B&B Spoilers April 8-12: Ridge Kicks Deacon When He’s Down, and Luna Tells RJ About the Special Mints

Monday, April 8 to Friday, April 12.

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What’s coming up on Bold & Beautiful the week of April 8?

This week, Deacon reels over what he saw at the crematorium in Friday’s episode. He saw that Sheila did not have 10 toes. That means she’s alive. Who is the person in her place who passed on? Sugar, likely. Sheila’s look-alike from 21 years ago.

If readers recall, Sheila set Sugar up to get plastic surgery to look just like her. Why would Sugar go along with this? We can speculate further that she told Sugar to go over and taunt Steffy, knowing that Steffy would take her out. Why? That remains to be seen.

This week, according to the show promo, Deacon goes back to Il Giardino after the cremation and finds Finn. Deacon says, “Finn they had ten toes! What if she’s alive?”

At Forrester, Hope tells Luna she’d love it if she and Zende worked closely together. He probably has a lot of secrets to share. Luna doesn’t like the thought of that. 

luna worried has to work with zende

Later, when Luna’s uptight, RJ asks Luna if something happened after the party. 

luna sobbing



Bold and Beautiful Spoilers Monday, April 8:

Deacon has a complete meltdown at the crematorium over Sheila.

Finn and Hope comfort one another over their recent losses.

Hope won’t fight Thomas for Douglas.

Finn calls Hope one of the nicest people he knows.

Finn asks for a promise from Hope. 

Deputy Director Baker gives Steffy something for which to be grateful.

Steffy’s happy she’s not having charges pressed against her.

hope thanks finn

Bold and Beautiful Spoilers Tuesday, April 9:

In Tuesday’s B&B, Finn gets a bombshell dropped on him when Deacon tells him he thinks Sheila’s alive. 

Steffy queries Finn about Sheila’s memorial.

Finn’s glad Steffy didn’t get in his way when he went to the memorial and she tells him she’d never do that.

Luna gets anxious when Hope announces her line’s new design partners.

Luna’s guilt drives her mad and she thinks it’s time to tell RJ the truth about what happened with the happy mints and his cousin Zende. 

Deacon drops an implausible theory on Finn.

rj surprised with hope's decision B&B recaps

Bold and Beautiful Spoilers Wednesday, April 10:

In Wednesday’s B&B recap, Finn tells Deacon to get a hold of himself, he’s freaking out.

Deacon tries to convince Finn that Sheila is alive. 

A disbelieving Finn questions Deacon’s sanity.

finn wants her to go back to liam

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Bold and Beautiful Spoilers Thursday, April 11:

Luna is determined to confess to RJ about her night with Zende.

Deacon drinks heavily.

Ridge kicks Deacon when he’s down.

A tormented Deacon gives Ridge an earful about Sheila.

luna wants to confess RJ B&B recaps

Bold and Beautiful Spoilers Friday, April 12:

In Friday’s early B&B recap, RJ learns about the mints.

Deacon learns that Sugar threatened Sheila.

Ridge gives Deacon a big reality check.

Finn throws Steffy a curveball.

Zende confides in Carter about his feelings for Luna.

steffy with liam

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