B&B Spoilers Nov 27 – Dec 1: Donna Screams as Eric Has a Medical Emergency at Home

Monday, Nov 27 to Friday, Dec 1.

B&B recaps are up just after 1 PM EST, daily.

What’s coming up on Bold and Beautiful the week of November 27?


Bold and Beautiful Spoilers Monday, November 27:

In Monday’s B&B episode recap, Hope gives her father an ultimatum, it’s either her and the kids or Sheila.

Hope and Deacon go at it about the other’s dubious relationship choice.

Deacon thinks Thomas is bad for Hope.

Ridge comes to terms with the fact that his father is dying.

Eric, Katie and Donna sit in his office and discuss how he wants to stay working, not go to the hospital.

Brooke is horrified to learn Eric coughs up blood.

Ridge wants to work with Eric one last time.

deacon concerned about hope dating thomas

Bold and Beautiful Spoilers Tuesday, November 28:

In Tuesday’s early B&B recap, Steffy is heartbroken and Finn toys with reading Eric’s chart.

Consoling a heartbroken Steffy, Finn decides to look at Eric’s case.

Could Finn be the one to find a cure?

Brooke and Katie debate over Eric’s illness before reaching a pact.

RJ, Eric, Ridge and Luna take time to accessorize a new gown.

luna smiles at rj

Bold and Beautiful Spoilers Wednesday, November 29:

In Wednesday’s Bold and Beautiful episode recap, Eric won’t go to the hospital, even after Dr. Colby tells him. 

Separately, Ridge and R.J. struggle with their guilt over Eric.

Eric has a health scare at the Forrester CEO’s office.

Donna and Colby tell Eric to go to the hospital.

Eric isn’t going to the hospital.

eric donna kiss in office

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Bold and Beautiful Spoilers Thursday, November 30:

In Thursday’s early B&B recap, Eric ignores the coughing and claims he’s not getting worse.

Donna models Eric’s newest creation of his signature line.

Steffy, Ridge, and Brooke double down on staying united.

Steffy hopes Granddad lives long enough to see this last fashion show.

RJ, Katie and Eric watch as Donna models the purple gown.

Steffy laments not being able to tell Eric she knows he’s dying.

Brooke says they can’t pity Eric, these are his final moments, not theirs.

Eric wants to have a party to celebrate his life. 

donna models gown for eric B&B recaps

Bold and Beautiful Spoilers Friday, December 1:

In Friday’s B&B spoilers, Eric falls unconscious

Eric decides to host a grand gala in honor of his legacy and last collection.

Steffy tells the family they will do whatever it takes to keep Eric happy, even if they have to pretend and withhold information.

donna horrified eric passes out

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