Sally Wants Adam to Move on, Nick Professes His Love, Daniel Tells Diane She’s Not Going to Prison & Kyle Prepares to Tell Summer Everything

In this episode of CBS’ The Young and the Restless, Sally tells Adam to move on since she’s with Nick, Daniel shocks Diane, and Kyle’s not keeping any secret and plans to tell Summer and his mom that Phyllis is alive.

In the previous episode, Daniel makes a confession, while Tucker and Harmony visit Devon and Connor has a meltdown.

(The Canadian Y&R day ahead recap for May 12, 2023 episode airs in the USA on May 15. Recaps live by 4:15 PM EST daily.)

Sally and Adam meet at Crimson Lights about his job offer. She turns him down and calls it a terrible idea.

They can never work together. Adam assumes Nick was in on the decision but she says no.

Adam calls it reckless. He’s giving her a chance to create her own job.

adam shocked sally refuses him

This is a once-in-a-lifetime chance. Sally barks that just because she’s with his brother doesn’t mean she doesn’t make her own decisions.

He knows and was just excited to work with her again.

She agrees they had their moments at Newman Meddia. He thinks they can have that again.

She calls them lightning in a bottle and he asks if she wants that again. She wants different things now. Her decision is final.

No Newman will ever sign her paychecks again. She and Chloe can make their own way.

Adam respects that. “What don’t I respect about you,” he says.

She sighs. He can’t say things like that.

sally won't work with adam

He’s sorry but sometimes it feels like nothing has changed.

She says it has and she doesn’t want him to lose sight of it. They have boundaries she says.

She only wants him to be a father to their kid. “That’s all that I want from you.”

She reminds him the kid is his but she’s with Nick. She urges him to move on from her. One day he’ll find someone he wants to be a better person for.

She thinks when he holds their daughter she’ll change his life. “She already has,” he says.

She asks him to find a way to let her go. She thinks he can be overjoyed about the baby but from afar.

He asks if there’s an expiration date on his banishment.

adam face when sally says to let her go

She’ll keep him abreast of doctor’s appointments and says he’ll get reports on the baby’s growth. He calls that considerate.

She hopes they can find a level of contact that works for the four of them.

She thinks this is for the best and that he’ll agree with her, eventually. “Goodbye,” she says and walks out on him.

adam hurt by sally

Nick finishes a meeting in the Athletic Club lounge when he spots Elena and asks if she’s there for dinner.

She tells him no, he was right about Nate and she’s moved in upstairs.

She asks how long he knew but he claims he can’t discuss it.

He doesn’t approve of what Nate’s doing and thinks they need to “crush some mint chocolate chip or cookie dough.”

nick and elena talk ice cream

She likes that. Later, they have a drink and she talks about having her shift covered tonight.

Nick wants to pay for tonight but she refuses. “It’s not our fault that Nate has no moral compass.”

He says he could make up for his sister by covering her hotel bill. “That’s not going to happen,” Nick says.

Elena promises not to trash her at least not right now. Nick says she doesn’t have to see Nate.

She can do the podcast from home. Talk turns to him and Sally and he confides that he’s the happiest he’s ever been with Sally. Elena’s happy for him.

nick drinks to elena

Nate arrives at Victoria’s office. She was going to ask about his flight back from LA but says it looks like it was a crash landing.

She asks how he is and how things are with Elena. “She moved out,” he confides, pacing.

She destroyed a photo of them and left her keys. Vicky thinks that must have been difficult.

Neither say they wanted her to get hurt but Vicky says they got wrapped up in the excitement.

Nate says it was more than that for him. She asks if they’ll reconcile but Nate says things are broken between them and he doesn’t want to fix them.

vicky happy to see nate

He’s lost the passion and says he’s lost when it comes to relationships.

Elena wants a version of him that doesn’t exist anymore but he didn’t want her to get hurt.

“Course not,” Vicky says. He never would have acted on this with Victoria if he didn’t want something more.

She asks where he wants things to go from here. He asks what she wants. She just wants more but knows he needs time to get over Elena. He says avoidance will make things worse.

Waiting and wanting. Vicky declares neither of them is going anywhere. She likes the anticipation. As he’s leaving, he runs into Audra. He walks by her. 

nate wants vicky not elena

At the Abbott’s, Michael calls Kyle “that guy, the one who has never kept a secret from his mother or wife.”

Kyle snipes that the truth needs to come out but Michael says Diane will gnaw off her own ankle and hunt Phyllis down.

“There won’t be anything left to bury.” Sometimes secrets are kept out of kindness, or to avoid false hopes or bloodshed, he says.

michael drinks at abbotts

“Leave it alone until we can come up with solid evidence.” Daniel agrees with that sentiment.

Diane wanders in and notices how tense everyone is.

Jack hopes they didn’t disturb her. She asks if there is news about the case.

Jack lies that they were brainstorming. Diane doesn’t see why Daniel’s there.

jack and kyle talk about what to do about their secret

She gives her condolences and asks him to keep an open mind to her innocence.

He thanks her and tells her she’s not going to prison. She thinks he’s being kind but asks why he sounds certain.

Michael interjects that he only means that his skills as a lawyer are excellent.

Daniel agrees and admits he believes her and thinks Stark takes all the blame.

diane asks what's going on

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Diane’s overcome. If he can believe her with all the manufactured evidence out there, anything is possible. She calls him a good man and he walks away. “I can’t do this.” She’s sorry.

Jack says they’ll work to get her off. Michael says they didn’t want to raise her hopes, which is why they took the meeting without her.

diane calls daniel a good man

She’s hopeful. She kisses Jack and goes into another room while Kyle is bothered that she latched on to Daniel’s support. Micheal says they need to get Phyllis home.

Daniel doesn’t want her in prison but Michael can’t touch that until he takes care of Diane’s case.

jack thanks daniel

Kyle wants to know where the bodies came from that were used in the ambulance.

Michael wants to know that too. Jack thinks for her security and their safety, Phyllis needs to be arrested.

Jack thanks Daniel for the reveal. Everyone goes and Kyle is upset that he can’t tell his wife that her mother is alive when she’s been crying herself to sleep and blaming his mother for her supposed death.

Kyle knows what this is like and is telling Summer. Jack tries to talk him out of it and says he’ll call Christine. He’ll be right back. Kyle agrees to try to avoid the topic until then.

kyle will tell summer the truth

Later, Jack’s gone and Diane hates that they’re planning her defense, instead of his vacation with Summer. Kyle says she can’t make this go away, but he can. “There’s something you need to know…”

kyle ready to tell mom truth

Sally arrives at her suite at GCAC and finds Nick there with a romantic dinner for two waiting for her.

She asks what’s up. I have fallen completely in love with you,” he says.

sally home to a romantic dinner

Her jaw drops open. “Oh.” She asks why he’s telling her now.

He lets her know that someone reminded him that things are complicated and he’s crazy about her.

He thinks about her every minute of every day. He’s the best thing that’s happened to him in a while.

sally says oh when nick says he loves her

He vows nobody will keep her from him. “Promise?” She asks.

He says yes. “Good,” she replies. He hopes she’s not hungry. “I hope you’re not tired,” she says. They kiss and move to the bed.

sally and nick sex

Jack sits at Society and waits for Christine who texts that she’s running late.

Victor pokes his head in, surprising Jack who has just received a notification about a memory of him and Phyllis. 

jack waits for christine

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