B&B Recap: Liam’s Surprised Steffy Let Finn Attend Sheila’s Memorial, Lauren Says Good Riddance to Sheila as Finn & Deacon Say Goodbye

Thursday, April 4, 2024: Today on Bold and the Beautiful, Lauren stops in to see Eric, Finn and Hope attend the memorial with Deacon, and Steffy tries to explain to Liam why she’s accepting Finn’s choice.

Wednesday’s Early B&B recap: As Deacon wept for Sheila, Liam rold Steffy Finn has betrayed her by attending the memorial.

In Steffy’s office, Liam asks how she can be so calm when her husband is attending Sheila’s memorial.

liam and steffy talk about finn attending memorial

She left it up to him. Finn has admitted her has a “connection” to his birth mother so she wouldn’t stand in his way.

There’s already tension with her husband and she doesn’t want to add to that.

Liam reminds her she and Finn nearly lost their lives because of Sheila.

She just doesn’t want to think about her anymore.

liam hopes finn understands

He points out she no longer has to.

Steffy says Finn can says his goodbye and then they can move on.

Sheila can’t come between them now that she’s gone.

steffy says this will be over soon

She hopes Finn gets some closure. He’s such a kind and compassionate person, even with people who don’t deserve it.

When she mentions that Deacon and Finn are likely the only people at the service, he mentions Hope is going.

She rolls her eyes and huffs. She’s surprised she even wanted to go and Liam explains she went to support her dad.

steffy hears hope at memorial

At Il Giardino, Finn tells Deacon and Hope that it looks like it will only be the three of them for the memorial.

It’s a shame.

finn guesses they are the only three showing up

Hope points out she made more enemies than friends.

Deacon says they need to do their best to pay tribute to the one and only Sheila.

deacon says they need to pay tribute to sheila B&B

Hope is surprised that Steffy let Finn come.

He explains its obviously complicated for her.

The guests sit and Deacon explains how he got hooked to Sheila.

Straddling a chair, he says they had something unique.

deacon talks sheila at memorial

Love is like two people who each have a hole in their heart and when the wind blows through, it plays the same sad song.

They were more alike than he cares to admit.

They got each other and, ironic as it sounds, she brought out the best in him and made him want to turn his life around.

deacon recalls how sheila set him straight

He thought she was doing the same thing…right up until that night.

He doesn’t understand what happened and guesses he never will.

All he has left is a hole in his heart. He has to figure out how to let her go.

deacon tells hope and finn about sheila

Finn gets up to speak to the coffin. He doesn’t know what to say.

She showed up at his wedding and announced who she was.

That was one of his happiest moments…then she turned his life upset down.

She shot him and his wife and he has no idea why he’s there.

finn talks at memorial

Sheila was never a mother to him even if she did give him life. There must be something innate in him that makes him feel for her.

“I do mom, I do,” he says.

After he sits back down, Deacon stands by the coffin and says he doesn’t know how to say goodbye to such a tough, wild and tender woman.

He feels like part of him is missing and hopes she’s found the peace and happiness she always wanted.

“We’ll be together again someday,” he says. Deacon shuffles out. Hope and Finn stare at Sheila’s photo.

deacon says he will see sheila again

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Lauren shows up at Eric’s.

She’s just flown in for a quick meeting and want to drop by to see him alive and well.

lauren gives eric a hug

She’s been worried and Ridge has been keeping her updated.

He thanks her for the concern and passes on his regards to the Newmans.

Donna and Lauren tell Eric how vibrant he’s looking.

donna eric talk to lauren about sheila

Lauren admits she also stopped by because Sheila is finally dead.

She can’t believe all that Steffy has gone through.

Donna says it was all unfortunate but could have been worse.

Lauren is sure that taking a life is deeply unsettling. Now the saga is finally over.

lauren eric donna talk sheila memorial

Eric explains that Deacon was very close to Sheila and is holding a memorial for her today.

The Fenmore can’t imagine anyone caring enough about Sheila to say anything. They point out Deacon cared about her.

Lauren doesn’t know where to begin with all the terrible things that Sheila tries to do to her over the years.

She flashes back through various attempts on her life and concludes that Sheila was a menace.

sheila in lauren flashback

“Thank god Steffy finally ended her once and for all,” she says.

lauren doesn't know who would go

Eric knows everyone has been a victim of Sheila, but it wasn’t always like that.

He recalls being enchanted by her when she first came to the office.

sheila eric flashback

He regrets introducing her into their family.

Donna says he’s not to blame.

Lauren wishes good riddance to Sheila.

“So long Sheila, may you finally be at peace,” says Eric.

eric donna lauren says goodbye to sheila

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