Valentin and Nina Are Shocked by What Surveillance Footage Reveals, and Blair Tells Martin He Will Pay

Mon Sept 18 GH recap: Chase and BLQ wonder how Tracy could have done this to her, Gregory gives Esme a pep talk, and Liz and Finn discuss Gregory’s treatment.

Friday’s GH recap:Tracy has been working with Blair Cramer, Anna was threatened again, and Nikolas planned to jet to Europe before he loses his fortune.

In her suite, Anna and Valentin find that it has been trashed and threats have been written on the bathroom mirror.

She admits this is getting to her.


This is starting to feel too personal. Whoever is doing this wants her left with nothing.

This doesn’t look professional.

Valentin doesn’t want them to take any more risks and holds her.

He’s determined to check the security footage and suggests she call the police so they can get forensics down there.

anna panics to valentin about being targetted

Once he’s gone, she flashes back to the burning of her house and to Valentin lying to her.

Lucy runs into Nina office for an update on Sasha.

Nina doesn’t have one but does tell her that Cody apparently kidnapped Sasha.

lucy asks nina for an update on sasha

Coe refuses to believes it’s a kidnapping and is sure that Cody was trying to rescue her.

But the company is in a very precarious position and if Sasha is gone, she needs to be replaced soon.

nina asked about sasha

This doesn’t go over well with Nina, who shows her the door.

Valentin arrives as Coe exits.

He asks Nina for all the security footage she has.

valentin interrupts lucy and nina

He explains that someone broke into Anna’s suite and ransacked it.

They pull up the surveillance footage on her computer. They’re shocked by what they see.

“Valentin, it can’t be?” she gasps.

valentin and nina shocked

Martin sneers as Blair kisses him on the cheek before inviting herself to a seat at the Metro Court.

She’s disappointed he wasn’t even going to say hello to her.

blair kisses martin

He’s not and he’s even less happy to see her with Tracy. She’d love to meet Lucy and asks where she disappeared to.

He tries pretending he doesn’t know who Lucy is but she knows he’s lying.

The lawyer asks why she was meeting with Tracy. Blair is sure he knows enough to figure that out.

blair corners martin about lucy

She admits that Tracy bought the rights to her beauty wand and tells him it was vile for him to whisper the design for the project to Lucy.

He points out her product didn’t even work.

Raising her glass, she says this will cost him big time. He reminds her that she owes him for sleeping with David Vickers while they were married.

Blair is sure that he will have to marry Lucy after Deception goes bust and then she will no longer have to pay him alimony.

As she heads for the elevator, Lucy returns.

Martin rushes up and distracts her with a kiss.

She doesn’t know what that was for but it almost made her forget her problems.

lucy startled by martin

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At General Hospital, Stella tells Liz how satisfying her job is.

They look at how busy the doctors are and all the patients they have to deal with.

Marshall shows up and asks to talk to Stella.

When he informs her that Curtis is thinking of selling The Savoy, she blurts out that will be the death of him.

stella and marshall worry about curtis

The club keeps him focused and motivated.

Marshall agrees but his son may have received an offer he can’t refuse.

marshall tells stella club in danger

She starts ranting about mobsters underestimating disabled people.

He hopes that she can find a way to lift Curtis up the way she does her patients.

Marshall says his son can’t lose that club.

They chat about her workload and he says it’s good to have her back and the family closer.

They should be able to stop Curtis from making a mistake.

marshall and stella worry about club

Finn tells Alexis that it’s hard for him to honor his father’s wish that he keep silent about his ALS.

Gregory still hasn’t told Chase.

alexis and finn talk about his father

The doctor wants to help and he wants to talk to colleagues to see how but he can’t without permission.

It’s hard for him to step back and accept his limitations.

He thinks his father is lucky to have her in his life.

She says she’s lucky and they all have a hard time with how they need to deal with his “transition.”

They hold hands.

alexis and finn talk about coping

Finn wanders over to Liz.

She admits she doesn’t think that Dr. Bronson is the right doctor for his dad given what she’s heard about him.

liz and finn discuss his father's treatment

She’s sure he’s a great neurologist and there’s no one better at diagnoses but he’s not good at follow up procedures.

He’s too by the book and doesn’t treat the patient.

liz tells finn the doctor is wrong

He admits he’s suspected this but doesn’t want to interfere with his father’s choices.

She’s sure he wouldn’t see it like that. She says he can rely on her to help. He eagerly rushes off to research.

Gregory finds Esme in The Invader office.

He was looking for Alexis and wonders why she’s there so late.

She admits she doesn’t want to go home.

gregory finds esme in office

With his prodding, she admits that she felt like she was part of a family for once.

But then she heard Spencer asking Alexis to check up on her.

It’s clear that he still doesn’t trust her.

esme tells gregory spencer doesn't trust her

He assures her the bonds of family don’t easily break and they will be there for her when she needs them.

She knows she used to be horrible but is trying really hard to be good now.

He tells her that he and Alexis can see her for who she is now.

Gregory urges her to focus on the short term.

gregory encourages esme optimism

Alexis eavesdrops at the door as they share recent moments that have made them happy and laugh.

When she walks in, Gregory almost falls over.

gregory nearly collapses again

Alexis makes excuses for him and dismisses Esme.

Once she’s gone, Alexis asks him why he didn’t tell Chase about his illness.

He wanted to, but BLQ was there and he didn’t want to hurt their happiness.

He tells her it felt good to brings Esme some happiness.

She assures him he does that for lots of people.

He admits he’s getting worse but intends to live the best life he can for as long as he can.

alexis gregory talk esme

When Chase gets home, he finds BLQ moping.

She explains she was fired. She’s not upset about that but about disappointing Maxie so much.

Maxie made it clear she has no way of making up for what she did.

blq tells chase she lost her job and Maxie as a bff

“Maxie hates me,” she complains. He loves her and doesn’t want to keep rehashing the past.

But he wonders what kind of grandmother would do what Tracy has done to her.

She vents about how destructive her grandmother is. She tells him how lucky he is to come from a family that is open and honest.

He tells her that having his family and her makes him the luckiest guy he complains about tracy to blq

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