B&B Spoilers Oct 9 – 13: Brooke Gets in Deacon’s Face, Thomas Reminds Hope he Loves Her, but Hope Thinks of Finn’s Words

Soaps Spoilers’ full list of spoilers for B&B from Monday, Oct 9 to Fri Oct 13.

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What’s coming up on B&B the week of October 9?

Luna receives a mysterious warning.

Deacon advocates for Sheila to Finn.

Hope receives mind-blowing information.

luna's mom poppy calls her

Monday, October 9

B&B Early recap: Finn turns to Hope

Deacon stands his ground when Finn makes an astonishing demand.

Sheila’s upset by Finn but lets him yell at her.

Finn tells his mother to get out of town.

RJ tells Luna she’s all that and a bag of chips. That she’s beautiful, smart, and a bit funny.

Hope is impacted by Finn’s opinion about Thomas. She tells Brooke about the talk.

Finn looks for Hope to discuss how similar they are.

hope thinks of finn

Tuesday, October 10

Tuesday’s early B&B! Hope’s eyes bug out that Deacon and Sheila are in love

Deacon tells Hope about Sheila.

Hope is floored when the truth about Sheila and Deacon is revealed.

RJ is so into Luna since she’s so mysterious.

Luna refuses to tell RJ about her secrets.

Li tries to find Ridge to get him to convince Steffy to come home.

Li finds Hope with Finn.

Li catches Luna at Forrester.

deacon talks to finn about steffy

Wednesday, October 11

Early B&B recap: Luna tries to resign

Aunt Li chastises Luna for being at Forrester where her daughter-in-law works. 

RJ’s intrigued by Luna’s mysterious nature and asks more about her past. He shares secrets with her in the hopes she’ll open up.

RJ and Luna’s romance burgeons and they share a kiss.

Deacon valiantly attempts to diffuse the situation with Hope. 

Hope yells at Deacon.

Sheila still thinks they will all be one happy family.

Luna tries to quit and RJ kisses her. 

hope yells at deacon for being with shiela carter

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Thursday, October 12

Thursday’s early B&B recap: Hope makes a huge reveal to Brooke

Hope confides in Ridge and Brooke, hoping to stop Deacon from doing something he will regret.

Finn and Hope commiserate over their parents being in love. 

Luna confesses to RJ that she is being forced out of FC.

Sheila and Deacon snuggle on the sofa.

Sheila believes her and Deacon’s love will bring people together.

sheila is sure their love will bring everyone together

Friday, October 13

Friday’s early B&B recap: RJ goes up against Li

Ridge comes clean to Brooke that he knew of Sheila and Deacon’s love affair.

Brooke is not happy with Ridge for lying.

Hope is cross with Ridge.

Hope and Thomas do a little work on a dress while she considers Finn’s words to her.

Hope kisses Thomas.

Brooke and Ridge confront Deacon.

Deacon reminds Ridge that he lied to him.

Sheila tries to convince Brooke she’s changed.

Brooke demands Deacon get rid of Sheila.

hope and thomas kissing in forrester

What’s coming up for Bold and Beautiful week of October 16?

Brooke reminds Deacon of what he’s about to lose.

Luna’s past catches up with her.

Donna demands that Eric face the truth.

donna worries about eric's humor

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