John Manipulates Kristen, Brady Punches Stefan, and Ava Warns Tripp There’s a Bomb, but It’s Too Late and It Detonates

Days of our Lives recap for Friday, December 16, 2022.  

In today’s Days episode, Brady and Stefan lock horns over Chloe, John manipulates Kristen, and Tripp crashes Susan’s memorial.

In the last Days recap, John and Marlena hatched a scheme to get rid of Kristen, and Brady kissed Sister Mary Moira, thinking she was Kristen and got a beating with her ruler for it.

At the townhouse, John lies to Kristen that he and Marlena were fighting about her at the square.

She asks why. John hems and haws. Maybe he shouldn’t say anything. She pressures him and he comes clean.

john black and kristen dimera drink beer Days of our Lives Recaps SoapsSpoilers

Doc wants to kick her out and he has a problem with that. She scoffs. He didn’t welcome her with open arms. He’s softened his stance. He doesn’t see her trying to suck Brady back in but it’s all Doc sees. Her worries blind her to what’s going on. Brady was comforting her but Doc thinks Kristen’s manipulating him. This is all because she doesn’t know why Brady broke up with Chloe and moved Kristen in. John thinks she belongs with her daughter. He doesn’t think she’s a bad person. Doc’s view is colored by their romantic past. John remembers when he first met Kristen, when she was a social worker. She laughs. He reminds her of when they did the little league with the kids. They joke and laugh together. She tells him that was a long time ago. John reminds her that she ws the first person to know Marlena was possessed and was a friend to her.  

john and kristen reminisce Days of our Lives Recaps SoapsSpoilers

In the square, Eric quits his job at Basic Black. He gets in Brady’s face and says he’s leaving because of Nicole. He doesn’t want to work with her. They broke up. He admits he’s not sure they were ever back together. Brady thinks they can work through it but Eric tells him “Nicole talked Jada into having an abortion.”

brady with eric square days of our lives recaps SoapsSpoilers

Brady doesn’t think they should blame Nicole for that. It was Jada’s decision. Eric says they’re too different, not good for each other anymore. They got wrapped up in forbidden love and it came crashing down. He remembers why it didn’t work out in the first place. He tells his brother how she followed him to Sloan’s place and laid into him about sleeping with Sloan. “I’m sorry, what?” Brady’s shocked. Her reputation is horrible. Eric thinks that’s classy coming from a guy shacking up with Kristen DiMera. Brady says that’s not what’s happening.

eric tells brady he broke up with nicole Days of our Lives Recaps SoapsSpoilers

Eric says she manipulated him. Brady says there’s zero chance that she’ll be in his bed.

Eric can tell he’s attracted to her. “I’m attracted to vodka too, but I manage to control myself because  both lead to disaster.”

Eric doesn’t believe his brother can fight it forever. Brady’s attracted to her but he’ll never go hear her after what she did. Eric latches on to that and asks what she did.

At the church, EJ and the others wonder where Johnny is. The clock is ticking

. They speculate as to what’s going on. Moira thinks her sister is languishing in purgatory the longer they wait. 

Johnny’s outside with Ava, who has revealed herself. He wonders how it’s possible she survived.

“Guess I’m hard to kill,” she says in her mafioso accent.

Johnny hopes his grandma is alive but Ava says no. Ava jumped out of the car when they went through the guard rail.

Susan didn’t. Johnny asks why she’s there.

She claims she wants to pay her respects but Johnny doesn’t believe it. He was wrong to defend anything she did, he reveals. She’s shocked.

johnny yell at ava Days of our Lives Recaps SoapsSpoilers

Back inside, Tripp somehow makes it into the church without Johnny and Ava seeing him or him seeing them.

Susan thinks Johnny looks different. Marlena tells her it’s Tripp, not Johnny.

And Tripp says, “This is the son-of-a-bitch that killed my mom.”

tripp yells at ej Days of our Lives Recaps SoapsSpoilers

He thinks EJ forced them off the road. EJ denies that. His mother was in that car. Nicole defends EJ and Tripp turns on her.

The last thing he wants to do is talk to the “tramp who slept with his mother’s boyfriend behind her back.” EJ turns the talk back to him.

He tells Tripp that Ava escalated things but Tripp tells him he escalated it by kidnapping him.

He refused to pay his mother’s ransom. Nicole flashes back to EJ telling her that and EJ doesn’t deny it.

Tripp yells that he cheaped out on his own mom and now they’re both dead.

Moira starts babbling about her sister’s soul and leaves with the priest.

nicole with marlena Days of our Lives Recaps SoapsSpoilers

Susan goes outside and finds Johnny with Ava.

Ava turns her head and Susan tells him about some young man yelling at EJ for kidnapping him.

Ava looks up. Inside, there are 13 minutes left on the bomb’s clock.

ava johnny and moira DAYS recaps SoapsSpoilers

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At DiMera Enterprises, Stefan and Chloe talk about some deliveries. She feels positive that everything is under control.

Stefan likes her positivity and her ability to navigate global distribution centers from her keyboard.

She didn’t want supply chain issues to keep EJ from his mother’s service.

stefan and chloe work Days of our Lives Recaps SoapsSpoilers

He tells her to take the rest of the day off but she wants to stay.

She and Brady were supposed to be in New York tonight to see the opera and meet her mother.

She was looking forward to it. “Until Brady dumped me for your sister.” Stefan’s sorry.

chloe and stefan talk about brady Days of our Lives Recaps SoapsSpoilers

Chloe wonders if Brady’s had feelings for Kristen this whole time and it’s why he moved her in.

Stefan says he’ll make her forget him once they’re in Miami.

She likes that. They kiss and then take off for Susan’s memorial.

stefan kisses chloe boardroom Days of our Lives Recaps SoapsSpoilers

Back outside the church, Ava tells Johnny he killed Susan because she needed to hurt EJ as much as he hurt her.

He disrespected her. “He wired you thirty million dollars!”

She tells him that EJ kidnapped Tripp.

johnny with ava Days of our Lives Recaps SoapsSpoilers

On their way to the church, Stefan and Chloe find Brady.

Stefan asks Brady for the unused tickets to the opera so they can turn them in for something else for Valentine’s day.

He yells at Brady for tossing her aside for his sister.

Brady says that’s not how it happened.

stefan rages Days of our Lives Recaps SoapsSpoilers

Chloe gets between them. He pushes her aside and Brady tells him to fly the whole company to New York.

He’s got a plane. Stefan goes on about how Brady threw Chloe aside like garbage.

Brady says he loves Chloe more than Stefan could know and Stefan snipes, “At least now she’s with a real man.”

brady hits stefan Days of our Lives Recaps SoapsSpoilers

Brady hauls off and decks him. Stefan goes down and Eric grabs his brother.

Chloe yells at Brady and Stefan calls both brothers rageaholic jerks. Stefan thinks he should call the cops so Brady hands over his cell.

Stefan refuses and they walk away. Chloe dabs at the blood at Stefan’s nose for him.

She blames Brady for this but he doesn’t. He hates how the man treated her but will ensure she gets to the opera.

“Best seats in the house.” Since he has blood on his shirt, they decide to go to the DiMera mansion for the reception. It’s probably too late for the memorial anyway.

Meanwhile, Brady reluctantly tells Eric that Kristen manipulated him, and forced him to move her in.

stefan hit Days of our Lives Recaps SoapsSpoilers

Back at the church, Ava learns Tripp is inside and rushes in and tells him to come with her. Now.

tripp sees ava DAYS recaps SoapsSpoilers

Everyone’s shocked to see her. With a few seconds on the clock, Ava tells everyone there’s a bomb. She checks under the table and sees 5 seconds left.

They all start yelling and the bomb goes off.

bomb on days of our lives recaps soapsspoilers

Chloe and Stefan return to the manse and Stefan changes while Chloe turns her nose up seeing the peanut butter, bacon and banana sandwiches. 

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