Y&R Recap: Danny Romances Christine, Phyllis is Feeling Her Karma — & Tucker Looks for a Way to Kick Ashley Out of Glacade

Fri Dec 8: Today on Young and Restless, Jill and the Abbotts plot against Tucker, Michael has advice for Phyllis, and Danny and Christine kiss again.

Thursday’s recap: Jill asked Mamie to work with her against Tucker, Nate was welcomed back to Chancellor-Winters.

(This day ahead recap episode airs in the USA on Dec 8. Expect spoilers! Recaps go live by 4:15 PM EST daily.)

At the GCAC, Tucker tells Mamie that he’s a different man.

To her, he looks like a man with revenge on his mind.

mamie listening to tucker

Revenge doesn’t look sweet to him anymore and he has something else in mind. Total annihilation is no longer satisfying and he wants to put something positive into the universe.

tucker tells mamie he's not into annihilation

“I’ll believe that when I see it,” Ashley says as she pops up.

ashley pops up at gcac

Mammie isn’t convinced he’s capable of doing that. If he’s not telling the truth about this change of heart, he better start saying his prayers.

mamie not convinced

After she walks off, Ashley joins him and asks about his new positivity. He says she’s intimately involved in it.

tucker says he's being productive

He claims he’s cultivating a sense of purpose rather than looking for revenge but she thinks he’s plotting more than that.

Tucker says his lawyers are drafting an agreement for her to sell her half of Glacade to him. It will be a clean break.

She asks what he’s up to. Glacade is a solid company with lots of potential.

ashley and tucker talk glissade

He thinks she just wants the company now because he wants it. He’s sure that he can make that company breathe.

“I could turn it into gold,” he says. She refuses to sell her half.

ashley and tucker talk glissade

McCall says that’s the end of the civility and he’ll have to fight her.

tucker frustrated with ashley

At the Abbott estate, Jill says she’s shocked that Diane, Billy, and Jack want to work with her to connive against Tucker.

jack and diane make pitch to jill

Laughing, she says it’s about time “you idiots struck gold.” They have to hit McCall where is hurts.

They discuss the status of Glacade and Jill explains he’s been funneling money into it.

jill happy to hear

Jack realizes that McCall has been curating chaos so they wouldn’t notice he’s planning to destroy Jabot from the inside-out.

They fume about this and wonder how to stop it. Jack doesn’t mind friendly competition but this is underhanded.

abbotts in a tizzy

They need to render Glacade worthless. Jill thinks they need a big stick.

Billy suggests they already have a weapon: the truth.

billy says they already have a weapon

He fills his mom in on the cover-up and suggests they use it to scare off any investors in Glacade. Jill thinks this is great.

Jack thinks they need to talk to Ashley first since she owns half that company.

jack says they have to talk to ash first

They plot about how to keep Tucker distracted. No one’s convinced that Jill can hide her feelings.

She loses it and insists she can.

Jack brings up her attempt to poach Billy and he asks him mom to let him be happy. If they can take out Tucker, he doesn’t need to be her sidekick.

She claims she wanted more than that. She wanted to build something important and durable with the person she’s poured her soul into.

jill wanted to build something durable

Ashley arrives and assumes they are discuss Glacade.

She confirms for them that Tucker is trying to build up the company. She backed out of selling it to him to see how he would react.

ashley talks glissade

Clearly, Tucker wants it bad to use as a wrecking ball against Jabot.

They tell her she needs to sell because they are all working together to shut Tucker down once and for all.

jack asks sister about glissade

Tucker meets with one of his lawyers in his suite and orders her to parse through his contract for Glissade for a way to kick Ashley out.

tucker meets with lawyer

He knows it won’t be easy, but he needs a way to make it happen.

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Christine is startled when Phyllis calls out to her when she walks into Crimson Lights. The redhead asks if there is truth to the rumor that she’s leaving the DA’s office.

christine and phyllis at crimson lights

Christine doesn’t see how this is any of her business. Phyllis claims she cares.

The lawyer doesn’t like this and assumes she’s up to something.

“I’ve noticed that you and Danny have gotten closer,” she says. That makes her part of her family circle. She doesn’t love that but is trying to be at peace with it.

phyllis calls out to cricket

She admires Cricket’s ability not just move on from Paul.

The DA guesses that Phyllis is jealous. The redhead refuses to admit that.

christine not happy to talk to phyllis

Christine doesn’t know if they will be more than friends but Danny is making his sauce for her.

Phyllis recalls how incredible that is. “Bon appetit,” says says.

phyllis asks christine about danny

Phyllis goes to the jazz lounge. She sends Summer a text, asking her for a drink but she’s busy.

phyllis sends text

Michael pops up. Sitting down, he says when she was “dead,” he would have given his left foot to drink with her.

Now, she won’t even talk.

She accuses him of ghosting her when she came back from the dead.

He explains that he’s been sorting out his mother’s messes.

michael and phyllis drinking

She believes it but it’s hard for her to be around when he’s not there.

He’s the one who gets her.

The lawyer guesses she’s lonely and asks her to open up.

michael and phyllis talk her death

She’s sure everyone sees her as a pariah. It kills her that her kids hate her.

He points out that staying out of prison doesn’t mean forgiveness.

michael and phyllis talk love

He smiles because she’s not living down to low expectations but trying to be better.

Clapping, he jokes she’s growing up.

Phyllis guesses this is her karma and she hates it.

She can’t understand Diane and Christine moving on while she suffers.

phyllis doesn't understand karma

They get love. “Why can’t I have nice things too?” she wonders. She thinks she deserves love.

phyllis wants love

He orders her some water because she’s getting depressed.

He says that you don’t get enlightened by feeling sorry for yourself.

Michael says you can’t compare yourself to other people. Your path is your path.

If you put love out, it will be rewarded.


She’d like to believe that but her children hate her.

He urges her to find what she loves and grab it.

Phyllis agrees to work on it and tells him he’s brilliant. They toast.


Danny drops by his son’s apartment with some food.

Daniel tells him that Lily is on her way to see Maddie while the fire around her campus is contained.

danny at daniel's

Daniel is excited to spend some quality time with his dad and assumes he brought snacks.

His father explains he actually brought groceries so he can use his kitchen to make Romallotti ragu.

Daniel wonders why he’s making the special sauce tonight. His father admits it is for Christine.

danny admits he brought groceries to cook

Ordering him to sit, Daniel tells his father they need to have “the talk” and asks for details about his intentions with Christine.

danny and daniel talk sauce

His father explains she’s a wonderful person and he hates to see her said.

When he admits they’ve kissed, his son laughs.

Danny says it’s moving in a nice direction.

daniel teases dad

After Danny heads to the kitchen and gets cooking, Christine arrives.

daniel tells christine his dad has been cooking

Daniel asks her to save him some leftovers and leaves them alone.

Danny buzzes out of the kitchen and tells Cricket she’s just in time.

danny welcomes cricket

After they eat, she tells him how great the meal was.

His sauce is perfect.

He explains it tells a story with the best ingredients.

When it’s right, it’s remarkable.


She likes how you can tweak things.

Time may add depth, but it’s the same but better.

Putting on some music, he gets her up to dance.

danny cricket dance

They kiss and then kiss some more.

danny cricket kiss

Next week on Y&R!

“Do you really think we can hit the reset button?” Sally asks.

sally asks adam aboutrestart

“I’m sure as hell willing to try,” says Adam.

“Please don’t tell me that you’re feeling like re-hiring your cousin was a mistake,” Abby says to Devon.

abby asks devon about regrets

Cole tells Michael that Claire is freaked out about being in jail.

Victoria adds that, “We told her that we would find her a lawyer.”

victoria asks michael to rep claire

“You want me to defend her?” he asks in shock.

“It won’t be long now Eve. The high and mighty Newman family will get exactly what they deserve. Every last one of them,” Jordan vows as she looks through a family album.

jordan and album

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