B&B Recap: As Luna Becomes Determined to Tell RJ Everything, Poppy Begs Her to Keep it a Secret & Liam Gets Advice From RJ

Thursday, Feb 15, 2024: Today on Bold and the Beautiful, Poppy tries to find excuses, Eric urges Zende to get to know Luna, and Liam asks RJ for his read on Poppy.

Wednesday’s Early B&B recap: Stunned, Luna realized she was drugged by her mother after Poppy Breaks broke down, telling her the truth about the mints.

RJ is sketching at the Forrester Creations office but is distracted by Luna not replying to his texts.

rj trying to work

Liam shows up to drop off his daughter’s soccer stuff for Steffy.

He wants to pick RJ’s brain about Bill being super into Luna’s mom.

Bill has said nothing but good things about her and asks for RJ’s read on her.

liam and bag

RJ only has good things to say about her.

She’s a free spirit.

Liam finds it hard to picture such a woman with his father and admits he’s worried she could be targeting his father.

RJ assures him that he doesn’t have to worry.

He can’t imagine Poppy hurting anyone since she brings her daughter take-out all the time.

rj saying poppy is great

RJ goes on about what a positive person Poppy is. He thinks she and her daughter have the same values.

They don’t let things get them anxious and Luna can always depend on her mom.

liam hears about poppy

Once Liam leaves, he tries calling Luna again.

At Poppy’s, Luna realizes that her mom’s mints are the reason why she ended up with Zende instead of RJ.

poppy and mom talk mints

Those aren’t normal mints and made her lose touch with reality. Her mom thinks they are a harmless way to unwind.

Luna can’t believe she was drugged by her own mother.

poppy says mints harmless

“How could you do this mom? How?” she demands to know.

Poppy is sorry.

Her daughter explains she saved herself for RJ and it was beautiful and pure. It’s now tainted because of what her mom did.

Maybe Li was right about her all along.

She may talk about freedom, but she’s just irresponsible and selfish.

Does her aunt know about the drugs and think she’s a druggy like her mom?

luna calls mom druggy

Turning in horror, Poppy says Li doesn’t know them.

“Maybe she knows exactly what you are Mom. A druggy!” says Luna.

She sees RJ calling and picks up. She’s not feeling any better, but she has some idea of what happened.

He asks if it was food poisoning.

rj on phone to luna

“I definitely ate something bad,” she says.

She says she missed being with him last night more than he knows but this isn’t a good time.

He suggests she stop by later. She needs to see him.

That sounds serious to him.

Sobbing, she tells him not to forget how much she loves him and hangs up.

luna tells rj she needs to see hikm

Her mom tells her not to tell him what happened. She was in an altered state and not responsible.

Luna doesn’t see how RJ could accept this. What kind of mother would tell her to keep this secret?

luna can't believe her mom

Her mom urges her to stop freaking out and tells her that it was all an accident and RJ doesn’t need to know anything. They could still have a future.

She begs her not to tell RJ.

poppy tells luna to keep it secret

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At Zende’s, Eric talks to him about finding the special person and settling down.

eric talks settling down

Zende is looking pretty glum. He thought he had someone new in his life but now he thinks he read it all wrong.

“Nothing like this has ever happened to me,” he says, flashing back to his night with Luna and her freaking out the next day.

zende looking glum

“It’s not going to work out,” concludes Zende.

Eric won’t ask any more but will be around it he needs to talk.

He brings up when he asked RJ and Luna to help with the collection and assures him he wasn’t trying to cut him out.

eric urges zende to get to know luna

He’s very impressed by his talent and all he brings to the company. It would be an honor to work with him.

Eric goes on about how great Luna is and urges Zende to get to know her and work with the young lady.

zende listening to eric

Zende points out she has a boyfriend. Eric knows but he wants him to mentor her. RJ can’t touch what he knows about the business.

“RJ can’t teach her what you can,” he says.

Eric needs to focus on Donna and his recovery. It will be a while until he’s back at the office.

He wants Zende to keep Luna engaged and find out what really turns her on.

eric urges zende to mentor poppy

After Eric exits, Zende sits with his sketchbook and finds Luna’s earring in the cushions.

He flashes back to last night again and then puts it in a box on his table.

zende and sktechbook

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