Y&R Spoilers March 25 – 29: Victor Has a Plan for Distracting Nikki as Adam Gets Unsolicited Advice

Monday, March 25 to Friday, March 29.

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This week is sure to be dramatic. While Victor begins to be worried about the decisions that Nikki’s making, she confides in her AA sponsor, Jack.

Lily has some decision making of her own to do. Will she fire  Heather and Daniel from Chancellor-Winters? If so, on what grounds? It wouldn’t exactly be legal to get rid of them because they cheated but the impact would be a lot of fun to watch. Meanwhile, Phyllis sounds some alarm for Danny and Christine who enjoy some romance, and Daniel and Heather are starting to worry about their own future.

Will these two be able to stay in Genoa City or will they head out of town? In the PSA storyline with Connor, Chelsea and Adam, it looks like the parents are still not seeing eye to eye in how to support Connor. And at the end of the week, Claire catches the eye of someone new.

Could she be in a relationship sometime soon? Who would catch her eye? There are so few single guys on the show right now. Could Kyle be the one?

And coming up in April, we will depart ways with Kellen Enriquez as Harrison and see a new Harrison in Redding Munsell.

Redding Munsell new harrison abbott Y&R comings and goings


Coming up on Y&R the week of March 25!

At Crimson Lights, Lily tells Heather, “You made your choice. I will make mine.”

lily tells heather she hasn't decided about firing her

Heather says, “I assume that means you’re going to fire me.”

Lily says, “Uh. I don’t know Heather, I haven’t decided yet.” She walks out and sees Daniel.

daniel runs into lily at CL

Back at Crimson Lights, Audra shakes off Tucker’s  arm. “Don’t touch me.”

Nate says, “You heard the lady.”

nate tells tucker to back off audra

At the Abbott mansion, Diane says, “You forget. You’re supposed to report to me. Not the other way around.”

diane puts kyle in his place

Kyle seethes at his mother. “Well, forgive me if I overstepped.”

diane lectures kyle for overstepping


Young and Restless Spoilers Monday, March 25:

In Monday’s Y&R recap, Lily refuses to absolve Heather from her sins

Victor is concerned about Nikki’s decision-making.

Jordan’s alive since Nikki saved her life.

Jordan’s hospitalized and cuffed to the bed but still has plans.

Lily settles unfinished business with Heather.

Devon and Lily discuss keeping Heather and Daniel on at Chancellor-Winters.

Phyllis sounds an alarm for Danny and Christine at the hotel as they’re making love.

newman ladies hug

Young and Restless Spoilers Tuesday, March 26:

In Tuesday’s Y&R recap, Sally gives Adam some tough love.

Adam worries for his kid and how his issues affect him.

Sally tells Adam to focus on his child, not him.

Ashley’s kid alter comes out to play.

Jack and Traci worry about Ashley’s behavior.

Danny romances Christine after Phyllis tries to ruin their night.

Phyllis is going to move on.

Audra makes a shocking decision.

Tucker goes to Ashley to ask her to see a new therapist.

ashley eavesdrops

Young and Restless Spoilers Wednesday, March 27:

In Wednesday’s Y&R day ahead recap, Lily wants to fire Heather and Daniel.

Daniel and Heather worry about their future.

Heather thinks she could go back to school, quit work.

Adam and Chelsea disagree on how to help Connor.

Billy irks Adam.

Chelsea irks Adam. 

Lily takes charge at the office.

Billy doesn’t trust Devon or Lily.

adam getting exhausted

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Y&R comings and goings — new Harrison


Young and Restless Spoilers Thursday, March 28:

Nikki confides in Jack.

Sally gives Adam some moral support.

Diane and Kyle navigate their relationship at Jabot.

jack surprised by nikki's news

Young and Restless Spoilers Friday, March 29:

In Friday’s early Y&R recap, Victor plans a party, Nick gets comfort from Adam.

Victor reveals a plan to distract Nikki from her problems.

Claire catches the eye of someone new.

Adam receives unsolicited advice from Nick.

nick and adam talk connor

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