Days Spoilers Nov 13 – 17: Leo’s Arrested, Nicole’s Hospitalized, and Sloan Lies to Eric About Their Baby

Full list of spoilers Monday, Nov 13 to Friday, Nov 17, 2023.

Days of our Lives spoilers for the next two weeks — Nov 6 – 10 spoilers.

What’s coming up on Days?

Melinda attempts to stop Sloan from coming clean with Eric, Xander gets accused of foul play by Sarah, and Steve and John contemplate a trip to Greece.

Have you seen the Days promo trailer for the rest of the season? We’ve broken it down and added a bit of commentary. It also includes a gallery of the cast from Day of Days!

Monday, Nov 13

In today’s Days of our Lives recap, Leo helps Nicole deliver. 

A frantic EJ searches for Nicole as she goes into labor.

Dimitri wants to leave the scene of the crime but Leo forces him to go to Nicole.

Nicole yells at Dimitri and Leo for driving them off the road.

Leo helps Nicole give birth though Dimitri is surprised Leo wants to risk it all for “her.”

Nicole and Eric’s baby boy is born and Leo decides Dimitri should take just the baby to the hospital while he waits for help with Nicole. They don’t want to move her in case something else is wrong.

After being injured, Jada is brought to the hospital by Rafe.

Melinda attempts to stop Sloan from coming clean with Eric. She promises she’ll find another baby for her.

Holly goes to Tate and Eric at the pub and tells them she thinks something happened to her mother.

eric tells tate he's going to be a father days

Tuesday, Nov 14

In Tuesday’s Day of our Lives recap, Nicole is moved to the hospital, where she assumes Dimitri took her baby.

Sloan hears about the incident.

Leo is interrogated by Rafe about where Dimitri is.

rafe and jada interrogate Leo days of our lives recaps

Tate gives some comfort to Holly.

Stefan’s angry over Gabi’s incarceration.

Stefan warns Paulina after yelling at her about the state of things in Salem.

ej admonishes holly on days of our lives on peacock

EJ calls Tate a juvenile delinquent after he stands up to EJ.

Once alone, Tate asks if Holly thinks they were about to kiss before EJ came home. She calls him a womanizer. 

Eric and EJ find Nicole on the side of the road.

eric ej and nicole side of road after baby birth days of our lives recaps

Eric and Nicole are worried about the baby.

Nicole is hospitalized and EJ is at her side.

EJ does not trust Dimitri with the baby. 

Dimitri goes to Sloan’s with the baby instead of the hospital and needs her help with the baby. When the women learn it’s Eric’s kid, they are shocked.

dimitri takes the baby to sloan days recaps

Eric goes home to Sloan who tells him their baby boy was born tonight.

After Leo’s arrest, he calls Dimitri to tell him to go without him.

sloan hugs eric and tells him their baby is born days recaps

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More Days spoilers into November

Wednesday, Nov 15

EJ and Nicole panic.

Dimitri urges Leo to get out of town.

Holly and Johnny visit the hospital.

Melinda is entangled with a shady character.

dimitri urges leo to get out of town Days

Thursday, Nov 16

Everett faces Alex.

Steve issues a warning to Konstantin.

Steve and John contemplate a trip to Greece.

Konstantin has an order for Theresa.

john and steve talk about megan brainwashing days

Friday, Nov 17

Theresa is reluctant to give her help to Konstantin.

Xander gets accused of foul play by Sarah.

Chad has an offer for Gwen.

Brady wonders if Alex has eyes for Theresa.

sarah tells xander she's pregnant

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