GH Recap: Drew Wants to Buy Nina’s Half Of Metro Court, Valentin Gets Devious, Michael Faces Sonny & Olivia Jerome is Dead

Thurs Feb 15, 2024:  Anna and Valentin cross paths, Nina receives an intriguing proposition from Valentin, Dante and Jordan get disturbing news that Olivia Jerome is dead, Ava advises Sonny about Dex, and Josslyn is determined to keep her boyfriend safe, while Blaze wants to come out to her mother.

Wednesday’s GH recap:  

Ava’s surprised to see Sonny at home.

He barks that it’s where he lives and asks what’s wrong with that.

She says she was worried something happened. He tells her he was “out.”

She asks if Dex was with him but he doesn’t want to hear that name.

ava worries about sonny GH recaps

Ava goes to make a work call when Michael arrives.

“Hello, Judas,” Sonny says to his son, his eyes shooting daggers.

Michael say he won’t make excuses but explains he wanted to send his father to prison so hired Dex to find dirt on him.

Sonny gets it and asks why.

michael is judas

Michael says Mom risked her life for him and he cheated on her with Nina and sided with her when she was suing them for visitation of Wiley.

Michael didn’t recognize Sonny and convinced himself he needed to pay.

But he couldn’t do it. Sonny still feels betrayed.

What kind of man sends his mom to clean up his mess? Michael didn’t send her. He doesn’t care.

sonny accuses michael of being disloyal

He could have told him about this and never did. How would his sisters feel growing up without a father? Michael knows.

He thought they’d be better off if Sonny was behind bars at the time. He knows his dad is angry but hopes he can forgive him. He thinks his dad is pushing everyone away.

Without Dex, him and Mom, “Who do you have?” He asks.

sonny mad at michael

Does he want to end up alone? Michael is gone, Ava comes out. She’s sorry.

She heard the whole thing and knows he must feel awful. She offers to leave him alone but he wants her to stay. They chat about Michael and Dex.

ava is sorry to sonny

She admits Dex saved their lives and they can’t forget that.

He asks if she thinks he’d keep Dex in his organization after this.

She says it’s up to him but where would he go? He’s heard and seen a lot of things that would hurt him if it got out.

sonny with ava talk dex

Dex grabs his gun when someone knocks at his door.

He slips it into the back of his pants and opens it to Joss, who was worried about him.

They embrace and he updates her on how Carly saved his life.

dex hugs joss at home GH

Joss is immediately upset and thinks Sonny uses people and turns on them.

He’ll never trust Dex again. Dex knows. Joss thinks he’s free.

She was so worried and can’t go through what Trina is going through with Spencer’s death.

Dex isn’t sure he can make a clean break when Sonny won’t let him go, knowing so much about his business.

dex explains sonny almost killed him

If he’s not working for Sonny, there are guys out there who will ask him to work for him or spill Sonny’s secrets. If he refuses, both sides will want him gone.

Not only that but the DA and Feds could try to get him to flip on Sonny.

The only way Sonny can guarantee he won’t talk is to off him.

dex hugs joss

Joss asks why he let him go. Dex thinks he’ll try to finish the job without witnesses.

Joss tells him to run. Today. She’ll go with him. He refuses to let her give up medical school.

She offers to talk to Sonny. He knows he can’t change her mind so kisses her deeply and then lets her leave.

Joss kissing dex

Blaze arrives at Kristina’s place.

Krissy apologizes for forgetting they had a date.

She felt sick and took a nap.

blaze w ill take care of krissy

She says her head wouldn’t stop pounding and the room is spinning.

Blaze tells her to lie down and she’ll make tea.

She goes off, does that and returns with the tea, then holds Krissy’s hand and presses a spot on her wrist, which seems to help.

blaze will make tea GH recaps

She learned the trick on the road. Kristina feels better and starts sipping the tea, calling Blaze a miracle worker.

Blaze looks alarmed when Kristina tells her that her sister knows about them.

She admits she’s trying to respect her privacy but hiding about how they feel about each other whenever they’re together isn’t a way to build a relationship.

krissy tells blaze the truth

Blaze beams. “Is that what we are? In a relationship?” Kristina jokes, “Did you think I’d let anyone see me like this?”

She says yeah, they’re in a relationship.

blaze so happy to be in a relationship with krisy

Blaze grins wildly. She admits things will get harder since her mom (Natalia – Eva LaRue) is coming to visit next week.

Kristina says they can take a break until her mom leaves.

Blaze hates this and doesn’t want her to feel like she has to hide.

Kristina says well, “I’m not the one hiding.” She apologizes but she’s happy Blaze is gay and knows a lot of others would be too if they knew.

blaze tells krissy about her mom coming

They agree they think each other is “wonderful.” Kristina wants to respect that coming out is her choice. She can’t pressure her on that.

It’s no way to build a relationship, Blaze says and decides to tell her mom the truth.

Kristina didn’t mean to pressure her. Blaze thinks her patience is what helped make the decision. She realizes she’s truly happy and it’s nothing to hide. 

krissy with blaze

Nina sits in the alcove at Metro Court while she’s on a call with Kira who reschedules an appointment.

When she disconnects, Drew is hovering.

He knows people have been rescheduling on her and reveals he put the word out that if they work with her, they’ll never work with Aurora again.

She thinks that he must be threatened by competition and he laughs and says Carly wants her out of their lives and he wants to make it happen and to make her pay.

nina with drew who is being a jerk

Nina refuses to leave Port Charles though Drew thinks that’s the decent thing to do.

Nina says PC is her home and this hotel is hers.

She doesn’t want to hear any more threats from him. He’s not. He’s offering to buy her share of Metro Court.

He’ll pay fair market value. She refuses and suggests he buy his girlfriend jewelry instead of a magazine he has no idea how to run. 

nina snipes at drew

Anna talks to Dante on a call about the stolen WSB weapons.

She thinks they need to move on it. She sees Valentin and disconnects.

anna on a call general hospital

It’s awkward.

She says it’s been a while and he thinks by the look on her face, “It hasn’t been long enough.” He congratulates her on becoming police commissioner.

He asks if she wants an update on Charlotte. He says she’s home and settling in nicely. He’ll keep her informed.

He hears Nina and Drew arguing and goes to her, asking what’s wrong. 

valentin sees anna GH recaps

She tells him Drew thinks he can take her share of Metro Court from her. Drew takes off and Nina says she may as well sell since he crushed her idea to open her own magazine. 

Valentin can’t believe she’s going to give up on evening the score on the magazine. He’s been thinking and says there’s another way.

valentin gets devious

Drew goes to Anna. He’s happy things are going well for her.

She aks about him. “I’m making progress,” he says. “At what cost?” Anna asks. Making Nina pay isn’t going to bring back what he lost. She thinks he’s changed since they first met.

Drew admits others have said he’s changed recently.

She gets a call and has to take it, asking him to pick this up later. 

anna thinks drew is wrong

At PCPD, Dante tells Jordan there’s nothing new from the FBI about the case.

This doesn’t surprise her. O’Neill can identify the shooter but he’s in Pentonville.

He will probably be transferred out by Agent Cates so the feds can have sole control over him.

jordan helps dante at PCPD

She knows Cates doesn’t want to work with PCPD.

Dante still feels there’s a deal to be made.

Jordan knows they need to offer him something in return but the FBI won’t authorize it. Dante’s not sure he’d take that chance.

dante and jordan work oneill case together GH recaps

Jordan is concerned something will happen to O’Neill “and there goes our lead.”

They could get him on some felony in their neighborhood.

They’ll look over the past year of case files and see if he’s been involved in anything else.

O’Neill still has a target on his back. Dante calls Anna and asks her to drop by since they need to talk.

jordan talks about oneill GH

Back at Metro Court, Drew goes back to Nina. “Oh, here we go again,” she says, unhappily.

She’s refusing his deal and warns that he’ll be sorry he messed with her in the first place.

nina tells drew off

Outside, Valentin calls someone with a proposal.

valentin makes a call

Back at PCPD, Dante and Jordan fill Anna in.

A prison transporter was attacked today and a prisoner is dead. “Who?” Anna asks. “Olivia Jerome.”

anna hears olivia jerome is dead

Joss arrives at Sonny’s penthouse and the guards won’t let her in.

Ava hears a commotion and opens the door. She says Sonny’s not there.

ava lets joss in

Sonny turns up on Dex’s doorstep looking menacing. 

sonny faces dex

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