Valentin Tries Smuggling Anna Out of the Country & Victor and the Authorities Close in as Victor Learns Who Has the Ice Princess Jewels

General Hospital recap for Friday, November 18, 2022. In today’s GH episode, Sam confronts Cody about using Britt and Spinelli, Felcia tells Mac it’s okay to be upset, and Austin refuses to explain why he needs the algorithm run on Maxie.

We also have Thursday’s GH recap where Holly was Lucy’s shooter, Esme was faking, and Selina enticed Glayds to gamble with Sasha’s money.

At the Metro Court, Robert tells Holly that he’s been thinking about family more since this thing with Anna.

robert dinner holly general hospital recaps soapsspoilers

He invites her to accompany him to see Patrick and Robin.

Scorpio senses something is wrong. “Lucy,” she says. She tells him how much Martin is suffering.

He tells her that he knows that grief. He thought she was dead for two years.

robert holly wrong GH

She knows how hard he tried to find her, and it meant a lot to her. She kisses him.

That was wonderful but he wonders what it was for. She’s been thinking of all the chances they missed.

holly knows robert moved heaven and earth general hospital recaps soapsspoilers

He reminds her they had a few good years. The topic turns to Anna and he assures her she’s somewhere safe and sound.

When someone calls with an address for the safe-house, Robert asks them to text it to him and says he will meet with Anna tonight.

After spilling something on her skirt, she sends him off to get her some club soda and then memorizes the address on his phone.
She announces that she has a meeting with Kevin and immediately jumps on the elevator.

holly elevator call victor general hospital recap soapsspoilers

Laura bumps into Victor on the pier. They are both headed for Spoon Island. Seeing him makes her want to turn back.

laura threat GH

He reminds her they are family, and she points out he nearly destroyed that family while she was out of town.

They exchange threats until she leaves.

Holly meets him and tells him where Anna’s safe house is.

He’s surprised she’s making this so easy.

holly tattles safe house general hospital recap soapsspoilers

He tells her she will have to alert the authorities.

There’s something else he needs to take care of, and it could turn into her next assignment.

Sam gets off the elevators at General Hospital and tracks down Spinelli.

She’s been having a crazy day.

sam after all along GH

He’s found some dirt on Cody. He has a juvenile arrest record.

They haven’t been uploaded so he hasn’t been able to access them yet.

Austin calls Mason and tells him he took care of the latest patient he wanted handled off the books.

When he turns around, Maxie is there.

She asks him about all these last-minute surgeries he’s been doing and wonders if it’s really a cover for something else.

Maxie thinks he’s avoiding her.

maxie asks austin surgeries GH

He insists he’s been missing her and feels bad they haven’t been spending more time together.

The doctor tells her how important she is to him.

As they kiss, Spinelli wanders by.

maxie thought austin avoiding her general hospital recaps soapsspoilers

They call him over. Austin explains he’s been planning a getaway with the kids for the weekend.

He gets beeped and has to walk off.

Spinelli tries to run but Maxie keeps him behind.

She suggests he’s turning their daughter against Austin.

He can’t lie; he doesn’t like the doctor.

There is something about him that doesn’t ring true.

spin talks respect general hospital recap soapsspoilers

Cody drops by Britt’s office. She’s hungover.

When he asks why she was drinking so hard, she flashes back to telling Austin about her Huntington’s.

britt last night GH

She claims it had just been a long time since she had a night out with Brad,

He suggests a greasy breakfast and notices her shaking as she struggles with some pills.

She claims they have just expired.

He senses she’s more than hungover and offers to listen.

She has a lot of work to do but offers to have dinner.

On his way out, Sam arrives with news about the necklace. He points out it may be his.

The PI goes over a list of Taub’s jewelry collection.

One matches the necklace Peter left her.

She hasn’t found any evidence it was sold to Faison.

That means it likely belongs to Cody if there is no other heir.

Austin interrupts and asks Britt to step out for a consult.

Sam confronts Cody and accuses him of being after the necklace all along and using Spinelli to get to Britt.

sam talks truck nuts con general hospital recap soapsspoilers

He’s already apologized and agreed to leave Spinelli alone. He’s still raising major red flags to her. It seems like he has an agenda.

Cody tells her no one is squeaky clean, not even Dante. When she demands to know what that means, he won’t explain.

In the hallway, Austin tells Britt he’s arranged for her to meet one of the world’s top Huntington’s specialists, but she needs to see them today.

doc tells britt not to avoid disease general hospital recap soapsspoilers

When Austin returns to Maxie and Spinelli, she has to leave to take a call. The doctor asks if he ran the algorithm. He needs it for reasons he could never understand.

Britt returns to Cody and tells him that she needs to take a raincheck on their plans.

She asks him if he ever thought he was going to inherit part of the infamous Ice Princess.

Victor arrives in time to eavesdrop on this.

vic eavesdrops learns cody owns necklace general hospital recap soapsspoilers

Sam meets with Spinelli and asks him to leave Cody’s juvenile records alone for now.

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At the PCPD, Dante and Mac are about to head out for breakfast.

They notice that Agent Whitten is sending a tail on Valentin.

whitten on to anna general hospital recaps soapsspoilers

Mac loses his appetite. Dante realizes something is wrong and asks if Cody is involved.

Mac tells him Cody isn’t his son. Dante thinks that’s too bad because he could have benefited from having someone like him in his life.

Meanwhile, Felicia arrives as Whitten yells at someone on the phone about losing the Cassadine.

This must mean they are on the right track.

felicia overhears Whitten general hospital recaps soapsspoilers

She heads in to see her husband. She warns him that Whitten is keeping an eye on everyone close to Anna.

Felicia can see he’s upset and wonders if he’s compensating for his disappointment about Cody not being his son by throwing himself into work.

felicia mac start GH

Mac doesn’t know what to say.

Should he be disappointed that he has lost out on having a child of his own again?

mac peace with cody not son general hospital recap soapsspoilers

She tells him he’s allowed to grieve losing out on the family he could have had. It’s not easy to move on.

Meanwhile, Laura wanders in and Whitten introduces himself. He asks her about Valentin and she says they are not close.

He brings up her granddaughter and points out she could wind up orphaned.

Working with him is the best way to keep Valentin safe.

He gets a call.

They head into the interrogation room. Whitten explains they got a lead on Anna and sent a task force after her. He asks the cops to ride along.

Once they head out, Laura tells Felicia that they should be very worried.

They worry about how Valentin will react if he feels like he’s been backed into a corner.

Valentin returns to the safe house with coffee for Anna. After they kiss, he tells her it’s not safe there anymore.

valentine anna not safe GH

He tells her that Olivia Jerome has made it clear that she won’t survive if she ends up in Pentonville.

He’s determined to get her out of the country.

Valentin promises that he will be waiting for her.

They kiss again and have sex on the couch.

vanna kissing general hospital recaps soapsspoilers

He tells her he will always fight for her.

As she packs up, he tells her the driver has a passport for her.

She tells him this won’t be forever and they will bring Victor down. They kiss.

When Whitten and his men storm the house where they think Anna is, but they find it empty.

cops bust into house general hospital recap soapsspoilers

Back in Port Charles, Robert finds Holly on the pier and tells her she has some explaining to do.

robert says holly has explaining to do general hospital recap soapsspoilers