B&B Spoilers Dec 4-8: Eric Cries and Tells Family he’s Ready to go

Monday, Dec 4 to Friday, Dec 8.

B&B early recaps are up just after 1 PM EST, daily.

What’s coming up on Bold & Beautiful the week of December 4?


Bold and Beautiful Spoilers Monday, December 4:

In Monday’s Bold and Beautiful early episode recap, Zende verbally attacks RJ and Eric refuses to let Donna call 911.

Donna panics when Eric suffers a medical emergency.

Donna tries to call 911 but Eric says not to and that he’s fine.

Hope is shocked to hear about the party for Eric.

Brooke tells her daughter to be strong.

Zende confronts RJ about his new place at Forrester.

zende gives luna eye on bold and the beautiful

Bold and Beautiful Spoilers Tuesday, December 5:

B&B’s early recap has Eric planning his party while using oxygen in bed.

Brooke, Katie, and Donna worry about Eric’s determination to continue the party as planned.

Eric’s in the guest house now where there are no stairs and Donna doesn’t have to worry about him falling. 

Steffy can’t get over that Eric has moved the party to today.

Hope is confused as to why Donna didn’t call the hospital and get Eric in there immediately. 

Thorne is told to get home.

Thorne Forrester returns to Los Angeles at the invitation of his father, Eric. On a phone call today.

hope's new hair style 80s Bold and Beautiful

Bold and Beautiful Spoilers Wednesday, December 6:

In Wednesday’s B&B recap, Thorne and Bridget are devastated.

Thorne and Bridget learn the truth about Eric’s medical condition.

Thorne and Bridget are upset they “have” to keep the secret.

Hiding his illness, Eric kicks off his soiree, making a toast to his family.

brooke holds sobbing bridget

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Bold and Beautiful Spoilers Thursday, December 7:

In Thursday’s B&B recap, Eric almost falls a few times at the gala.

Eric shares a special moment with each of his family members and guests.

Eric and Donna dance.

Everyone joins the couple dancing.

Li becomes suspicious of why Finn is researching when he should be with Steffy at the Forrester Mansion.

Finn refuses to get to the party fast since he’s fast at work at something. Likely Eric’s case.

finn tries to figure out what's wrong with eric forrester.

Bold and Beautiful Spoilers Friday, December 8:

In Friday’s B&B recap, Eric learns Ridge lied about who won the competition. 

The party goes on.

Donna intervenes when she overhears the truth about who really won the fashion showdown.

Eric learns the truth and has a surprising reaction to it, and to Ridge.

Eric makes a final speech.

Things take a turn and he collapses in the family’s arms, crying as he says he’s ready to go.

eric tells zende rj luna they are the future

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