B&B Recap: Hope Gives Deacon an Ultimatum — Either Her or Sheila, and Ridge Asks Eric to Work Together Once More

Monday, Nov 27: Today on Bold and the Beautiful, Brooke and Ridge worry about what RJ is carrying, Eric continues refusing to see a doctor, and Hope doesn’t want advice from Deacon.

Wednesday’s Early B&B recap: To tell her how thankful he was for her, Ridge romanced Brooke and surprised her with a book of memories.

Hope wanders into Il Giardino to see Deacon. He’s sorry that they didn’t spend Thanksgiving together.

deacon and hope at il giardino

She’s sure he knows why. She refuses to be around Sheila. Sadly, that also means she doesn’t get to be around her dad.

hope reminds dad she can't stand sheila

He doesn’t want to dwell on that and asks if she’s seeing Thomas, reminding her of the hurt he’s put her through.

He doesn’t think he’s right for her.

deacon concerned about hope dating thomas

His daughter can’t believe she’s getting dating advice from someone dating a psycho.

Thomas is a saint compared to Sheila.

Hope has not forgotten any of Thomas’ misdeeds but he’s changed and is loving toward her.

They don’t want to fight, but she tells him thinks can’t go back to normal.

deacon disappoints hope

She’s disappointed in him being willing to risk everything by choosing Sheila over her. That hurts.

hope tells deacon he's dating a psycho

He insists he hasn’t chosen Sheila over her but his daughter says he’s made her more a part of his life than she is.

Deacon thinks she should trust his intuition that Sheila has changed just as she claims Thomas has.

deacon and hope argue sheila

She doesn’t think they are the same situation.

He’s upset when she tells him that he can’t see the kids while he’s with Sheila.

She’s not sure she can trust him anymore.

As long as Sheila is part of his life, he can’t have access to hers.

hope tells deacon he can't be in her life

She tells him he needs to wake up to the fact that Sheila is using him. He repeats that Sheila has changed.

Hope doesn’t think people with brains like Sheila’s can change.

Deacon points out that Thomas has and so has he.

She thinks that it just feels like he’s choosing himself.

Hope doesn’t want to lose him but he’s not thinking about the impact on his family.

If he doesn’t cut Sheila out for good, she has to remove him from her life.

hope ultimatum to deacon

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In the big office at Forrester, Eric sits at the big chair and Donna and Katie love seeing him playing the role of the cherished family patriarch.

eric in office with donna and katie

He’s feeling very thankful that he can still get up every morning and create beauty and be celebrated for it.

eric happy at the desk

He starts coughing and almost falls over. Declaring that everyone thinks he’s alive and well, he’s determined for that not to change.

eric coughing in office

Donna wants to call a doctor. Eric refuses and drinks some water. Visiting the doctor is like visiting the Grim Reaper and that’s not how he wants to spend his final days.

He thanks them for all their support. Designing is the one thing that gives him peace.

eric feels alive when designing

She doesn’t want to think about the end but he can’t stop. He has so many ideas pouring out of him and if this is his last collection, it’s what he has to do.

donna worries about eric

In the other office, Ridge, RJ, and Brooke talk about how sad it is to watch Eric slip away.

They have to keep pretending everything is fine.

brooke rj ridge bummed about eric

They talk about how great the line that RJ and Eric created was. It will be remembered.

That is one way Eric will be kept alive.

They tell their son not to put this on his shoulders.

ridge brooke worry rj

RJ wants to. He can see how much design energizes Eric.

He tells his parents he needs to do this so that when his grandad passes on, he knows he’s done everything he could.

They agree that Eric can never learn that he lost the fashion challenge.

rj just wants to help eric

Katie pokes in and tells Ridge how proud his father is to be in the office. Ridge just wishes there was more that he could do.

katie rj wish they could help

After the men leave, the sisters talk about Eric coughing up blood. Katie knows what it’s like to face your own mortality and how you have to live every moment. She’s sure that’s what Eric is doing. It’s inspiring but heartbreaking.

katie wishes they could help

They wish they could get through to him and support him the way he needs until the end.

Ridge and RJ are with Eric in the office. He shows them his latest designs and says he couldn’t have done them without RJ’s help.

ridge rj and eric in office

Ridge knows he wants to do things on his own but he’s given him everything and he wishes he could help.

ridge asks to work with eric

Maybe this would be a time to repay him for all he’s done in mentoring him.

He asks if they can work together one last time.

eric squinting at ridge

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