeps asking her to lie for her. She put her dreams on the line for him.

If he wants to prove he cares, he needs to dump Esme for what she’s done. He assures her he doesn’t believe Esme’s accusations against her. Trina can’t respect him for staying with his girlfriend. As she tries to walk away, he asks what she thought… of the book.

sprina last airdate trina gh

They discuss it. She explains she felt closer to the artist but also saw his limitations. He asks if there is beauty in imperfections. She says only if people recognize them and live up to their potential. Spencer says it’s never as easy as people making better choices. Trina says sometimes people stop evolving and can’t change.

She lashes out at him for giving her puppy dog eyes. “I need you to not give up on me,” he begs. She asks him again to give up Esme.

He can’t; he’s all she has. She points out that if he keeps this up, Esme will be all he has too. If she walks out on him, his world will be grey.

She tells him he’s afraid of the truth and growing.

Esme calls the PCPD anonymous tip line to say she knows who uploaded the sex video. Then she bursts in on Spencer and Trina, asking the other woman how she can dare to show her face. Trina refuses to talk to her and walks out, telling Spencer she hopes he eventually lives up to his potential.

He tells her that Trina doesn’t want him in her life anymore.

dante and sam surveillance GH

Dante and Sam sit in a van doing surveillance. The sound isn’t working. That means Drew is on his own. They try to understand the technology and then move the van. That fixes things.

drew questions victor GH

Victor is on the footbridge waiting for Drew with the tarot card. When Drew saunters over, the Cassadine tells him they are discussing sensitive financial matters. In that case, Drew wonders why he brought Johan.

Drew realizes that Johan is there to protect Victor, but if this goes sideways, who will protect Johan? They discuss ELQ and Victor wonders what schemes the Quartermaines are hatching to get it back. Drew wouldn’t tell him even if he knew.

drew fakes changing general hospital

The Cassadine pulls out another tarot card, explaining it’s the one Peter used to control him. “You are active,” he says. Drew reports to duty. Victor asks him to prove it by throwing Johan over the bridge.

Listening to this, Dante tells Sam they need to stop this. She’s sure Drew won’t actually kill Johan.

carly records meeting general hospital

Victor orders Drew to relent and asks him about Operation Demeter. Carly interrupts, yelling at them to shut this down and filming them with her phone. When Victor commands Drew to grab the phone, Drew stops and Victor guesses this was fake and walks away.

carly screws up mission general hospital

Drew tells Carly she has no idea what she just did. Sam and Dante rush over. They tell her she just ruined their best chance to find out what Victor is really up to. Drew says at least they have a hint now.