Y&R Recap: Dismissing Billy’s Concerns, Lily Terminates Daniel & Heather, and Chelsea Convinces Adam to Send Connor Away

Wed Mar 27, 2024: Today on Young and Restless, Heather and Daniel have no regrets, Lily has made up her mind, and Adam feels ambushed by Billy and Chelsea.

Tuesday’s recap: Sally gave Adam tough love, Christine accused Phyllis of mischief, Phyllis decided to move on, and Ashley’s alter confused Jack.

(This day ahead recap episode airs in the USA on Mar 27. Expect spoilers! Recaps go live by 4:15 PM EST daily.)

Lily joins Devon at Society, assuming he is trying to distract her from seeing Daniel and Heather.

devon tries distracting lily

He says she doesn’t need to see them at all but she thinks that she needs to face this head on.

She can’t see when seeing them won’t bother them and declares they should just fire them.

lily thinks they should fire daniel and heather

Billy walks in as she says this and asks if they are plotting another corporate purge behind his back.

He wonders why. Devon isn’t explaining and accuses him of being paranoid.

Billy reminds them that Daniel built teh gaming division and it seems like they are gutting it without consulting him.

billy asks if this is another corporate purge Y&R

He accuses Devon of being paranoid and Lily complains about Billy stealing her office.

The siblings think he should go back to Jabot but he insists that he needs to stay and represent his mother’s best interests.

billy argues with devon and lily

He asks if they’ve thought about the practical fallout. They haven’t.

Billy soon guesses that the firings are personal.

Lily congratulates him on his deductive skill and bites his head of. He’s sorry she’s been hurt…again.

But this isn’t a good enough reason to fire them.

Lily worries about tension but Billy is more worried about legal issues.

billy says that's not a good reason

The Abbott still thinks they are being short-sighted. As annoyed as he is by what Daniel did, letting her emotions dictate her business decisions is a mistake.

He urges them to think before they make a decision they can’t come back from.

Once he walks away, Devon says Billy was annoying but made some valid points.

“Well, I don’t agree. So…” says Lily.

lily says so

She reminds him that Jill hired her with Billy as a team for ChanceCom because she didn’t trust his judgment and that hasn’t changed.

He has no right to question her decision. Devon thinks they should let the dust settle.

Her mind is settled and she’s not listening to advice from Billy about emotions in business.

lily has amde up her mind

Her brother thinks she can learn to cope. She throws up her hands, declares she’s done and storms out.

Abby arrives and wonder what just happened.

They sit at the bar and he explains that Lily just heard Billy out about Heather and Daniel.

They think about how similar this is to what they did to Chance and Amanda.

abby and dveon talk lily mess

Devon has no idea what the answer to this is.

Maybe Heather and Daniel can work from home…

He thinks Billy could be right. She disagrees and thinks they should be fired.

abby says fire them

She’s sure Lily will always have a special place in her heart for Daniel and the kind thing for Heather and Daniel to do would be to resign.

He thinks that punishing them for personally reasons could be unethical.

There could also be legal issues and one of the people they are firing is an attorney.

devon worries about repercussions

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Adam looks out the window of Crimson Lights and then talks to Chelsea about what foods trigger their son.

They worry about what the specifics are.

adam thinks connor is good there

He’s relieved that their son is back home and smiling and worries that shipping him off has been a set-back.

Chelsea is sure the school only revealed what they wouldn’t have seen.

He thinks they should get him treatment locally.

She knows he’s struggling with this but no one is struggling more than their son and they have to make a decision for his sake.

chelsea adam argue abotu school

He knows their son has problems but doesn’t want to rush him.

Chelsea thinks they should just do what Dr. Alcott says and thinks a second opinion would be a waste of time.

They hash over all their son’s symptoms.

Adam reminds her he’s not a doctor. She begs him to get on board with this.

adam is not a doctor

She thinks they need to show their son that his condition is treatable. He never said it wasn’t.

She thinks their fears are having an impact on him. She’s been doing research on the residential facility and urges him to look at it.

Adam points out they need to talk to their son because forcing him against his will is not helping.

She keeps repeating they have to help him.

She’ll work on there son and convince him of what’s good for him.

chelsea needs them to be united

They need to be on the same team and put aside all of their differences.

If they do this together, they can be the parents he needs.

Upset, Adam agrees to look at the material.

adam getting exhausted

He looks at the research and says she’s right. The program seems top notch.

They both wish they could have gone to a place like this when they were teens.

Billy walks in and asks about Connor.

When he mentions that he looks through the information about the facility and was impressed, Adam starts to fidget.

billy joins adam and chelsea

Adam is starting to feel like he was ambushed.

Chelsea says that she just looked to Billy for a second opinion.

adam feeling ambushed

Adam complains that he is not an expert and has no say.

This is his and Chelsea’s choice.

Billy agrees and urges Adam to talk to someone about this.

They all need to feel supported.

adam bickers with billy chelsea

Adam admits Sally has given him useful advice.

Whatever helps their son is all that matters so he agrees to move forward with this.

He and Chelsea hold hands.

At his place, Daniel puts a way a photo of Lily as Heather walks into the room.

They talk about their daughter’s prom plans with Waylon.

daniel and heather at home

She doubts he will be able to deny their daughter since he never has.

He just hopes this kid is not like he was.

She reminds them they have to go to work and suggests they go in separately.

Daniel doubts he’ll have an office much longer.

She’s guessing she will be terminated immediately.

heather reminds daniel they have to work

Heather doubts they will be able to convince Lily she’s wrong about her targeting him. She’s dispensable and he’s not.

Daniel points out that Chancellor-Winters owns Omegasphere and they can get rid of him.

She offers to look at the contract but he won’t allow it. He’s sure Devon is just looking out for his sister.

The lawyer points out he may lose his job and a project that changed his life. Does that make him regret what’s happened?

heather asks daniel if he has regrets

She adores him and he makes her heart flutter so she has no regrets.

Taking her hand, he promises that he has no regrets.

He started trying to become the guy she could count on again a long time ago.

heather has no regrets

His professional disappointments can’t be as big as how he feels about her.

She points out he put his heart into Omegasphere too. He’s proud of it and all the people it helped.

It was created to bring her and Lucy back into his life. It has served its purpose.

daniel says omegasphere has served purpose

He promises that he will be fine with whatever happened.

There may be a whole new frontier for him. He’s more concerned about her.

She knows she came back for the job, but she mostly took that to be close to him.

She can probably find another position.

Daniel thinks they have great things to look forward to. She’s optimistic.

They flirt and kiss.

daniel and heather kiss

As they sit at their bar, he jokingly suggest they open and art and law boutique.

She’s not sure that’s a thing.

He says they can corner the market.

Sensing he’s having feelings, she asks what’s happening and he admits he feels bad for breaking Lily’s heart.

heather daniel rehash

They rehash what it would be like to stay at Chancellor-Winters.

Neither of them will fight getting fired.

He thinks they should get proactive and do something that will benefit everyone.

Maybe if he resigns, that will keep the peace.

daniel thinks he should resign

Daniel and Heather go to Crimson Lights for coffee and strategize about their meeting with Lily.

heather daniel strategize

The lawyer won’t let him just resign, sure he would regret it.

Maybe all they need is to cool off.

Lily walks in and spots them.

They debate what to do and decide to let Lily talk first.

heather daniel talk next move

She crosses over and explains she was going to wait until they got to the office to do this.

She announces they are terminated immediately and will get a great severance package.

heather and daniel cornered by lily

Daniel is sorry it’s come to this.

“You should have thought of that before you betrayed me,” says Lily.

lily terminates daniel and heather

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