B&B Recap: After Hope Says a Tearful Goodbye to Douglas, Steffy Gloats That he & Thomas are Officially Out of Her Life

Thursday, March 28, 2024: Today on Bold and the Beautiful, Thomas and Hope have a difficult discussion with Douglas, and Steffy is pleased with her victory.

Wednesday’s Early B&B recap: As Hope Begs Him Not to, Thomas Resigns and Tells Hope He’s Leaving the Country With Douglas

In the Forrester CEO office, Ridge admonishes Steffy for going after Brooke. He’s letting it slide because Steffy’s going through something.

Steffy stands by her words.

Thomas appears and tells them he ended things with Hope. Steffy smiles.

ridge admonishes steffy B&B recaps

Hope wanders the room next door, looking at the engagement ring.

Brooke shows up when she’s sobbing and asks what happened and how she can help.

Hope says she can’t. The ring will never be on her finger because it’s over. “Thomas left me.”

hope sobs B&B

Hope tells her mother she loves Thomas. Brooke says sometimes it’s not enough.

She’s shocked Thomas would dump her. He was devoted to her.

Hope bemoans what happened and she couldn’t say yes because she wasn’t ready for marriage again but she wanted Thomas in her life.

brooke is sorry

She blames Steffy who couldn’t help herself attacking their relationship.

She thinks Steffy poisoned him against her.

Brooke tries to defend Steffy for being protective but Hope denies it.

She worries Douglas will be upset.


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Douglas appears and Hope dries her tears and asks Brooke to give them the room.

douglas at work

Doulgas tells Hope he already knows. Dad told him she turned down his proposal again.

Douglas got his hopes up too, he admits. He asks why she “made it seem like they’d be a family.”

Hope says they are one. The kid thinks you can only be a family if you’re married.

Hope calls marriage a big commitment and she’s not ready.

hope with her son

That doesn’t mean it’ll never happen or that she doesn’t love Thomas or him.

Douglas thinks she doesn’t love his dad enough to marry him and asks why they’re not good enough.

She doesn’t love them enough? Hope shakes her head. She loves him and will always be his mother.

Douglas tells her Caroline is his mother and she’s dead. “Dad was good enough for her,” he says.

douglas with hope

Hope thinks they can work through this. His dad needs time but she’ll always be there for Douglas.

Douglas wants to go with his dad to Paris but Hope says it’s not that simple.

They share joint custody of him.

douglas says dad hero

Douglas doesn’t want to hurt her but he wants to go with his dad and asks Hope not to make them go to court again.

They need each other.

He says goodbye and rushes into her arms.

They embrace and profess their love as Hope holds him, sobbing together.

douglas says bye

When Douglas leaves the room, Hope throws her engagement ring at the wall and screams loudly as she cries out her pain.

hope cries

Brooke finds Thomas, Steffy and Ridge in the CEO office. She tells Thomas Douglas is with Hope and lets Thomas know Hope’s devastated.

Steffy says she’s facing the consequences of her own actions. Brooke blames Steffy and asks Thomas if he’s really going through with this.

Thomas doesn’t get her 180. She got what she wanted. Brooke denies it but she did warn he might be disappointed.

Ridge says his whole world crashed around him.

steffy happy as a clam

Steffy thinks he has come to his senses. Thomas tells her to stop attacking Hope.

Brooke didn’t want them in anguish and again blames Steffy, reminding her there are children involved.

What does she think will happen when he learns his father’s leaving his mother?

Did Steffy know he’d be crushed? Steffy thinks Hope should have thought about that before using him as a toy.

brooke hates this

Douglas turns up. He tells his dad he spoke with Hope and wants to go away with his dad.

Thomas hugs him and tells the family they’re going away and he’s not sure for how long. They’ll be in Paris.

Brooke points out that Hope has a say but Douglas reiterates he needs to go with his dad.

Everyone says goodbye and Thomas says he’ll let them know when they get settled.

Steffy walks father and son out as Brooke cries, wondering how Hope is doing.

steffy says bye

Steffy goes to the other room and taunts Hope, gloating that Thomas and Douglas have left her and that she’s officially out of their lives.

Hope glares.

hope angry at steffy

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