GH Spoilers Aug 28 – Sept 1: Olivia Tries to Jog “Eddie’s” Memory Cyrus Gets a Warning

Full list of spoilers Monday, August 28 to Friday, September 1, 2023.

What’s coming up on General Hospital?

Coming up on GH includes Tracy creating a stir, Spencer confiding in Alexis and Ava getting frustrated.

In the weekly spoiler video, the Deception crew head to court and find out who they are up against, Brick tells Sonny who he thinks could be after him, and Carly calls in a warning.

Get your GH spoilers two weeks ahead! GH spoilers August 21 – 25.

Monday, August 28

Monday’s GH: Carly’s privilege is showing

Liz comforts Finn.

Finn mopes about his dad, when it finally sinks in that he’s dying.

Stella counsels Curtis.

Marshall explains what’s going on in Curtis’ head.

Kristina seeks out Alexis.

Alexis and Kristina are on the same page.

Carly presses Diane.

Diane explains to Carly that you can’t pick your own judge.

Lucy confronts Martin.

Joss busses tables at Kelly’s.

Martin gets a glass spilled on him on purpose.

alexis and gregory at the office

Tuesday, August 29

Tuesday’s GH recap: Gladys comes clean

Jackson Montgomery returns.

Cyrus probes Drew.

Cyrus wants to be like Drew.

Trina, Marshall and Portia welcome Curtis home.

Drew refuses to work with Cyrus.

Gladys is in a pickle.

Gladys begs Nina for money for “hospital bills.”

Nina tells her to deal with her debts herself and kicks her out of her office.

The doctor drugs Sasha again.

There’s talk of Sasha being transported out of Ferncliff and Montague demands all of his money, now.

Brick and Sonny put their heads together.

Tracy creates a stir.

jackson montgomery returns

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Wednesday, August 30

Wednesday’s GH recap: Tracy demands 75% of Deception

Lucy is blindsided.

Dante visits Sasha.

Nina prods Gladys for more of an explanation.

Sonny warns Selina to back off from The Savoy.

Dante tries to visit Sasha.

Cody puts on a show.

Selina is foiled.

Nina gets shocking intel.

lucy not happy to see tracy in court

Thursday, August 31

Thursday’s GH recap: Nikolas is back

Diane’s curiosity is piqued.

Brook Lynn lashes out.

BLQ can’t live with Tracy.

Olivia’s shocked BLQ was being blackmailed.

Leo worries about BLQ.

Chase makes a proposition.

Chase asks BLQ to move in.

Spencer confides in Alexis.

Ava is frustrated.

Nikolas is alive with Austin.

Robert and Diane discuss the case.

robert and diane talk case

Friday, September 1

Friday’s GH- Sonny’s arrested

Olivia tries to jog Eddie’s memory.

Nina worries when she sees Ned trying to remember.

Chase makes a strong case for moving in.

Joss opens up to Carly.

Brook Lynn voices her doubts.

Nina visits with Wiley.

Wiley sees Sonny get arrested.

Maxie tells her kids they are moving into Lulu’s.

The warden reminds Cyrus of their deal.

Cyrus reads the bible aloud.

Chase tries to talk BLQ into moving in with him.

maxie and georgie talk about lulu

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