Y&R Spoilers Oct 9 – 13: Nick Boxes, Victoria Loses it, and Claire Worries She Overstepped With Nikki

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What’s coming up on Y&R the week of October 9?

“Does Christine still hold a special place in your heart even now?” Phyllis asks Danny.

phyllis asks danny about christine

“Of course,” Danny says.

danny loves christine still?

Heather informs Daniel that she’s decided to wrap up her law practice in Europe and move back home to Genoa City.

daniel surprised by news

“I absolutely hate it that Adam is manipulating you,” Nick tells Sally.

He doesn’t think that this will change as long as Adam is around.

“What are you saying?” she asks.

nick tells sally this needs to end

Tucker tells Devon he doesn’t want to put any more chaos into his life.

Devon hopes that’s true but asks what his connection to Aunt Mamie is.

devon asks tucker about mamie

Although Sally professed her love to Nick, he questions what has motivated her to declare her love, especially right after she told Nick about that kiss with Adam. The timing has him suspicious.

Sally admits her emotions are a tangle, thanks to Adam and Nick points out that if she was not in love with his brother, whatever he said or did would have no effect on her. 

Nick suggests  Sally take time and some space to figure out what she wants. 

sally lets nick in

Sally worries time away from Nick will push her to make the wrong decision and being with Nick keeps her in check from doing anything rash. 

Audra surprises Kyle.

Devon interrogates Tucker.

Summer has a change of heart.

Victor puts his plan into motion.

audra teases tucker


Monday, October 9

Y&R day ahead recap: Audra and Tucker crash the party

Devon discovers Mamie’s secret.

Nate and Devon discuss not wanting to be close.

Sharon watches Summer and Chance.

Summer cozies up to Chance.

Kyle and Summer have a moment.

Audra finds herself at Kyle’s.

Tucker tells Jack he has a gift for him.

Nikki puts Diane on notice.

mamie with diane at wedding

Tuesday, October 10

Tuesday’s day ahead recap: Tucker spies on the Abbotts

Billy and Traci reject an olive branch.

Daniel receives surprising news from Heather.

Kyle questions Audra’s change of heart.

heather tells daniel she is moving to genoa city

Wednesday, October 11

Y&R day ahead recap: Jack finds the bug in the bonsai

Phyllis tells Jack that she hacked into Tucker’s account and learned he bought a listening device.

Jack thanks Phyllis but they are not even. Closer to it.

Danny eavesdrops as Phyllis lies to Jack about not hacking into Jabot.

Danny asks what Phyllis is up to. 

Jack outsmarts Tucker.

Daniel keeps a secret from Lily.

Phyllis confides in Danny.

Jack finds the listening device on the plant.

danny wishes phyllis luck

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Thursday, October 12

Thursday’s day ahead Y&RR recap: Nick dumps Sally

Victor’s actions cause concern among his family members.

Claire and Nikki discuss what the elder wants from her protege. 

Audra sets some ground rules with Claire.

Victoria goes off on Nate over Adam and her job.

Adam drops by Victoria and Nate’s table.

Victor checks in with Adam.

nate tells victoria he doesn't trust adam

Friday, October 13

Friday’s Y&R day ahead recap: Nick and Victoria lose it

Nick finds a way to connect with Victor.

Victoria gives Adam the benefit of the doubt.

Victor thinks everyone is out to get him.

Victoria worries about her dad to Nick.

Nick drinks and then boxes to get rid of stress.

Chloe gives Sally love advice.

Chloe tells Adam off.

Sharon tells Adam off.

Nikki’s scared by Claire.

Claire offers to lend an ear to Nikki.

Nikki finds Claire to be compassionate.

Victoria loses it and smashes a photo of Victor’s. 

victoria smashes a photo

Coming up on Y&R the week of October 16!

Victor tests his family.

Daniel keeps a secret.

Phyllis makes a dangerous decision.

Ashley fights back.

ashley with phone and wine

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