B&B Spoilers August 28 – Sept 1: Deacon Reminds Sheila She Has a Second Chance to Reinvent Herself

Soaps Spoilers’ full list of spoilers for B&B from Monday, August 28 to Friday, September 1.

What’s coming up on B&B the week of August 28?


Eric confides in RJ.

Ridge is a comfort to Steffy as she talks about how much she loves Finn but needs to stay at her grandfather’s place.

ridge asks steffy about liam

When Finn surprises Steffy at Forrester with some lunch, they reconnect.

Finn voices concerns to his wife that Liam wants her back and Steffy tells Finn this is about Sheila, not her ex.

steffy misses finn

Finn and Steffy share a kiss and Steffy tells Ridge and Eric it’s time for her to go home to Finn. 

Finn confronts Liam and they butt heads over Sheila and Steffy.

Steffy returns home alone, telling him the children will follow. They profess their love and share a romantic reunion.

finn kisses steffy wants her back

Monday, August 28

Monday on B&B: Thomas and Hope kiss

Thomas makes an unexpected move.

Thomas confronts Liam in his office at Spencer and asks him to forgive Hope. When Liam refuses, Thomas walks out.

Thomas tells Hope to set aside her feelings for Liam and come back to him. They share a kiss which causes turmoil in Hope who is torn between Liam and Thomas.

Eric opens up to RJ that he has arthritis.

RJ and Eric discuss working together.

rj is confused by eric being upset

Tuesday, August 29

Tuesday’s B&B: Hope doesn’t love Thomas

Hope tells Thomas she doesn’t love him.

Hope just wants sex with Thomas.

RJ agrees to help Eric sketch.

Eric and RJ work together and teach Ridge a lesson.

Sheila and Deacon make out, ready for sex.

Sheila and Deacon panic when Ridge and Carter pay a surprise visit.

sheila and deacon kiss

Wednesday, August 30

Bold recap –Deacon hides Sheila

Steffy and Finn struggle to heal their fractured relationship.

Deacon and Sheila canoodle.

Sheila hides in Deacon’s bathroom when Carter and Ridge drop by.

Deacon insists that Sheila hear a difficult truth.

Sheila realizes how Deacon’s life is affected with her in it.

Finn tells Steffy that nobody is going to tear them apart.

Eric gets an offer from RJ to teach him computer design.

steffy is shocked inn hugged sheila

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Thursday, August 31

B&B recap Thursday: Steffy and Finn reunite

Steffy tells Eric and Ridge that she’s going home.

Steffy moves home and kisses Finn.

Sheila thinks her and Finn will have a chance at a relationship.

Liam and Finn battle.

Finn agrees he needs to get Sheila out of LA.

ridge heard all this before about finn protecting her

Friday, September 1

Friday’s B&B: Steffy’s terrified by Sheila

Sheila tells Deacon she’s tired of her life being on hold.

Deacon reminds Sheila she was given a second chance to reinvent herself.

Sheila makes an unwelcome appearance.

Ridge tells Liam Steffy is moving home.

Steffy and Finn discuss her fears.

Liam warns Ridge that no one is safe as long as Sheila is free.

ridge tells liam steffy moved home

B&B teasers the week of September 5!

Steffy encounters danger. 

Ridge goes after Deacon. 

Liam makes intentions clear to Wyatt and Ridge. 

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