Sonny Confronts Selina, Portia’s Shocked Seeing Cyrus Tracy Appoints a Face of Deception — Sasha

Mon Oct 23 GH recap: Sonny confronts Selina about Gladys, Tracy wants Sasha to remain the face of Deception, and Lois tells BLQ Tracy got the company for her.

Friday’s GH recap: Alexis blackmailed the judge into reconsidering Drew’s sentence, and Laura attempted to get Charlotte to open up.

Cyrus goes to General Hospital to see Portia. She says his early release is an abomination.

portia surprised by cyrus

She’s going to get a restraining order and won’t forget that he held her and her daughter captive. He claims that’s all in his past. He’s come to ask forgiveness.

She thinks him approaching her at work is a sign she needs a restraining order.

portia wants a restraining order

He wishes he could take away her resentment but she refuses to believe his reformed act. Cyrus tells her how grateful he is to the people who stopped him that night, including her husband.

cyrus faces portia

The doctor orders him away and threatens to call the cops if he approaches her again.

She goes into a corner to cry and flashes back to him raiding her house.

Lois calls her daughter over to a table at the Metro Court. BLQ is excited about some contracts she has in process.

lois asks blq if she likes being back in business

Her mom asks if she’s happy back in the music business.

Her daughter wishes she’d never left, but she knows her granny feels otherwise.

Lois suggests she care more about what her granny thinks because she’s about to give her Deception.

lois asks blq if she likes being back in business

BLQ chokes. Her mom explains that Tracy wanted her to have something outside the music industry and Maxie and Lucy were not using her talents right.

BLQ finds this hard to believe. Her mom knows that she’s a piece of work but she’s not sure she’s being totally selfish this time.

lois and blq talk company

Her daughter refuses to accept this but Lois is sure Tracy just wants her to be able to support herself. It doesn’t matter how sincere Tracy is, BLQ will never accept the company from her.

Her mom suggests there may be a better way of handling this than throwing the offer back in Tracy’s face.

Mac joins Kevin at a table. They catch up and the doctor offers to listen to what’s been on his mind.

sam and kevin catch up

They talk about how much what Cody has just been through and reminded Mac of what he went through with Dominique.

kevin urges mac to open up

Scott arrives just as they mention his name.

He insists on joining them.

scott joins mac and kevin

They start talking about Cody and the lawyer explains that his client dropped his lawsuit against the PCPD. He wonders why.

The three of them talk about Cody and his conscience until Cyrus interrupts and asks for a moment with his attorney.

Scott takes Cyrus aside and reminds him he’s not on retainer. He just paid him for a hearing.

Cyrus says he has use for his legal mind again.

cyrus wants scott's help

Mac and Kevin don’t like how this looks.

Sam is surprised when Cody stops by the penthouse to see her.

He’s there to thank her and hands her a gift.

cody thanks sam

She was happy to help and wishes she’d listened to him sooner so they could have helped Sasha more.

Sam tells him he’s been a really good friend to Sasha.

sam and cody talk sasha leaving

He guesses she doesn’t need his help anymore.

She opens the gift. It’s a softball signed by the women’s softball team players.

She’ll put it in the family room.

They talk about how nice that is. He used to wonder what it’s like to be part of a family.

But he had the chance and threw it away.

cody threw away family

The PI guesses he’s talking about Mac and asks why he lied to him about not being his son.

He told himself it was for the money but he really thinks Mac is too good for him.

He’s lied to him and any chance of gaining his trust must be gone.

Dante knows and so does Sasha.

cody thinks mac too good for him

He tells her that Sasha is leaving. He failed to talk her out of it.

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Maxie and Lucy aren’t thrilled to return to the office and find Tracy waiting for them.

She reminds them she’s the major owner of the company and she expects to be informed of all major decision… like changing the face of Deception.

tracy confronts lucy and maxie

Waving her finger, Lucy declares this is none of her business and Maxie pitches why Blaze is the perfect person for the job.

Tracy might have bought all this if she cared, but she doesn’t. She wants Sasha to remain the face of Deception.

Lucy thinks the worse thing for Sasha would be to throw her back into the public spotlight.

Besides, she stabbed someone.

lucy and maxie startled by tracy

Tracy asks about what Sasha needs and accuses her of thinking only of herself.

What kind of message would she be sending if she shuts Sasha out?

Maxie is shocked that she has to point out Tracy is asking them to have a heart.

Lucy can’t believe that and asks what’s in it for her.

maxie explains tracy is being caring

Tracy says it’s the right thing to do. They should be lifting each other up. That nearly drives Lucy over the edge. Maxie holds her back.

When the Quartermaine tells her to have some empathy, Lucy is baffled. Maxie loves Sasha and wishes they could be there for her.

Lucy says Sasha is gone. Tracy orders her to call her and tell her they are reinstating her contract.

tracy asks for empathy

She walks out.

Lucy eats candy and wonders what Tracy is up to.

They agree it may be nice to keep working with Sasha.

If she agrees to come back, what will they tell Blaze?

maxie and lucy talk sasha

Sasha sadly packs up her apartment until Dante interrupts. She wonders if she’s in trouble.

dante drops in on sasha

He makes it clear he’s not there as a cop. He’s sorry for the hell she went through. He went through something similar and it made him wants to run from his life too.

Trauma does that to people but running can make things worse. She points out that he had a family to come back to but she doesn’t.

dante tells sasha running would be mistake

She thought she was doing alright before Montague started drugging her, but now she’s not sure.

Sasha knows she may be running but everywhere she turns is a reminder of all she’s lost. He can’t blame her for that but wants her to know that there are people there who love her.

dante tells sasha people will miss her

They’ll all really miss her. On his way out, he reminds her that they are family and he’ll be there if she needs anything.

At the restaurant, Dex fills Sonny in on rescuing Ava from Mason. Sonny commends him. He’s now determined to stop the man Mason works for.

dex fills sonny in on ava rescue

The boss explains that Mason and Austin are working for Cyrus and went to the Feds. He made a big mistake abducting Ava.

He has to make sure all his allies stay loyal before taking the next move. Selina arrives.

dex and sonny talk strategy

They go into the office and she congratulates him on his marriage. He asks her why she allowed Gladys to run up such a severe gambling debt without notifying him.

selina congratulates sonny

Miss Wu makes excuses. He stops her to issue a warning, reminding her that any ally to him has to be totally honest.

Selina explains what happened with Gladys and how she sold her Brando’s garage and had access to Sasha’s funds.

If Sonny were suspicious, he would think that she was trying to get leverage on him through Gladys. If that’s the case, they have a big problem.

sonny confronts selina about gladys

Selina agrees that she acted incorrectly and should have told him what was happening. How can she make amends to maintain their relationship?

He brings up Cyrus. She agrees to put eyes on him as well.

Once she leaves, Sonny and Dex talk about keeping Renault under surveillance. The only thing Sonny can trust about Selina is that she will do what serves her interests. That’s why he has to keep her close.

dex and sonny talk selina

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