B&B Recap: Thorne’s Told to Rush Home While Donna Moves a Declining Eric Into The Guest House

Tuesday, Dec 5: Today on Bold and the Beautiful, Steffy doesn’t know if she can keep Eric’s condition silent, and Donna insists to her sisters that they need to have the party tonight.

Monday’s Early B&B recap: Zende was crushed to learn Eric is dying, and Eric came to and refused Donna’s pleas to ditch the party.

At Eric’s, Katie and Brooke are shocked when Donna tells them Eric is still determined to go ahead with the party.

katie and brooke want to cancel

She thought she’d lost her honey bear last night but he’s still going on.

Eric has been struggling and Donna has already moved him into the guest house so he doesn’t have to climb stairs.

Brooke thinks they should call the caterers and cancel but her sister insists the party has to happen today.

Her sisters repeat that they can postpone but Donna says they can’t let him down.

donna moved eric into guest house

Donna goes to see Eric in the guest house and is distraught when he makes jokes about not being dead yet.

eric on oxygen

He’s been taking in oxygen and thinking of his farewell party.

She points out that everyone will realize he’s sick if he has this party tonight.

donna with eric

Eric doesn’t want a wake; he wants a celebration. He’s been reflecting on his life and wants to share that with everyone.

It will be one last soiree in the house where he has had so many parties and events.

eric trying to be happy

He’s not scared to move on to the big crystal palace in the sky, but right now he wants to reflect on his experiences.

He flashes back over the years with Brooke and Stephanie until the fashion showdown. He wouldn’t change his journey for anything.

eric brooke flashback

When he tells her that he’s a lucky man, she giggles he’s lucky he has such good taste in women.

They love each other, but tonight is about everyone who is special to him. Not everyone he cares about will be there.

She’s sure he’s been thinking about Stephanie. Likely no one had such a big influence on his life.

donna comforts eric

He flashes back to his years with Stephanie. He’ll never be able to forget about her.

eric stephanie flashback

Donna says she was a complicated woman but fiercely devoted to him and his family.

“She’s going to have a lot to say to me when I see her,” he says, before telling Donna that she’s his perfect angel.

Taking her hand, he asks her to stay with him until the very end.

eric kissing donna hand

He wishes all his children would be there. She says he will see them, but maybe not tonight.

Eric is so proud of all his children and grandchildren. Donna makes his whole life an adventure.

They won’t get another year but can make every moment they have left count.

They flash back through their relationship. “So many memories…” he says. It hurts that he won’t have any more with her.

donna eric flashback

Coughing, he tells her he loves her. She loves him so much and rests on his chest.

donna rests on eric

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At Forrester Creations, Steffy, Hope, Ridge and Carter talk about the budget until the topic of Eric comes up. Steffy doesn’t think they can keep up this charade any longer.

hope carter talk budget

Steffy can’t plaster a smile on her face and celebrate a future her granddad doesn’t have.

steffy and ridge can't pretend

They don’t even know how much time he has left.

Hope thinks Eric is a bit scattered. They realize everyone knows, even Zende.

hope and carter in disbelief

It will only be a matter of time before everyone knows Eric is sick and they have been lying.

Katie and Brooke arrive and explain that they didn’t manage to see Eric. He had a fall and is on oxygen.

katie and brooke say eric on oxygen

Upset Ridge declares they can’t keep going along with this. Katie repeats Eric is determined to have this party tonight.

They’re all confused about why this needs to happen today. Brooke says Eric thinks he’s running out of time.

Ridge calls Thorne and informs him that the party is tonight. Thorne is perplexed since Eric told him it wasn’t for a few days and he was planning on going to Texas.

ridge calls thorne

Their sisters and Rick are all on safari and there’s no way they will get to LA today. He agrees to change his flight but asks what the rush is.

thorne on phone

Ridge will tell him when he gets there.

Hope doesn’t understand why Donna is going along with this. Katie says her sister is just trying to honor the wishes of the love of her life.

Steffy keeps panicking that she can’t keep this act up but Katie tells her she can if she loves Eric enough.

steffy doesn't think she can stay quiet

Ridge says they have to give his dad a regal, elegant Forrester affair. They have to.

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