Days of Our Lives Spoilers December 12 – 16: Ava Learns Tripp’s Back and Tries to Warn About the Bomb as Brady Confesses to Eric

Soaps Spoilers full list of spoilers for DOOL from Monday, December 12 to Friday, December 16, 2022.

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Coming up: Bonnie finds out the truth, Sarah tells Justin her suspicions, Rafe learns who Nicole is living with, John manipulates Kristen, and Brady has an unexpected kiss.

Monday, December 12

Monday’s Days recap: Gwen’s shocking plan has Xander and Bonnie tied up

Bonnie gets to the truth behind who her kidnapper was. 

Leo and Sonny get closer.

Gwen has a scheme to save Xander.

Gwen pops Xander in the face.

Bonnie’s hit in the head.

Bonnie wakes up tied up and with Xander by her side.

Chad and Stephanie contemplate what their future might hold.

Chad and Steph decide to continue working together.

Sarah tells Jack about Rednax.

The search is on for Bon Bon.

sarah at the hotel Days of our Lives recaps SoapsSpoilers

Tuesday, December 13

Tuesday’s Days recap: Eric has sex with Sloan

Gwen pulls Leo into her plot. 

Leo and Xander fake fight as Xander ‘saves’ Bonnie.

Sarah tells Justin her suspicions concerning Xander.

Things heat up between Eric and Sloan. 

Sloan and Eric have sex.

Sister Mary Moira lectures Nicole for her sinful ways.

Nicole tells Moira off.

EJ’s glad to see Nicole’s feistier side.

eric sloan bed days of our lives recaps soapsspoilers

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Wednesday, December 14

Wednesday’s Days recap: Nicole catches Eric and Nicole in their towels

Rafe discovers Nicole is now living with EJ at the DiMera mansion. 

Steve turns to Rafe and Jada for help.

Steve tells Rafe that EJ kidnapped Tripp.

Ava plots her revenge on EJ.

Ava has a bomb.

Eric and Sloan get closer.

Nicole apologizes to Kate and Roman.

Eric and Sloan have sex and Nicole catches them after.

sloan eric sex days of our lives recaps soapsspoilers

Thursday, December 15

Thursday’s Days recap: Brady kisses Sister Moira

Nicole catches Eric and Sloan together.

Nicole whines to EJ about Eric.

Ava plants a bomb at Susan’s memorial.

EJ and Nicole go to the memorial.

Brady kisses someone unexpected.

Brady’s shocked when Eric quits his job.

John and Marlena hatch a plan to get Kristen out of their lives.

marlena with the nun days of our lives recaps SoapsSpoilers

Friday, December 16

Friday Days recap: The bomb detonates

Brady and Stefan fight over Chloe.

John pushes Kristen’s buttons.

Kristen reminisces. 

Johnny has a confrontation with Ava.

Tripp turns up at Susan’s memorial. 

Ava tries to warn that there’s a bomb in the church but it’s too late.

Stefan and Chloe kiss and talk about a future together.

stefan kisses chloe boardroom Days of our Lives Recaps SoapsSpoilers

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