Steffy Confides in Finn About Seeing Hope Flirt With Thomas While Thomas Massages Hope’s Neck

In the Friday, May 15, 2023, full episode recap of CBS’ Bold and the Beautiful, Liam continues to reel over Hope’s business trip with Thomas and worries that Thomas will take advantage of his wife, while Hope can’t take her eyes off of Thomas.

We also have Thursday’s B&B recap where Thomas tried to comfort Hope who was worried about Liam not trusting her while Steffy continued to tell Liam nothing will happen.

In the Forrester CEO office, Liam wants Steffy to check on the Forrester pilot to see how the mechanical problems are going.

Steffy just did. She knows Hope and Thomas spending time together isn’t the end of the world. “If Thomas behaves himself,” he says.

Liam couldn’t forgive if anything happened. Liam thinks he should have seen it coming. He could have predicted it.

There will always be business trips and personal appearances.

steffy and liam talk about hope and thomas

It’s not naive to see that Thomas would want to tag along. Steffy clarifies that the buyers asked Thomas to go.

Liam thinks Thomas will use this but Steffy doubts that. Liam asks if she truly believes it and she flashes to his wife holding hands with her brother and says nothing. 

Finally, she says that she’s said all she can to comfort him. He laughs and touches his forehead.

liam hates thomas

He is reminded that it’s the same thing Taylor told him. Steffy thinks Liam’s right to feel the way he’s feeling.

He comments that they all want him to get over himself. Steffy repeats that she doesn’t think Thomas will do anything to Hope.

In San Francisco, Thomas calls Hope principled and moral — nothing like her mom.

She loves her family and always wants to be with Liam. He assures her that nothing will come between them.

hope and thomas in a close moment in san francisco

She thanks him and embraces her.

She backs out of his embrace and the beating heart is loud as they lock eyes.

The moments drag on and Trevor the pilot calls to say the jet’s set to go.

Trevor the forrester pilot has plane malfunction

He apologizes for the delay. They disconnect and she fills Thomas in.

He invites her to call Liam with the update.

When she does, he asks if she’s okay.

She tells him they’re flying home tonight since the jet’s fixed. She’s anxious to get home.

hope on call with liam

He is too and says it feels like “so much longer than” less than a day.

Thomas takes down his sketches as Hope tells Liam she loves him and can’t wait to be in his arms again.

Liam professes his love.

Later, Thomas and Hope have packed up and they’re ready to go home.

She can’t wait to get home.

Thomas says, “Ready to go home to your husband and family,” and she stares into his eyes. 

liam on call with hope

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At the cliff house, Steffy kisses Finn. He put the kids to bed and whipped up dinner. They can eat after she unwinds.

They sit on the sofa with wine and talk about how she’ll show her appreciation later.

finn kiss steffy home then wine

They kiss and she updates him on her talk with Liam about Hope and Thomas’ business trip.

She tells him about the mechanical issue and Finn laughs, imagining how Liam reacted to that, knowing he doesn’t trust Thomas.

“That’s putting it mildly,” Steffy says. Finn tells his wife they don’t always need to discuss Hope and Thomas when they’re alone but since he can see she’s clearly upset, he asks what happened.  

Steffy sips her wine and then admits it’s not Thomas Liam should be worried about. It’s Hope. 

finn sofa

Back at Spencer Publications, Wyatt frets over business as Liam’s thoughts are elsewhere.

He’s not even looking at the current page so Wyatt snipes at him for not paying attention.

He can’t take it any longer and asks why he’s distracted.

What is it? Are Hope and Thomas working late nights again?

Liam admits they’re in San Francisco on business. Wyatt says all is well that ends well.

wyatt is tired

Hope will be home to put the kids to bed. He knows this is hard on his brother.

Liam is glad Thomaso didn’t make a move on Hope.

“Do you know that for sure?” Wyatt asks.

Liam thinks his wife would have said something.

wyatt and liam rehashing thomas and steffy

On the plane in San Francisco, Trevor again apologizes for the mechanical issues.

He goes into the cockpit and Thomas congratulates Hope on a successful trip.

They said they made an impressive team. Thomas smiles.

trevor pilot with hope

Hope’s neck hurts and Thomas rubs it for her.

The heartbeat is back and she is in bliss.

thomas rubs hope

They’re starting their descent soon so Thomas says she’ll be home soon.

She stares back at him as he rubs her neck.

thomas hope moment


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