Esme Manipulates Carly Who Attacks Her, and Selina Has a Proposition For Curtis

General Hospital recap for Monday, March 14, 2022. In today’s GH episode, Carly goes on the attack with Esme, who is saved, while Britt agrees to try to get Brad a job while Selina already has one in mind for her nephew.

We also have Thursday’s GH recap where Cam and Joss told their parents about the sex video and Esme ingratiated herself with Nikolas.

At Metro Court, Carly and Joss snipe at Esme. She thinks Joss is brave being in public like this. Carly stops Esme when she tries to leave and asks whose live she’s planning on ruining, now.

They confront her about the tape but she claims she didn’t have anything to do with it but she feels bad for the way things went down at the cabin. Carly tells her she knows better and when she finds proof, she’ll make her sorry.

carly attacks esme general hospital abc soapsspoilers

Esme sees Nikolas walk in and tells them her anger is misplaced. “Your bed won’t be cold for long Mrs. Corinthos. Like mother like daughter.” Carly and Joss gasp and Carly grabs Esme’s arm.

Esme shakes her off but Carly has a good grip and Esme puts on the tears and starts yelling, “You’re hurting me!” Nikolas rushes over and gets involved.

He tells them that no matter what Esme did, it doesn’t justify assault. He takes a crying Esme away and Joss tells her mom that she needs to fight her own battles.

Carly tells her kid that the video was meant to torture her. She gets to feel her feelings right now and let it move through her system. Joss asks when the humiliation will go away. Carly says, “Eventually.”

She thinks her and Cam need to be a united front and to rally around Trina. Hiding and running won’t help. Eventually, people will forget. Joss goes to make a call and her phone blows up with vile messages. Carly takes it from her.

nikolas rescue esme general hospital abc soapsspoilers

Cam visits Spence at Spring Ridge and wishes him a Happy Birthday. Spencer tells him to take it and go straight to hell. He blames Cam for filming Joss. Cam denies that, vehemently. He talks about Spencer’s feelings for Trina setting this whole thing in motion. Esme took it out on Joss and him. Spence says she wasn’t even there, but Cam assumes she started recording before they left.

cam yells general hospital abc soapsspoilers

Spencer thinks it’s a good theory but not true. Cam swears he didn’t do this. Spence gets his point. Cam is concerned it could cost him Joss. Spencer thinks Joss is stronger than that. Cam tells him that people are congratulating him or critiquing his technique and calling Joss names. Spencer apologizes. He knows him better. They calm down and split the cupcake that Cam brought. Spencer tells him Trina didn’t do this, making Cam wonder how he knows. He flashes to Trina in the cemetery and says he just does. Cam thinks Esme did it but Cam denies that, too. Cam asks if Esme wasn’t in the picture that he wouldn’t be with Trina.

spence cupcake general hospital abc soapsspoilers

Brad and Britt are out together. They discuss Peter being gone and the damage he left behind. She talks about Maxie’s decision to let the past go and embrace the future. Brad agrees. The alternative is being trapped by his  own mistakes. He decides they’re celebrating his new job. He asks her to get him a job at GH. She can lobby for him but it wouldn’t be easy, because of Lucas. He worries about living on his aunt right now and what task she’ll assign. Britt decides says she’ll go to bat for him. She talks about his lack of a love life and offers to help set him up. He’s grateful.  They drink champagne and are grateful they at least have each other. 

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Selina visits Curtis at The Savoy. She thinks they can be of help to each other. He tells her he’s busy but she’s been watching him and knows he’s not. She heard they welcome certain business people. He hopes people do business at the door before they come inside. She calls him perfect to partner with her. He isn’t interested. His dealings are above board. She tells him what she is suggesting is legal. If he allows her to use the club twice a month for a private social event, it could pay off in many ways. It’s not just any game. It’s no limits Hold ‘Em Poker. Financial gain isn’t a motivator so she tells him that there will be people with many connections there. They’re legitimatize business players. She won’t be present. Family will take care of the games. She has in mind a person as far from being a boss as he can imagine. It’s Brad. Curtis listens and appreciates her interest but his plate is full. Selina doesn’t stop. She tells him a story about a woman bringing home a money tree and how the husband growing a fortune because of it. She thinks he should reconsider that she can be a valuable friend to have. She goes and a man delivers a money tree to Curtis  with a red ribbon around it with a chip attached.

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At the Quartermaine mansion, Chase rants to Brook Lynn that he almost slipped a disc moving her things. She’s sorry she skipped out on him. It wasn’t about him. He begs to differ since it happened right after he kissed her. “You said, ‘Smell ya later’.

Brook Lynn furrows her brow. “Smell ya later?” He tells her that’s what the kids are saying. She retorts, “The kids who said that are on their second divorces.” She says that none of it matters. They were playing house and confused. She asks if there was a reason for her to stick around. “I guess we’ll never know,” he says.

He notes that she left town this time last year, too. She reveals everyone makes her want to leave but those in Port Charles make her want to return. He’s glad. She’s glad that he’s glad.

He shows her a book that he found of hers. She grabs it and calls it private. she hopes he didn’t read it. He admits he did. She doesn’t show her songbook to anyone.

He’s sorry he invited her privacy. He asks how long she’s been writing. He thinks they’re good. She assumes he’s lying, but the lyrics and melody are good, he tells her. He admits he sang one. He sings it aloud. “I was two minutes late, I stood and watched it fly away, in the day sitting next to you.  You said that  you would miss yours too. It feels like the sky is falling, shattered like a vase…” She’s wowed by him singing it and smiles. He  gives her a pep talk and she thanks him. She admits she misses her friend. She doesn’t miss all the sand in her hair or notebook. He laughs and says she should write a song about it. He gets up to go and she says, “Smell ya later.”

chase book brook lynn general hospital abc soapsspoilers

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At the hospital, Esme lets Nik in her room. She says Carly just bruised her. It’s not sprained or broken. She shows him a massive bruise and lets him know that they’re accusing her of making the sex tape.

He asks if it’s true. She denies it and can’t wait until Spence is out.  Nik thinks family could make it easier on her. He invites her to talk to him if she needs it. She tells him she’ll ensure Spence is at the vow renewal ceremony and she’ll help them get closer again. She holds his hands and thanks him for this talk. He urges her to call him Nikolas.

esme liar general hospital abc soapsspoilers

Selina walks in on Britt and Brad drinking. She doesn’t look happy.

selina upset brad with britt general hospital abc soapsspoilers