B&B Recap: Donna’s Horrified When Eric Collapses and Falls Unconscious

Friday, Dec 1: Today on Bold and the Beautiful, Thomas, RJ, Steffy and the others are shocked about the gala, Eric tries to comfort Donna and Carter can’t believe Eric’s dying.

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In Eric’s office, he complains he has so much to do and so little time.

Donna wishes he wouldn’t think that way but he can’t waste a minute.

He tells them to stop with the sad faces. His life isn’t over yet.

eric wants a party to end all parties B&B recaps

He has a collection to put out and a grand soiree.

Katie tries talking him out of it but he insists it’s a great idea because it’s his. Donna thinks there’s no time. He’s already complained he has no time. He doesn’t care. He wants a last family part.

He reminds them not to tell anyone about his dying.

He starts coughing at his desk and gets up and walks around it with difficulty as he tells the women to spread the party news.

Donna can’t say the word ‘dying’ so he hugs her. She and Katie tried to convince him to go into the hospital for more tests but he refuses. 

eric coughs on Bold and Beautiful

Thomas, Steffy and Brooke are rocked when RJ tells them that Grandad’s going to have a party.

steffy and thomas are rocked that eric wants a party

“Now?” Brooke squeaks. What is he thinking?

Thomas asks how that came up and RJ days he just wants a celebration to end things. 

brooke astouned Eric is so dense

In the design office, Ridge has trouble concentrating when Carter talks to him about the documents Eric sent over, the revised will naming Ridge power of attorney.

Ridge tears up.

ridge decides to tell carter his dad is dying B&B

He can’t do this. Carter demands to know what’s going on and Ridge says he doesn’t want anyone to know but Carter’s family and deserves the truth.

Carter is in denial. It can’t be true that Eric’s dying.

He can’t do this. He has to see him.

carter asks ridge what's up why he's upset B&B recap

Ridge refuses to let him, because his dad wants it kept secret.

RJ’s been helping him to create the collection and finally spilled the news to him and Brooke.

Carter learns that Eric needed the validation from the competition.

Carter remembers how caring and kind Eric has been to him even when he didn’t deserve it.

carter horrified eric is dying Bold and Beautiful

He took a chance on him without corporate experience and it meant a lot. He’ll keep this to himself.

They’re both sorry and embrace just as Brooke, RJ, Thomas and Steffy appear.

Ridge explains he had to tell Carter.

Steffy learns her gramps is actively planning for his death when she reads the will document.

steffy leans on thomas support B&B spoilers

Thomas invites them to Eric’s party. Ridge looks stunned.

They’ll party and pretend everything is fine? Steffy calls it ridiculous and Thomas thinks it’s an inspiration to go out like that.

Carter agrees.  

ridge thinks his dad is nuts B&B


Back in the CEO office, Ridge, Steffy, Thomas, Brooke and RJ gather with Eric, Donna and Katie.

He talks about how he loves being behind the desk.

eric likes being behind the desk

He talks about the future, the young generation who will take the company into the future.

He’s proud. Steffy says that means a lot.

Thomas tells him he made them what they are and Brooke touts how he touched their lives.

logan sisters donna katie and brooke B&B

Everyone agrees. Steffy starts to cry.

Carter thanks Eric for bringing him on board and Eric calls him a wonderful addition to the family.

Ridge stops the lovefest.

Eric invites them to the party and they agree they won’t miss it.

ridge, thomas and steffy forrester

Donna takes Eric home and the others try to accept the party coming up.

They file into the party room and try to figure out how to pull this off.

Ridge wants Eric to tell them the truth but Steffy says they’ll do this because it’s what he wants.

ridge hugs steffy


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Back at Eric and Donna’s mansion, Eric’s hand shakes.

He hopes nobody noticed.donna there for eric when his hand shakes

Donna says they didn’t comment.

He repeats himself again that he doesn’t want anyone to know. She knows.

He talks about his past marriages and how they never worked.

He’s so happy to have her love, grace, warmth and laughter which fill the house. She’s the lucky one.

eric is scared to die

He finally returned to her. They canoodle.

She goes to get him water and he collapses, unconscious on the floor.

eric passes out illness

Donna screams, “Eric!” 


donna horrified eric passes out

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