Thomas Makes a Reveal in Therapy While Liam Calls Steffy’s Ultimatum Unreasonable, Prompting Hope to Make a Decision About Thomas

In the Thursday, March 9, 2023, full episode recap of CBS’ Bold and the Beautiful, Taylor meets Dr. Howard, Thomas’ psychiatrist, 

We also have Wednesday’s B&B recap where Thomas and Taylor agree to respect Brooke’s choice, Bill reminds Sheila of what betraying him would mean, and Hope encourages Liam to speak to his father again.

Hope guzzles some wine thinking about Thomas and her at the last fashion show and Thomas begging for a chance.

Liam arrives. She says she just put Beth to bed.

He’s glad for more time with his hot wife.

hope drinks alone B&B recaps March 9, 2023

They discuss Steffy shelving her line if Thomas doesn’t return.

Liam’s supportive but she tells him she doesn’t think he’ll like her only option which is to bring Thomas back as lead designer.

Liam gasps. She calls it an ultimatum from Steffy. Liam’s shocked they’re on good terms and calls this unreasonable.

He’s not the only way. “Anyone but Thomas,” he rants. Steffy’s wrong. It’s not just about the numbers.

liam and hope talk about thomas lead designer returning forrester B&B recaps March 9, 2023

“What’s the cost of your sanity, your safety?” Nothing good has ever come from her and Thomas ever being together.

She reminds him this is her career and her line and it allows her to make a positive impact on the world.

Liam says she’s an inspiration across the continent. She doesn’t want to abandon it and Steffy says her hands are tied. Liam calls it bull. 

Hope tears up. She calls Thomas a good designer. Liam knows. Does she acknowledge the risk here?

She thinks she’s between a rock and a hard place and she says Thomas has been following through with therapy and apologies.

Taylor says he’s making progress. Liam says she always says that. Then he goes and does something psychotic. She is blinded by her love for him.

Liam is afraid that Thomas could literally throw an intern out of the Forrester CEO window and she and Steffy would shrug and say, “Well he’s a very talented designer.” Hope cries as he asks where she draws the line.

She doesn’t want Douglas to see them at war and thinks it’s beneficial to see them w working as a team.

Liam says that it would be if it came from her. He begs her not to hire him and give him that opening in her life. “She says fine. I’ll tell him no.” They hug.

liam yells about thomas being psycho B&B recaps

Dr. Howard (Zae Jordan) meets with Taylor and Thomas at Forrester Creations.

The doctor talks about his patient’s progress and he’s glad Taylor could join them.

Howard says he’s been putting in the work.

Tay’s seen the change firsthand. She’s proud.

He talks about hitting rock bottom and how it made him ashamed of what he’s done.

Taylor doesn’t want him to feel ashamed. “That’s not good.”

They want him to understand why he does what he does.

Thomas says some don’t think he’s capable of change. He hasn’t mentioned Hope, Dr. Howard says.

taylor and thomas therapy with dr howard B&B recaps March 9, 2023

Thomas has moments where he’s attracted to her but he hasn’t been fixated. Taylor asks what makes it different now.

“I actually believe it,” he says. He wants the best for her.  

Thomas thinks they make an amazing team. They’re great parents and design “some pretty awesome clothes.”

Both doctors concur they think he’s made some progress. Thomas is grateful.

The psychiatrist disappears and Taylor hopes that Hope will come around. She believes in her son who says he wouldn’t blame Hope if she didn’t let him return.

zae jordan as dr. howard on bold and beautiful B&B recaps March 9, 2023

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B&B comings and goings

In the design room, Katie talks to someone on a call about sending a press packet out. Carter arrives.

She calls this the neverending day and is sorry she cancelled dinner plans with him.

He smiles and says it’s fine. She says he’s been a good friend to her. He repeats that, amused.

She realizes she sounds like her grandma. He thinks she sounds like his grandmother.

He feels close to her. Their friendship is a beautiful thing.

“It’s nice to have someone to hold on to,” she says.

katie on a call forrester design room B&B recaps March 9, 2023

They agree they’ve helped each other through issues but they think they have fun together.

And too many wonderful meals. He thinks he’s gained weight. She pats him down.

“Oh no!” Is he down to a five-pack? “Five and a half,” he says with a laugh.

She thinks it’s rare to find someone to laugh with and be vulnerable with. He gets it.

Again she says he’s all she could want in a friend. He calls her giving, and open, and he admires the hell out of her. Nothing will change it.

katie and carter in design room talking like grandma B&B recaps


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