B&B Recap: Li’s Suspicious of Finn When She Finds Him Working, Ignoring Steffy’s Texts and Eric Sanctions Hope and Thomas’ Relationship

Thursday, Dec 7: Today on Bold and the Beautiful, Eric almost collapses at the party, everyone looks heartbroken as they talk with Eric during the party and watch him share a dance with a tearful Donna.a

Wednesday’s Early B&B recap: Thorne & Bridget Break Down, Devastated Eric is Dying and Told to Join Everyone in Pretending All is Well

Thorne and Bridget tell Eric they wouldn’t have missed this living room “gala” for nothing.

Bridget hugs her dad and tells him they love him.

Brooke watches and tells Ridge she’s glad they’re here.

He hopes they keep their emotions in check.

bridget and thorne say hello to eric at the gala bold and beautiful recaps

He can’t imagine this house without his dad.

She says to appreciate every moment they have with him.

Steffy and Hope stroll up to ask if they’re struggling as much as they are.

Bridget tears up as she talks to her dad and Steffy remarks.

ridge and brooke talk about how ridge will miss his dad on B&B recaps soapsspoilers


At the hospital, Finn types furiously on his laptop, brow furrowed in concentration when Steffy texts.

steffy texts finn on B&B

He ignores her text and Li walks by.

finn tries to figure out what's wrong with eric forrester.

She sees him and enters, wanting to know why he’s there instead of at the party with Steffy.

She takes a seat and asks why they had the gala. He lies that Eric just wanted to be with family.

She hounds him and he says he needs to wrap up this work.

She advises him to call it a night and be with his wife. She tells him how important his wife is but he knows.

She thinks he’s keeping something from her.

Li butts her nose into finn's businesses on Bold and Beautiful.

Back at the party, Eric tries to pick up a glass of champagne but his hand shakes so badly he spills it.

Donna takes it from him and mops up his hand.

Everyone watches, disturbed and Steffy goes to her granddad.

thorne katie, steffy and carter watch eric shake.

They talk about feeling Stephanie’s presence.

Steffy knows how much he misses her.

Donna struggles with tears and Eric tells his granddaughter he’ll see Stephanie in due time.

Zende tells Ridge that Eric looks so vital but Ridge can see he’s failing.

brooke and zende at gala.

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Thorne & Bridget back in B&B comings and goings

Nearby, Eric tells Katie and Carter that they’re a part of the family — his friends and more than just family.

He tells them to enjoy the party and leaves them looking saddened.

carter and katie with eric party.

Hope and Thomas stand nearby.

thomas and hope at gala.

Thomas laments that it could be the last time he gets to spend with Eric. It helps that Hope’s with him.

Eric interrupts to tell them how elegant they look.

He tells them the two of them together isn’t the scandal it is to others.

He thinks it’s terrific. If they make each other happy, go with it.

Life’s too short not to.

Thomas chokes up in thanks and Eric kisses them and goes off while Hope hugs Thomas.

thomas eric and hope at gala.

Eric finds Luna with RJ and she gushes about the party.

He thinks she earned it. 

rj and luna at gala with eric on B&B

Elsewhere, Bridget and Thorne talk about Eric.

She wants to use her connections to figure out how to help her dad.

Ridge and Brooke appear at their sides.

Thorne can’t just let their dad go Bridget tears up.

Her heart is breaking. Brooke hugs her when she says she’s scared.

bridget is scared.

Later, Donna hugs Eric. He tells her she always looks sensational.

He’s lucky to have her at his side but she doesn’t deserve this.

She says she signed up for him any way she can get him.

He wavers on his feet and she helps him sit. Everyone stares, worried.

eric almost collapses again.

She gets him water and the starting continues.

Steffy sits with Eric and says she’s so sorry.

“For what?” He asks.

She gives herself a shake and says it’s because Finn’s not there.

He knows that being a doctor means he’s busy.

He holds her cheek as she tears up.

steffy and eric sad at home.

Eric goes to Bridget, Thorne, RJ and Luna to tell the younger generation that they have a wonderful future.

Thorne struggles with emotion. By the stairs, Donna is full of tears and asks her sisters what she’ll do when Eric is gone. They hug.

Carter and Zende think Eric’s in his element. He has a right to go out the way he wants.

Ridge will miss him. Donna goes to Eric and asks if they should stop the party but he wants to kick things up.

He gets a martini from Thomas and Zende needs to be in charge of music.

The music changes to something soulful and Donna dances with her man. Nobody joins in.

They just watch from the sidelines as Donna cries.

donna dances ata gala with eric.

Back at the hospital, Steffy calls Finn to ask where he is. He’s sorry but he’s still busy with work. She tells him to get there. He will, as soon as he can. They disconnect and he gets back to work.

Steffy goes to Thorne who asks if she’s okay. She just wishes Finn would get there.

Hope and Thomas dance, while Brooke and Ridge dance nearby, beside Donna and Eric.

thomas and hope dance.

Thomas and Hope tell each other they need to stay strong.

Carter and Katiee join dancing and talk about how it won’t be the same once Eric is gone.

RJ and Luna dance and he realizes this party was needed.

When Eric almost falls, Donna grabs him and everyone stops dancing and gathers around.

He jokes that he had too much champagne. He tells them this is what he needed and it was a dream come true to see their smiling faces.

He’s grateful they gave this to him. A night he’ll never forget for as long as he lives. Everyone’s smiles falter.

eric almost falls dancing.

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