GH Recap: Spencer Caves to Trina’s Demands, Ned Fights with Drew and Michael, and Alexis Convinces Diane to Consider Finn’s Case

Monday, Nov 20, 2023: Today on General Hospital, Spencer tells Trina he’s sorry, Carly asks Nina why she wants to sell the hotel, and Joss takes Adam to the hospital.

Friday’s GH recap: Austin was shot after trying to make a deal for immunity, and Spencer and Trina had to make a choice about their future.

When Trina opens the door of her dorm room, Spencer falls onto the floor. He was sleeping against the door.

spencer on trina's floor

She’s not happy he was camped out there and tells him he should have respected her wishes to stay away.

He asks if he read all the cards he sent her. She didn’t. They’re all apologies.

spencer at trina's door

It was wrong of him to give her an ultimatum. She asks him what his priorities are.

He won’t turn his back on his little brother but doesn’t care about Esme.

She says they have different ideas of what their relationship is and where it’s going.

spencer and trina argue

She accuses him of putting her on the sidelines. She doesn’t want to be around Esme.

He warned her not to make her choose, but her choice is to put herself first. If he is with Esme and Ace, it will be without her.

trina won't choose spencer

Spencer says he needs to let go and realize he is only Ace’s older brother. She tells him there need to be clear boundaries.

He agrees it’s not his place to control Esme and Ace and their moving away is probably best for everyone.

He admits it will take him a while to really believe this but promises to make her his one priority.

He hopes there’s a place for him in her life.

spencer wants to be in trina's life

Joss brings Adam to GH to be seen by a doctor since he was hyperventilating. He starts to panic when he realizes he’s missing a test.

joss with liz and adam

Liz wheels him off to be examined.

Liz chases down Terry and asks about the malpractice suit. Her boss can’t tell her anything.

liz asks terry about lawsuit

She wants to protect Finn but professionally she has to keep her distance and be as by the book as possible.

Liz tracks Joss down and tells her Adam is ready to go home. She’s impressed by how she handled this and sure it means she will be a good doctor.

liz tells joss she did well

Joss goes to get Adam. He’s apologetic and claims he just took too much of his prescription.

She points out he took speed and is clearly miserable. He needs to pick a different major.

Adam says this has been his dream. She wonders if it’s really his parents’ dream.

adam on speed

She and Adam drive back to the dorms and she reminds him they can take a make-up test. She urges him to give himself a break.

joss and adam in hall

After he thanks her and walks off, she goes into her dorm room and notices Spencer and Trina are kissing.

joss walks in on spencer and trina

She fills them in about Adam having a panic attack. She’s worried about him.

Edgy Finn shows up at Alexis’ office and tells her he needs an attorney who can stop his career from being destroyed.

finn needs lawyer help

That sounds serious to her so she gets him to explain. He’s facing a malpractice suit.

She suggests it could be frivolous but he says it’s not. A patient died and his family is suing the hospital and himself.

He first saw Mr. Muldoon in April and saw he contracted a tapeworm. He treated that and a later colonoscopy revealed he had stage four cancer.

finn needs advice from alexis

Alexis tells him to steer clear of GH’s attorneys because they will throw him under the bus. He finds that hard to accept but she tells him this business.

Finn insists he had nothing to do with this man’s death. She doesn’t think it would be hard for a jury to be convinced he messed up.

If he doesn’t find the right attorney, his career will be over.

alexis asks finn what he needs

She would recommend Diane but she’s swamped so she suggests he ask Tracy to recommend someone she has on retainer.

He explains that she’s in Amsterdam and Liz suggested Scott. Alexis says he needs someone more subtle.

alexis and finn talk lawyers

She calls Diane and convinces her to take the case.

Finn goes to the hospital and gives Liz a coffee. She notices he seems optimistic.

liz notes finn optimistic

He fills her in on Alexis setting up a lunch for him with Diane. That sounds great to Liz.

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Kristina arrives at the recording studio where BLQ and Blaze nervously wait for her session to start.

blaze happy to see kristina

They stand around and talk about how great the energy is as they test levels.

Blaze thanks Kristina for being there to distract her and worries about how nervous she is.

Kristina says her song could be a hit. They chat about touring and Blaze tells her how lonely it is.

kristina and blaze talk tour

“I’m tired of being alone,” Blaze tells her.

Kristina finds that hard to imagine. BLQ joins them and they talk about how hard touring is.

blq blaze kristina in studio

Blaze senses Kristina knows something about loneliness.

The recording starts and BLQ tells Kristina how she managed to get Blaze in for this song.

blaze recording

Kristina gets a text and has to run.

When Blaze takes a break, she’s concerned to see Kristina is gone.

blaze and blq talk kristina

Kristina goes to see her mom at The Invader. Sam left her a message that didn’t explain anything. She was wondering if she knows what’s going on.

kristina asks alexis what's going on

Alexis tells her the surrogate miscarried. They hug.

At the Aurora office, Michael and Drew are wondering how they can take over ELQ now that Ned is back.

michael and drew scheme

Ned arrives and tells Drew how relieved he is that he was released. He flashes back to confronting Nina about putting him in prison.

Ned explains that he promised to sit on something but there’s something Drew needs to know about the SEC charges.

He’s remembered what he came to tell Drew before he hit his head.

ned has info for drew

Michael gets a call about building in Australia. Ned doesn’t know why Aurora is making a deal about construction.

Michael admits it was a deal for ELQ. Ned is outraged and barks they had no authority to do this.

michael says the deal is done

Drew starts venting about Valentin disappearing and Ned thinking he was Eddie. He thinks he should be thanking Michael.

drew tells ned he should be thankful

Ned said Michael is a shark and was waiting to make a move like this. Drew accuses him of throwing a tantrum.

Ned orders Michael to stay out of ELQ and storms out. Drew thinks this is proof Ned is a loose cannon and they have to take over fast.

ned michael and drew argue

Carly arrives at the Metro Court and watches Nina working. Trish comes over and asks her old boss if the rumors of her coming back are true.

nina at work

Carly says maybe some day. As they chat about Drew’s release, Nina interrupts and asks if she’s there to discuss her offer.

They sit and Carly asks why she offered to sell the hotel back. Is it because of Willow?

nina grilled about selling hotel

Nina admits she wants to repair the family rift. Carly gets that and appreciates the offer but she’s passing.

She’s not in a financial situation to buy it and won’t take money from Michael.

Nina flashes back to Michael threatening her to stay away from his family. She tries to convince Carly to take the deal but Carly assures her it’s okay and she should take the win.

carly asks nina if this is about willow

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