Drew Asks Carly Skinny-Dipping, Cody Gets Pounded, and Chase Punches Linc

General Hospital recap for Friday, June 17, 2022. In today’s GH episode, Sonny and Nina’s bond deepens, Joss and Trina get off with a warning, and Valentin and Anna have their first date.

We also have Wednesday’s GH recap where Cody blackmailed Spinelli and Joss and Trina were caught in a bar fight. *A repeat episode aired on Thursday due to news coverage.*

drew asks carly bend rules GH

Carly goes to the Metro Court pool and shots at the man in the pool that it’s closed. Her jaw drops when Drew steps out, dripping wet. “I was hoping you could bend the rules for me,” he says.

carly eyes drew GH

As he towels off, she stares at his body and says he’s the distraction she needs. She’s had a disappointing day but it was all for the best. He assumes she’s had a wake-up call.

She tells him how betrayed she’s felt by Sonny siding with Nina. Now, she feels weirdly grateful. Sonny failing to defend his son brought it home to her that the man she loved is gone. He could always make her feel angrier than anyone, but she didn’t feel that today.

carly drew by pool GH

Carly has been saying she’s free for awhile, but today she feels it. He congratulates her and suggests they celebrate. She’s surprised when he suggests they skinny-dip. “Raincheck?” she asks.

He convinces her to take off her shoes and put her feet in the water while eating ice cream. She tells him how great her life is going. She knows a good thing when she sees it.

Once they finish the ice cream, he takes his shirt off to start swimming again.

nina surprised by sonny GH

At Charlie’s, Nina asks Sonny if he kissed her just because he got into a fight with his ex-wife. He assures her he wasn’t thinking about Carly when he kissed her. They hash over his fight with his former wife and everything that happened at the hearing.

Nina admits that she’s surprised he sided with her. She claims she had no idea Scott would hit Michael so hard. He tells her Michael had no intention of killing Claudia. The whole hearing made her sick. She worried she would lose him over it.

Sonny admits he had a lot of mixed feelings. Nina claims she wanted to play fair and let things cool off but Michael and Willow were never going to cool down. He says she had every right to go for the petition.

nina sonny talk GH

Taking her hand, Sonny says he could see how much she was hurting. He just wanted to make her feel better. Crying, Nina tells him his compassion to her will mean more than he will ever know.

He tells her Carly is done with him. It’s all been finalized. He still gets to see Donna as much as he wants. Sonny always thought they would be connected, but…

“I’m not the same person. I’ve changed. The only one who understands me is you,” he tells her as she strokes his hair.

They are both tired of hurting and want to embrace their happiness. She suggests they start slowly. He’s not sure they can go much slower. Nina worries about how hot and heavy the could fall for each other. But what happens if it fizzles out?

He tells her how along he feels. If she needs to take it slow, he’s okay with that. She tells him she’ll call him.

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anna interested GH

Valentin and Anna are at the drive-in to see Hitchcock’s Notorious. She’s never been to a drive-in before and starts telling him he’s just like the movie. Once the first feature ends, he tells her that their first official date is a momentous occasion.

anna valentin drive-in GH

He pulls out a basket of charcuterie, champagne, and caviar. She just wants popcorn with fake butter. They get back to discussing Hitchcock and looking in each other’s eyes.

The topic turns to the Jennifer Smith case. The WSB think it is airtight but she’s not convinced. They still haven’t found the French captain she was supposedly with. He flashes back to playing the captain and tells Anna he could be some use.

Valentin suggests the French captain is a red herring. She won’t share her theories. She wonders if this is really a date or was just a tactic to get information out of her.

joss asks to be arrested GH

Trina and Joss are still at the bar as everyone is getting arrested following a fight. They try to make a run for it but Rory walks in and spots them. After the whisper to him that they are digging for dirt on Esme, he asks to see their IDs,

Joss points out how bad it will be for Trina if she’s arrested. She begs him to bust her and let Trina go. He says charging her for using a fake ID is a gray area and agrees to let them off with a warning.

They tell him what he learned. He offers to check the description they gave him and advises them to stay away the bar.

When they get in their rideshare, Joss tells Trina Rory must really like her.

selina furious GH

Brad calls Selina to The Savoy and tells her there is a problem with the game. He let a player buy in without vetting him first. As he makes excuses, Cody pops up. He thanks Brad for the hospitality and tries to exit.

Selina calls one of her guards to pull Cody aside. They pull him into an alley and Wu points out that he’s cut into her profits by cleaning out the other players. She wants his winnings and gets her goon to pound on him.

After she takes his money, she tells him he’s still in her debt and then walks off.

britt sarcastic linc GH

Britt checks at the bar to see if anyone has turned in her phone. Linc spots her and compliments her on her viral gif. He thinks she has a great bod and they could recreate the gif in a music video.

Linc brags about his yachts and how he’s nothing like the guy she’s used to. Britt is sarcastic but he doesn’t understand. He keeps talking about how rich and famous he is. The doctor is only into people who can laugh when they’re taking a punch and don’t care about pop culture.

The bartender hands Britt her phone. “Did you know this loser is rich and famous,” Britt groans as she walks off.

britt sarcastic GH

She soon finds bloody Cody in the alley. He keeps fading out of consciousness. Although she almost leaves, her Hippocratic oath kicks in and she checks his injuries. His ribs may be cracked. He can’t afford to go the hospital but says he knows someone who can help.

chase tells brook lynn is worse position GH

Brook Lynn shows up looking for Linc and Chase tracks her down. She explains her plans to blackmail Linc and he points out its illegal. Brook Lynn thinks this is their best shot.

She saddles up to Linc at the bar. He vents about how bad his night is going and then gets a call from Korea. He sells one of her songs to a K-Pop band. She grabs the phone away and declares it’s no longer available.

Chase storms over as Brook Lynn and Linc fight over his phone. When Linc threatens to sell her catalogue to a porn producer for soundtrack music, he suggests she could find a way to make a living by lying on her back. Chase punches him to the floor.

The cops are called and Rory arrives to get a statement. Brook Lynn tries to pull Chase away and offers to call the family lawyers. He calls Rory over and turns around to be cuffed and arrested.

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