General Hospital Spoilers June 13 – 17: Carly Makes a Buy, Valentin Makes an Admission to Anna & Spinelli is Blackamiled

Soaps Spoilers’ full list of spoilers for General Hospital from Monday, June 13 to Friday, June 17, 2022.

What’s coming up on General Hospital this week? Things get tense for Esme, Joss and Trina turn to Spinelli for some special help, Valentin makes a confession, and Austin gets a surprise.

Monday, June 13

In Monday’s GH recap: Esme reassures Ryan of her plan for destruction.
Carly buys up Aurora stock.
Felicia confronts Ryan.

Michael learns about a surprising backer for Aurora.
Jordan gives Martin new information.
Valentin is determined to retain control of ELQ.

Spencer comes up with a new plan.
Ava ponders Nikolas’s suggestion.
Esme has a tense confrontation.

valentin tells martin determined GH

Tuesday, June 14

In Tuesday’s GH recap: Cody catches Zelda with Spinelli.
Britt and Nina catch-up.
Gregory helps Cam understand.

Carly and Sonny discuss his rift with Michael.
Trina and Joss ask Spinelli for help.
Sam and Dante question someone from his past.

Finn and Gregory take Aiden, Jake, Cameron and Violet camping, in conjunction with the PC Pioneers, to escape their concerns about Liz.
In Pautuck, Austin is surprised by an unexpected arrival.

cody catches zelda and spinelli GH

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Wednesday, June 15

In Wednesday’s GH recap: Cody blackmails Spinelli.
Joss and Trina end up in a bar fight.
Sonny says the wrong thing to Nina.

Austin has a mysterious meeting.
Maxie worries about a noise she hears.
Cam makes note of Finn’s efforts.

Curtis doesn’t like when TJ and Selina cross at The Savoy.
Brook Lynn and Chase make a discovery about Linc.
Joss and Trina wonder if they’re in over their heads.

campfire song GH

Thursday, June 16

*A repeat episode aired due to news coverage.*

finn chase repeat GH

Friday, June 17

In Friday’s GH recap: Drew asked Carly to skinny-dip.
Chase punched Linc.
Cody got pounded.

Valentin and Anna go on their first official date.
Nina questions Sonny’s motivations, while Carly tells Drew he’s a welcomed sight.

Britt gets some unwanted attention.
Brook Lynn explains to Chase her intentions with Linc, but things go awry.
Selina reacts when Brad tells her about an unexpected player in the game at The Savoy.

britt sarcastic linc GH
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