GH Spoilers March 25 – 29: Anna Learns Important Information as Ava and Sonny Share a Moment

General Hospital spoilers from Monday, Mar 25 to Friday, Mar 29, 2024.

What’s coming up on General Hospital this week.

Gregory deteriorates noticeably, and we know where this is headed, sadly, since there is currently no cure for ALS. Meanwhile, Trina, who has rarely been seen since Spencer was presumed dead, is seen when she makes a heartbreaking confession and is comforted by Stella.

As Valentin makes arrangements. Anna talks to Dex once more about his confession and offers him a deal. Will he go against Sonny even more?

Speaking of Sonny, he and Ava have a close moment and we’re once again wondering if that will go anywhere. And finally, what many have been waiting for — Sonny and Jason come face to face, while Carly’s determined to find and talk to Jason once again.

Will Willow tell her where he is or Michael? Mid-week, Sam and Jason see one another for the first time. Will Sam blame him for Dante landing in the hospital or will Jason be able to explain what really happened and that he saved Dante’s life?

In the weekly spoiler video, Jason faces questions from all quarters about whether he shot Dante as people choose sides.

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General Hospital Spoilers Monday, Mar 25:

In the GH recap Monday, Jason tells John his story.

Jason tells his story.

Liz is overcome with emotion.

Stella comforts Trina.

Michael is cautious.

Jake is furious.

Trina’s not happy with Joss.

Trina cries on Stella’s shoulder then visits Spencer’s grave.

trina isn't happy with joss on general hospital

General Hospital Spoilers Tuesday, Mar 26:

In Tuesday’s GH episode recap, Ava and Sonny have a close moment.

Anna is stunned.

Jason details more of where he’s been and what he was involved in.

Carly is determined to get to Jason.

Ava comforts Sonny.

Curtis is suspicious.

Gregory’s symptoms become more pronounced.

Finn suggests BLQ and Chase get married right away.

ava touches sonny chin

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General Hospital Spoilers Wednesday, Mar 27:

Sam and Jason come face to face.

Danny and Jake have an argument.

Anna offers a surprising proposal to Dex.

Trina makes a heartbreaking confession.

Brook Lynn shares a message.

jake asks danny about booze

General Hospital Spoilers Thursday, Mar 28:

Thursday’s GH recap has Jason getting bail just as Dante’s starting to wake up

Tempers fly at Jason’s arraignment.

Carly and Alexis are surprised.

Sonny has his doubts.

Sam gets some hope.

Nina is insistent.

carly hugging jason in court

General Hospital Spoilers Friday, Mar 29:

Jason meets with Sonny.

Ava and Sonny have a close moment.

Anna learns some important information.

Valentin makes arrangements.

Oliva, Danny and Rocco rush to Dante’s bedside.

sonny asks ava about austin

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