B&B Recap: When Eric Nearly Collapses, Donna Calls Dr. Colby

Wednesday, Nov 29: Today on Bold and the Beautiful, Ridge, Steffy, and Brooke can’t imagine life without Eric, and RJ and Donna beg Eric to work from home.

Tuesday’s Early B&B recap: Heartbroken, Steffy wanted to fix Eric and since symptoms are vague, Finn would have to look at Eric’s chart to have an opinion.

Donna is with Eric and RJ as they work in teh design office. She and Eric smile at each other and then he explains hem lines to RJ.

donna rj eric at work

They debate the neckline and Donna is sure it will turn out beautifully.

As Eric talks about getting more adventurous with color, he turns pale and nearly falls over.

rj helps eric

She hands him some water and he insists he’s fine.

She calls his doctor anyway while RJ urges him to rest.

donna calls eric's doctor

Dr. Colby is close and will swing by. Eric doesn’t see the point since he will just say the same thing again.

RJ tells his grandfather he loves him and assures him they can finish the collection later.

eric feeling bad

When RJ suggests they return to the house to work, Eric thinks they’ll put him in bed to die.

Being at the desk is what gives him energy and keeps him alive.

He starts coughing.

eric coughing at work

Donna looks concerned and the doctor arrives, noticing that the coughing seems to be intensifying.

colby arrives

Donna confirms it and begs him to say there is something to be done to help.

As Colby checks him over, Donna and RJ talk about how much worse he’s getting while Eric dismisses it.

cloby checks over eric

If Eric is nearly losing consciousness, things are serious. He hasn’t been eating or getting enough sleep either.

Colby thinks he needs to get to the hospital for a chest x-ray. Eric thinks it will just confirm his body is failing.

Donna suggests the hospital could make him feel better. Eric knows they have pills for that but they won’t help him live the life he has left.

rj donna tells colby eric getting worse

“I’m going to live till I die,” he repeats, clutching Donna’s hand.

eric clutches donna

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Brooke hugs Ridge in the little office and assures him he’s a good son. He feels like a good son who can’t help his father.

brooke reassures ridge

Steffy pops up and guesses they are talking about her granddad. It’s hard to keep acting normal.

It’s good to see Eric back at work, even if his hands have been shaking.

Steffy tells her father he did the right thing by telling Eric he won the challenge and giving up the office.

steffy finds it hard to act normal

They tell Ridge how selfless he is and he says there is nothing he wouldn’t do for his father.

He’s talked to doctors and specialists but all they say is there is nothing to do.

ridge and brooke talk about eric

They rehash how the whole competition came to be and he feels like a jerk for teasing his father. He wanted him out because he wanted to take over.

Steffy is still in shock but glad that Ridge told her about this.

steffy says eric has been pivotal

Her dad says that all they are is because of Eric. He’s always been a sanctuary for Steffy and a font of advice.

steffy ridge and brooke talk eric's legacy

They wonder about the toll this is taking on RJ and wish they could just speak truthfully to Eric.

Brooke reminds them they can’t upset him. Keeping him in peace may be the only thing to prolong his life.

RJ rushes in and says that he thinks things are getting worse with Eric.

rj says eric getting worse

He explains that Eric has been weak and nearly collapsed. They called his doctor, who is very worried and thinks he should be in a hospital.

Eric has refused to go. RJ thinks they should do something.

Ridge wishes they could be open and honest with each other. He worries about how scared his father is.

ridge brooke rj steffy talk eric condition

Hugging him, his daughter says that he’s doing all he can.

steffy hugs ridge

Back in the main office, Eric eats saltines and assures Donna he’s back to his old self. They can go out and play pickleball.

eric eats crackers

Donna tells him to stop joking. She’s scared for him.

eric and donna talk about how hard this is

He could have hit his head and died. Eric says she won’t get rid of him that easily.

That makes her laugh. He loves that and they kiss.

eric donna kiss in office

“Whatever happens, you’re going to be fine,” he assures her.

She loves him. He thanks her for being so strong for him.

Donna cries as he holds her.

donna cries on eric

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