GH Spoilers August 21 – 25: Alexis Meets Andrea, and Sam Works With Cody

Full list of spoilers Monday, August 21 to Friday, August 25, 2023.

What’s coming up on General Hospital?

Coming up on GH includes Anna getting suspicious, Sam calling out Cody, and Carly visiting Drew.

Get your GH spoilers two weeks ahead! GH spoilers August 14 – 18.

In the weekly spoiler video, Anna and Dante try to figure out if Pikeman is why Valentin is lying to her and Dr, Montague demands money from Gladys when she tells him to stop drugging Sasha.

Monday, August 21

Monday’s GH recap: Anna’s suspicious about Valentin

Anna is suspicious.

Drew feels threatened.

Cyrus vows payback.

Eddie sings to Olivia. 

Olivia sees Eddie in a new light.

Dex’s cover may be blown.

Sonny comes through for Carly.

drew and cyrus talk solitary

Tuesday, August 22

Tuesday’s GH recap: Cyrus is the big boss

Finn and Alexis attend an AA meeting.

Liz and Austin tend to a patient.

Cyrus shaves his beard and cuts his hair.

Gregory gets a medical update.

Dante is candid with Anna.

Anna and Dante think Valentin’s being blackmailed.

Carly visits Drew.

Finn visits Cyrus – the big boss.

finn tells alexis it's over with liz GH recaps SoapsSpoilers

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Wednesday, August 23

Wednesday’s GH recap: Marshall vs Selina

Sasha’s in withdrawal. 

Gladys gets blackmailed when the doctor refuses to let Sasha go unless he gets paid.

Anna meets with Jordan.

Sonny questions Ava.

Spencer encourages Trina.

Carly urges Drew.

Cyrus gets what he needs from Austin.

Austin thanks Cyrus who thanks him for paying for his education and checking in on him but he says it’s enough.

Felicia feels inspired.

anna talks to jordan

Thursday, August 24

Thursday’s GH recap: Gladys wants to sell Sasha’s stock

Jordan visits Curtis.

Sonny warns Carly.

Spencer confides in Trina.

Maxie and Lucy deliver bad news.

Gladys has a meltdown.

Lucy says even gummies can’t fix this mess.

Ava talks to Portia about how Curtis might be feeling.

Portia visits Trina at the gallery.

Sam calls out Cody for lying about going insane.

Trina thinks Curtis needs space.

Curtis’ rehab nurse is hot for Jordan.

jordan visits curtis in rehab

Friday, August 25

Friday’s GH recap: Sam agrees to have Cody committed 

Alexis meets the surrogate.

Kristina reacts to seeing the surrogate.

Brook Lynn is livid.

Alexis has questions.

Tracy has questions of Finn who refuses to answer them.

Cody makes his case to Sam.

Nina confronts Sonny.

Sonny gifts Nina a bauble.

Sonny won’t tell Nina anything about his job.

Nina tells Sonny all about the type of wedding she wants.

Kristina confides in Willow.

nina tells sonny what she did

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