Maxie Starts Planning the Nurses’ Ball With Bobbie, Much to Lucy’s Chagrin, Ashby Offers Victor Holly’s Files and Gladys Sells the Garage

General Hospital recap for Thursday, March 9, 2023. In today’s GH episode, Ashby tries getting dirt on Victor, Valentin and Lucy are going stir crazy, and Sasha thanks Cody.

We also have Wednesday’s GH recap where Ashby made a confession, Victor hit on Liesl, Marshall was shocked at his test results, and Trina comforted Spencer.

Ashby wakes up in Victor’s bed. She tells him how great last night was but he doesn’t want to discuss it.


They get dressed and she says they are rejuvenated now. When she asks him about the next phase of his plan, she promises she is with him all the way.

He stays quiet but she pushes him to let her in. Victor says that if she want to help, she will only come when he calls.


He reminds her she claimed she was being haunted a few weeks ago. She dismisses that as sleeping pill related and claims she can get her hands on Holly’s file.

At the Metro Court, Nina asks her bartender about SEC investigations, Sonny pops up to ask why she’s asking about this.

She makes an excuse. He turns the topic to Willow. She’s trying to give her space.

He asks if she’s heard anything about Nikolas threatening Ava.

Selina corners Curtis in an elevator and asks if her gift met his expectations.


He won’t talk about it and strides off.

Selina steps off the elevator and corners Gladys, who has brought her the deed to Brando’s garage. That covers her debt.

Gladys insists she’s done with gambling now.

Curtis interrupts Nina and Sonny and asks to talk. They notice he’s not on his honeymoon. He reimburses them for the honeymoon suite they gifted him and informs them he may not be married for much longer.

 GH Recaps SoapsSpoilers

Nina sits wih Curtis and he tells her about Portia lying to him for years.

curtis turns nina down GH Recaps SoapsSpoilers

She won’t condemn or defend Portia. She’s sure she was just afraid to lose her and she can understand that.

However, she assures him that she’s on his team. They talk about her relationship with Willow and how angry she is.

Curtis needs to know if Trina is really his daughter. She’s considering a test. Nina tells him not to push.

GH recaps Thursday March 9, 2023

Sonny wanders off and bumps into Selina. She asks why her shipment was re-routed. They argue about their arrangement and he gets territorial.


After she takes off, Gladys pops up. He demands to know what she was doing with Miss Wu.

glady sonny talk wu GH Recaps SoapsSpoilers

Gladys explains she sold the garage to the highest bidder she could find. He asks if Sasha is on board with this.

Victor stops by the bar where Selina is already sitting. She says he looks like he could use a pick-me-up.

“What do you know about it?” he snaps. She apologizes and so does he, explaining he hasn’t been himself lately.

She flashes back to drugging him and then takes off. As she gets on the elevator, she calls Holly and tells her that the substance she gave her to drug Victor with still seems to be having an effect on him.


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At the gallery, Ava calls Austin and tells him they need to discuss his cousin. Trina wanders in, admitting that she was just waiting for a reason to come back.


The gallery is like a second home to her and now it’s more important than the first.

She’s vague about things going wrong between Curtis and Portia. She’s angry with her mom and feels distant from her dad but resents Curtis.

Ava doesn’t have any solution for her. There’s no quick fix. Everything is grey.

Trina says what her mom did was wrong. Ava agrees but says there’s no telling what a mother might do when faced with the possibility of losing her child.

ava can't help trina GH Recaps SoapsSpoilers

Unsure if she wants to take the DNA test, Trina insists it wouldn’t change how she feels about Taggert. Ava says she likes to know exactly who she is and where she came from.

“Why not find out for sure?” she asks, reminding her that bonds aren’t only blood. Whatever she decides, she will support her. They hug.

Trina thanks her for never been dishonest with her.

Sasha stops by the Quartermaine stables as Cody is looking for some paperwork. She hands him some biscotti as thanks for helping her out when she went after Heather.


She knows he was trying to save her from herself. “Turns out you don’t need saving,” he says.

Sasha admits ti would have been gratifying to claw Heather’s face off but it’s not what Brando would have wanted. She feels like a burden has been lifted.

He’s not liking himself right now. She says all anyone can do is forgive themselves.

Cody’s not sure that’s possible.

Sitting down, she tells him about all time she and Brando lost while she was a mess. She appreciates that Cody doesn’t treat her with kid loves.

Sasha suggests he should treat himself with a little more grace. The horse snorts.

She strokes the horse and Cody tells her how good she is with him. He suggests she ride on the estate. Then momma Q will think he has friends.

Sasha tells him he does have friends. As he leads her to the door, they continue to chat and he mentions she no longer has the garage.

She’s confused. He recalls overhearing Gladys offering to sell it to Wu. Cody claims he must have misheard something.

“Misheard from who?” she asks.

At Kelly’s, Bobbie chats with Felicia and Maxie about her history with the hospital. Maxie thinks they need to do something special about the hospital marking its 65th anniversary. She thinks they should have the biggest and best Nurses’ Ball ever.

 GH Recaps SoapsSpoilers

Felicia points out that’s next month and Bobbie doubts there’s time.

Maxie is confident. She’s done bigger things and the three of them can handle this.

Felicia takes off and Maxie keeps planning.

maxie bobbie gab GH Recaps SoapsSpoilers

She begs Bobbie to help her out and starts plotting musical acts. Bobbie gives in. She and Lucy may not have always seen eye to eye but she intends to do her proud and won’t even lose her clothes.

At the safe house, Lucy complains about the lack of babka. Valentin comes out after being forced to have another cold shower since she used all the hot water.

Lucy is fed up with being cooped up. Anna barks at her to get away from the window.

She and Valentin miss Paris and the coffee. Lucy doesn’t like watching the love birds while Martin is away seeing his mom.


Ashby calls Anna to meet while Valentin and Lucy bicker. Lucy hopes Ashby comes through so they can get out of there.

Valentin warns that if she doesn’t, he may kill Lucy himself.

Felicia arrives and they smile about Ryan being dead. They talk about their plot to use Ashby.

valentin plots with felicia GH Recaps SoapsSpoilers

Lucy begs Felicia to stay and be a buffer between them because things are getting tense. Felicia promises to come back with an update on the Nurses’ Ball.

Valentin begins silently counting to himself as Lucy flips out, declaring that there can be no ball without her.

Lucy begins to sputter but Felicia assures her it is all in hand. She’s outraged when she hears Bobbie will be involved.

Lucy learns bobbie taking on nurses ball GH recaps

Felicia exits and Lucy vents about Bobbie taking what’s hers again.

lucy upset bobbie taking over nurses ball GH recaps

Ashby goes to Perks. Laura shows up.

She was expecting Felicia but should have known it would be Laura.

laura warns ashby GH Recaps SoapsSpoilers

She explains that she spent the night with Victor.

She thought it would loosen his lips but he had an off night in the bedroom. Normally he’s quite robust.

Laura realizes that seduction isn’t going to work.

When Ashby mentions promising to get Victor Holly’s file, Laura says that’s what they will have to do.

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