Horrified by Sally’s Pregnancy, Nikki & Summer Begin to Sabotage Her Relationship with Nick, and Nikki Asks Michael to Undermine the McCall Acquisition

In this episode of CBS’ The Young and the Restless, Chloe and Chelsea discuss Billy while Sharon urges him to be cautious, and Nick and Adam agree to find some common ground after Adam offers to buy Sally a house. In the previous episode, Diane fantasized about her wedding day while Phyllis tracked her down and tipped off Stark, and Tucker and Devon discussed Devon purchasing McCall.

(The Canadian Y&R day ahead recap for March 9, 2023 episode airs in the USA March 10. Recaps live by 4:15 PM EST daily.)

At Chelsea’s, she and Billy enthusiastically go over her plans for the game. As they lock eyes, they are interrupted by Chloe.

Y&R day ahead recap March 10, 2023

Once she enters and sees Billy, she wonders if this is a bad time. The Abbott takes off to run errands.

Y&R day ahead recap March 10, 2023

On the way out, he tells Chelsea she is amazing and he will be in touch.

As they sit down to tea, Chloe tells her about her strong vibe with Billy. When she arrived, she was flushed and flustered.

Sighing, Chelsea can’t define what’s going on with Billy or that she wants to. There are strong feelings growing between them and it’s taking them by surprise.

Chloe can understand them having feelings after he saved her life. Chelsea says it’s more than that. He understands her and makes her excited about the future.

Her friend reminds her they were together years ago. Things ended badly. She doesn’t think Chelsea loved Billy with her heart and soul.

Chelsea admits she wasn’t over Adam. Chloe asks if it’s really what she thinks it is this time.

Her friend admits she’s asked herself that. She’s not sure she’s ready for this connection.

Whatever they have feels different from what they had before. It’s a pull that’s hard to ignore.

Billy heads down to Crimson Lights for coffee. He and Sharon discuss Chelsea’s new project. She’s sure that will give her a boost and brings up his burgeoning relationship with her.

billy likes chelsea Y&R day ahead recaps March 10, 2023

Billy is taking her advice seriously and moving very slowly. He respects her advice and they are considering how this will affect other people.

Sharon explains she went through something similar herself when she got involved with Adam after her breakdown.

He thanks her for opening up. But their story is not the same and her’s and Adam’s. he insists no one will get hurt here. Whatever he and Chelsea have just feels right.

Nick and Sally are in the Phoenix lobby. He tells her that he laid down the law with his daughter about respecting their relationship. He assures her he and Summer are super close.

Y&R day ahead recap March 10, 2023

She admires how strong he is and wishes she was strong enough to get herself out of limbo. She’s planning her next meeting with Jill and hopeful Victor will stay out of it this time.

He offers to jet her around to visit all the Chancellor hotels but she says they are not entitled to the Newman perks. Adam arrives and eavesdrops for a moment before interrupting.

Y&R day ahead recap March 10, 2023

He hasn’t been able to stop thinking about the baby and has a proposition. Nick and Sally stand up and Adam explains he wants to make things easy as possible.

He offers to buy Sally a house so she and the baby are settled. Or does she want to live in the hotel permanently?

Sally hasn’t even thought about this really. He reminds her of her carny past and points out her child can have a yard to play in and their own walls.

He wants to make that happen. She turns him down. Nick accuses him of overstepping.

Sally says they are being sweet in their own way but they can’t make her decisions for her. She walks off.

The half-brothers sit at the bar. Adam knows how frustrating this is for them but they don’t want to make things harder for Sally.


They both intend to be involved in the baby’s life. Nick says they don’t agree with much but need to find common ground since they both care for Sally.

If they both make a good faith effort, they should be able to come up with something.

Adam says they have more in common than either of them wish to admit. They discuss their father.

Adam thinks he actually wants to do right by him and asks if he’s okay with the plans for him to take over McCall.

Nick says it’s far from a done deal but he has no problem with him running it. He’d prefer it if he stayed out of Newman.

Adam says they are on the same page but Victoria is not on board. He wonders how big of a fight he has on his hands.


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Nikki joins Summer at Society. They immediately start venting about Nick and Sally.

Nikki can’t see what her son sees in him.

She’s shocked when Summer informs her there’s a baby on the way.

Y&R day ahead recap March 10, 2023

Summer adds the baby is Adam’s.

“Hallelujah! Oh! No, No! It’s still a mess,” Nikki declares. She assumes Victor must not know. Summer begs her to keep this from him for the moment. It would cause a huge conflict.

Grudgingly, Nikki agrees to stay silent for the baby’s sake. She wishes Nick would tell Victor.

Nikki is appalled as Summer explains that Sally and Nick have not split up.

“He is too noble for his own good,” Nikki complains. This is killing both of them.

It can only end in disaster. Nikki wonders if there is a way to make Nick walk away.

“Maybe there is,” Summer suggests.

In the past, whenever Nikki has tried to change his mind about a woman, it’s backfired. Her granddaughter suggests something could change. Maybe Sally could fall for Adam again?

If she could reunite them, it would be a service to two people who belong together.

Nikki worries about how charming Nick is when he’s infatuated. Adam might need a whole lot of help.

Sally shows up. Nikki says they were just discussing her big news.

snooty summer and nikki Y&R day ahead recaps March 10, 2023

Spectra was caught off guard by it herself and has a feeling she knows what Nikki is thinking.

After Nikki takes off, Sally plops down at the bar and Summer asks her to join her.

Sally expects another lecture but Summer claims she wants to apologize.

sally not impressed by nikki or summer Y&R day ahead recaps March 10, 2023

Once she sits, Summer tells her she crossed some lines and was plain mean. It may not be easy, but she has no interest in a battle that will hurt them all.

Sally would love to find a way to make things work and offers to meet her halfway.

She’s sure this is all jarring for her and she’s just trying to protect her father.

Summer asks how Adam has taken the news and assumes he wants to be by her side right now.


Spectra explains that Adam has been behaving himself. She’s surprised by Summer’s interest and concern. It’s a really abrupt change in her attitude.

sally spectra Y&R recaps

Summer claims she’s trying to be a better person. She and her father had a little talk and she hates to disappoint him.

However, she admits that she also thinks that Sally and Adam are a better match. They seemed to work.

“The Adam factor bothers me. Feels like you two aren’t done with each other,” she says, suggesting that the pregnancy is the universe saying they are meant to be.

summer tries to get sally to dump her dad Y&R recaps

Michael and Lauren arrive at the ranch to meet with Nikki. They have tea and discuss the gala.

nikki asks michael to do her bidding Y&R recap

After all the charity work she’s done, this bicentennial gala means so much to Nikki. She suggests they work together to sort out the catering. Michael will be happy to taste every meal.

It will be a masked ball. They recall the costume ball where Katherine was Queen of Hearts and Jill showed up as Cleopatra with some half-naked men.

Nikki says things will be a tad toned down this year. She asks Michael what’s happening with Tucker’s business.

Michael has no updates. The Newman tells them about Victor’s plans to give the company to Adam and the tension that’s causing Victoria.

She’d like Michael to help her stop this. He doesn’t want to get in the middle of this and insists on staying neutral.

Nikki isn’t going to sit back and accept defeat.

michael and lauren tea Y&R recaps

Next week on Y&R:

“I might actually end up being the CEO of your empire,” Adam brags to Tucker. “Over my dead body,” McCall says.

tucker refuses to let adam get his company Y&R recaps

“What’s gong on with you and Victoria?” Elena asks Nate.

“I proposed to Diane and, lucky me, she accepted,” Jack and Diane inform a startled Kyle and Summer.

summer kyle react to jack engagement Y&R spoilers recap

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