B&B Recap: Finn Tries to Convince Deacon He’s Imagining Things & Zende Tells Luna He’ll Step in if RJ Doesn’t Want Her

Wednesday, April 10, 2024: Today on Bold and the Beautiful, Poppy urges Luna to come clean, RJ is sure it will be good for Luna and Zende to work together, and Liam makes more snide remarks about Finn to Steffy.

Tuesday’s Early B&B recap: Deacon told Finn that he doubts Sheila is gone, and Luna told Zende they need to tell RJ the truth.

Pacing at Il Giardino, Deacon tells Finn that Sheila might not have met her maker.

deacon tells finn sheila might be alive

The doctor doesn’t think that makes sense so Deacon tells him the person who was cremated had ten toes.

Finn tries to rationalize this but Deacon knows what he saw.

He saw her face and he pressed the button.

finn hears about ten toes

The box was jostled and her feet were exposed. That’s when he saw she had ten toes.

Finn has dealt with a lot of bereaved people and starts listing examples of people seeing things.

deacon explains what he saw to finn B&B

Deacon insists that’s not what this is.

There were ten toes.

“What if it wasn’t Sheila who was cremated?” he asks, taking a drink.

deacon says he isn't seeing things

Those toes are burned into his brain.

Finn thinks he’s just upset and grieving and it’s an illusion.

He’s sure that he’s devastated but he’s got to let it go.

There’s no way Sheila is alive.

finn says it's an illusion

Deacon can’t stop thinking about the toes.

Deacon can't stop thinking TEN TOES B&B recaps

At the cliff house, Liam admits to Steffy that he has trouble saying no to their daughter and bought her a load of stuffed animals.

steffy and liam talk stuffies

He says it’s nice that he no longer has to worry about her and the kids being in danger.

Life is easier without Sheila.

They talk about Finn and his mysterious connection to Sheila.

She thinks he finally got closure by going to the memorial and now it’s over.

liam says life easy without sheila

He hopes she’s not going through this alone. She’s not.

He makes another snide remark about Finn.

Steffy is more patient with her husband now that she knows Sheila is gone.

Liam notices the doctor isn’t there.

She explains he ran off to see Deacon, who seems to be struggling.

steffy and liam talk finn

Liam can’t see how Deacon can find anything redeemable about Sheila.

He’s always admired his ability to read people.

Steffy has no sympathy for Deacon.

Finn is just too much of a doctor not to be compassionate to him.

She changes the topic to him. He’s focusing on his kids and work.

He’s doing some soul searching.

liam is a waffler

He’s realized he’s not the kind of man he would want his daughters with.

He’s had a life of waffling and needs to figure out who he is.

Right now, he just wants to be the best dad he can be.

Steffy has seen how much he has grown and thinks he can be proud of himself.

That means a lot to him.

steffy says liam has grown

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Ashleigh Brewer back as Ivy


At Forrester Creations, Hope admits to RJ that she really appreciates how everyone is going to step up, but she is still worried about the line.

hope tells rj she's worried about line

The last time Thomas was off, the line nearly got shelved.

RJ says they are a team and will look out for each other.

She appreciates the support.

She repeats Thomas leaving is concerning but she has a game plan and Zende knows her vision.

hope thanks rj support

She’s sure that Luna working with Zende will be great for her.

He knows there has been tension between himself and Zende but that’s in the past now.

He’s sure he can learn a lot from him.

He thinks learning from Zende will be good for Luna too.

rj says it will all be good

She’s glad they are all on good terms because they are the future.

She is starting to feel more at ease.

She’s also excited for Luna and is sure she will be a big part of this collection.

RJ goes on about how incredible she is.

She’s been a light in her life and they are lucky to have her.

hope and rj talk about how great luna is

He thinks it’s wild that he’s now in the middle of design when he wanted nothing to do with the family business.

But he’s really excited about all of this and all the talented people he is working with.

Everything is about transparency and trust.

rj is feeling lucky

Poppy arrives at the design office and finds Zende and Luna arguing.

Her daughter tells her she’s decided to tell RJ the truth.

penelope walks in on zende and luna

Poppy thought she’d decided not to do this.

Her daughter insists this liar is not who she was raised to be and neither of them can talk her out of this.

luna needs to come clean

It breaks Poppy’s heart to know she has done this to her.

She’s giving up the mints and won’t pressure her to stay silent.

Apologizing, she hugs her daughter.

poppy tells luna to go ahead

Once Poppy exits, Zende tells Luna her mom loves her very much.

Luna knows that coming clean could have a serious impact on his relationship with RJ and she’s sorry for that.

Zende wants her to tell the truth as well. He hates seeing how lying has hurt her.

zende feels bad for luna

He’s sorry this is happening to her and is sure she won’t lose RJ because she is a good person.

She says this has all been a nightmare because of her mom’s mints.

Zende takes the blame for coming onto her when he shouldn’t of. He still has feelings for her.

He hopes RJ will forgive her, but if he blames her, he will be there.

zende offers to be there for luna

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