Bold and Beautiful Spoilers December 6-10; Ridge Stuns Brooke With His Ultimatum & Sheila’s Frustration and Jealousy Grows Over Deacon

Soaps Spoilers’ full list of spoilers for B&B from Monday, December 6 to Friday, December 10.

This week coming up on Bold and Beautiful, Ridge decides it’s time to take charge in regards to where Hope and Deacon are going with their relationship. Things are about to get sticky come Friday December 10 when Dr. Taylor Hayes returns, this time in form of a recast. Krista Allen will portray the part since Hunter Tylo was unable to return. With Taylor’s return, Brooke and Ridge’s issues get worse and they hit a significant impasse in their relationship. Could Taylor’s return cause musical relationships since Deacon seems to possibly want Brooke back? Leave a comment with your thoughts.

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B&B recaps week of November 29:

November 29 B&B recap: Ridge kicks Deacon out at Hope’s and demands Brooke back him up
November 30 B&B recap: Ridge throws Brooke’s betrayal in her face, while Steffy and Liam meddle
December 1 B&B recap: Ridge confronts Brooke about her feelings for Deacon & Steffy calls Hope and Brooke sanctimonious

Monday, December 6

Ridge stuns Brooke with news of his ultimatum to Hope.
Deacon announces his vision for the future to an incredulous Sheila.

Tuesday, December 7

Sheila grows frustrated with Deacon’s fixation on Brooke.
Brooke and Ridge hit a significant impasse in their relationship.

Wednesday, December 8

Steffy and Thomas rally around Ridge, reminding him of their own family bonds.
Dollar Bill counsels Liam on his stressful dilemma with Deacon.

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Thursday, December 9

Hope and Deacon put Brooke on the spot.
Ridge, Thomas and Steffy get emotional discussing the past, present and future.

Friday, December 10

Sheila gets jealous of Deacon’s progress with Hope and Brooke.
Taylor returns to Los Angeles, where she and Steffy share a joyous reunion.

Take a look at the B&B opinion: B&B Opinion: Harpies to Catty Psychos, B&B’s Soapy Messy Characters Amused, Annoyed and Confused – A taste: “From harpies to catty psychos, at least Bold and the Beautiful knows how to keep their characters a soapy mess. Still, I long for fashion shows, fashion house rivalries, and Bikini Bar scenes, but instead, we’ve had a grandfather with penile issues, licking honey off of a woman’s finger who was into that rather than being into the show’s hottest stud Carter.”

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