B&B Spoilers August 21 – 25: Deacon and Sheila Discuss Her Thoughts on Steffy

Soaps Spoilers’ full list of spoilers for B&B from Monday, August 21 to Friday, August 25.

Sneak peek at B&B the week of August 21!

Week of August 21!

Hope’s choice changes things for multiple people.

Hidden feelings come to light.

Steffy and Finn discuss the night Sheila shot them and how afraid she is that the woman will strike again.

Thomas tries to enjoy his relationship with Hope but gets pushback from family. 

Steffy asks Thomas how he’d feel if Liam and Hope reunited.

Thomas sets the scene for romance at his place and when he kisses Hope, she backs off.

Hope opens up to Thomas about her feelings on their situation and that Liam reminded her of her past with Thomas.

Thomas apologizes and sets Hope free. She walks out the door.

hope explains she's getting a divorce


Monday, August 21

Monday’s B&B recap: Hope realizes she’s lost

Liam makes an impassioned plea.

Steffy demands some answers.

Steffy asks Thomas about Hope.

Liam thinks Hope has lost herself. He wants to help find her way back.

Hope agrees to look at Thomas for who he is.

thomas and steffy discuss the divorce

Tuesday, August 22

Tuesday’s B&B recap: Hope tells Thomas she has to face what he did to her

Hope cries that she has feelings for Liam and Thomas.

Hope says Thomas loves only her, while Liam also loves Steffy.

Brooke continues to push Hope to reunite with Liam.

Steffy’s confused as to why Liam suddenly is telling Hope not to be with Thomas.

RJ chooses an alliance. “Lope.”

Ridge and RJ team up on Thomas to tell him they want Hope with Liam.

Thomas kisses Hope.

Hope backs off from Thomas.

awkward hope and thomas kiss

Wednesday, August 23

Wednesday’s B&B recap: Liam doesn’t want Hope back after she dumps Thomas

Steffy is stunned by Liam’s admission.

Liam tells Steffy he doesn’t forgive Hope.

Steffy gets a text from Finn.

Hope dumps Thomas.

Thomas is willing to walk away.

Hope wants to reunite with Liam.

Liam’s not amenable to what Hope wants.

Brooke is certain that Hope will reunite with Liam.

hope wants to reunite

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Thursday, August 24

Thursday’s B&B recap: Eric feels put out to pasture

Ridge tells his dad to go play golf or pickleball when Eric says he wants to design again.

Eric and Ridge have an understanding.

Steffy and Finn talk about her coming home to him.

Liam tells Hope he won’t forgive her.

Liam leaves Hope again.

ridge and eric going to collaborate on a dress.

Friday, August 25

Friday’s B&B recap: Sheila wants Steffy out of Finn’s life

Finn vows Sheila won’t interfere.

Sheila tells Deacon she thinks Finn will be in her life.

Deacon thinks Sheila is the ‘c’ word – crazy. 

Eric has a tough time dealing with getting older.

Ridge is too busy to add to his plate at work.

Eric blows up.

Wyatt acts as a sounding board for Liam.

Steffy and Finn once again profess their love.

finn kisses steffy wants her back

Week of August 28!

Steffy makes a difficult decision.

Eric confides in RJ.

Deacon and Sheila panic when unexpected visitors arrive at his apartment.

Sheila and Deacon kiss

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