Y&R Recap: Sally Gives Adam Tough Love, Christine Accuses Phyllis of Mischief, Phyllis Decides to Move On & Ashley’s Alter Confuses Jack

Tue March 26, 2024: Today on Young and Restless, Jack and Traci worry about Ashley’s behavior; Danny romances Christine; Audra makes a shocking decision.

Monday’s recap:  Jordan is Alive, Lily and Devon Consider Firing Heather and Daniel, and Phyllis Pulls a Fire Alarm to Ruin Danny & Christine’s Romance

(This day ahead recap episode airs in the USA on March 26. Expect spoilers! Recaps go live by 4:15 PM EST daily.)

 Christine and Danny are interrupted making love when Phyllis pulls the fire alarm outside their room at the Athletic Club.

They race to jump into their clothes and leave the room.

They find Phyllis waiting downstairs.

phyllis waits for danny

She yells over the alarm that she was getting orange juice and the alarm came on.

She assumes they’re frustrated and that they were in the middle of something romantic.

Christine calls her concern touching and Phyllis claims she’s looking out for her pals.

Christine asks why her finger is bleeding.

phyllis laughs

Phyllis says it’s a hangnail. Christine folds her arms over her chest and wonders aloud if someone pulled the alarm on purpose.

Phyllis acts like she has no idea of what Christine means. Christine all but accuses Phyllis who thinks the batteries were dead or it malfunctioned.

Christine thinks “some insane woman yanked the alarm and hurt her finger.”

christine accuses phyllis

Phyllis asks if Danny’s going to let her talk to her like this. What motive does she have?

Danny thinks it fits since she’s acting weird.

When Phyllis learns that Danny invited her on tour, Phyllis thinks it’s crazy that Danny would be interested in someone like her.

Christine says it’s illegal to pull a fire alarm for no reason.

She’s willing to bet that Phyllis’ blood is on the alarm handle. Phyllis shrugs the blonde off.

Danny tells Phylis this is enough. He takes Christine back upstairs. 

phyllis denies wrongdoing

Audra finds Sally at Society.

They sit together and Audra says she listened to Sally’s advice and doesn’t think her relationship with Tucker is worth saving.

She wonders if this really isn’t love.

Sally doesn’t know her or Tucker well but thought she was adamant she had a unique connection with him.

audra finds sally society Audra nods. It doesn’t always mean healthy. Sally knows.

She and Adam haven’t been easy. Audra says Tucker used her in a sick love triangle.

Sally can’t relate but she and Adam have had problems.

Audra says Tucker swears she’s the one but he can’t let go of Ashley, who is there all the time.

Tucker thinks she has psychological issues. Sally thinks she’s one of the most sane people in Genoa City.

Audra shrugs. She’s done with Tucker.

audra complains to sally

At Crimson Lights, Tucker calls Ashley and leaves a message.

He explains how confused he is by her 180 and wants to meet in person. He disconnects.

Audra arrives and tries to run when she sees Tucker but he stops her and they rehash how what’s going on with Ashley has nothing to do with them.

He doesn’t want this to affect them working together. She’s angry and feels used. She’s done fighting for him.

Tucker says Ashley’s really sick. Audra doesn’t even care if she is.

That he wants to save her speaks volumes.

It’s not healthy for her.

tucker wants audra

“I’m out. Romantically, professionally, completely.”

Tucker explains he owes Ashley.

Audra says to do it but it’ll cost him.

Tucker cares for Ashley and always will but he’s not in love with her.

He asks if she still cares for Noah. She doesn’t answer.

Tucker says Ashley needs him now but he’ll do what he can to fix “us” after.

He asks her not to abandon her career because of this. Audra says even if this is a mistake, she doesn’t care anymore.

It’s probably one of the smartest moves she’s made.

audra done with tucker for good

Jack’s surprised to find Ashley on her laptop with headphones on, laughing to herself. “How you doin’?” She asks, sitting on the sofa in a track suit.

She tells him she’s binge-watching on season 3.

He takes in her pigtails and asks what’s going on.

She shoves popcorn in her mouth. Jack says this isn’t like her and Billy noticed something off about her too. She just wanted to chill and says it’s cheaper than all that booze he drinks.

She complains that Diane too has issues with her.

What’s wrong with all of them?

She’s trying to get her mind off of Tucker by watching a sitcom.

She thinks she needs “a vacay.” She eats her popcorn and says she wants a vacation from them.

She goes into the kitchen and stumbles, then clutches at her head.

She sets the popcorn down and the voice in her head says, “You’re not strong enough for this Ash, and you’re not helping. You’re raising suspicion. Let go. Hand it over to me.”

ashleyy's alter ego wants to take over Y&R



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Back in the living room, Jack cleans up the popcorn on the floor. Traci approaches and he tells her what went down.

Traci’s glad she’s not prickly but Jack says she binge watches documentaries, not sitcoms.

Traci’s a writer and knows people need a break from reality sometimes.

Jack is worried though and says Billy noticed Ashley wasn’t herself. Traci wonders if things have hit her harder than she knew.

ashley eavesdrops

Ashley walks down the stairs in an elegant pink blouse and dress pants. Her hair is taken down.

She eavesdrops as her siblings talk about things taking their toll on their sister.

Ashley goes up to them and tells them to stop psychoanalyzing her. They just care. She knows but is over Tucker.

They need to move on and if they keep whispering about her behind her back, she can’t do that.

ashley back to her self

She thinks they want to commit her for watching a sitcom.

Jack denies it and Traci’s sorry if she feels cornered.

Ashley tells them to “back the hell off” and let her move on with her life.

She takes off, leaving them stunned. Jack is annoyed and Traci says Ashley’s humiliated and feels judged.

Jack says the woman that they just spoke to insists she’s fine. Traci won’t let this go.

There is something off. Jack was right. very instinct screams that this is bigger than a push-pull issue with Tucker.

jack and traci admonished

Back at Society, Adam drops by Sally’s table.

She asks how things with Connor went and he complains about the follow- up session with the OCD specialist.

“Connor hated being there,” Adam says. Sally thinks they should go somewhere private to talk. They take off. 

adam complaines about his issues


In Sally’s room at the Athletic Club, Adam tells Sally that Connor’s social worker wants him moved to an East Coast facility which is a huge step.

Sally wonders if it’s what he needs.

Adam begged him not to force him to go and why.

He fills her in on everything and she feels terrible for poor Connor. Sally’s all for the facility.

Adam says they trigger anxieties in a controlled environment there.

sally makes tea for adam Y&R

Sally finds that promising but Adam worries it’ll make it worse.

He bitches that he hates being the bad guy when he and Chelsea disagree over their son.

He complains about Billy being out of line with his comments.

Sally asks if they’ll get a second opinion.

He hasn’t suggested it to Chelsea yet.

It’s all happening so fast, he says, worriedly.

His kid is terrified.

adam whines to sally Y&R

He recalls calling Connor “peanut” when he was little and now he keeps calling himself “crazy.”

Sally asks if he’s afraid of having a plan in place because he’d have to accept Connor’s disorder.

Adam looks at her like she has two heads.

Sally thinks he’s struggling to accept his son’s sick.

Adam asks how she can say that.

adam upset

He doesn’t know how this happened and how he didn’t know his sweet, smart boy was struggling with pain.

Sally hugs him. He hates this but knows Connor needs his strength.

Sally calls this one of the roughest things a parent can go through.

Adam blames his past parenting issues for this and Sally tells him to stop it.

He wishes he had more confidence.

She says she’s about to tell him something that might sound harsh and says he can’t think about how this affects him, but he needs to focus only on Connor.  

adam embraces sally


Back at Crimson Lights, Tucker tries to grab Audra’s arm as she goes.

She shrugs him off. “Don’t touch me!”

Nate appears.

He gets Audra away from Tucker and buys her a coffee while Tucker receives a message from Ashley asking to meet at Society. 

audra says goodbye

At their table, Audra thanks Nate for the assist with Tucker.

Nate couldn’t help it.

He isn’t sure where she stands with Tucker.

She is done with the man. Nate’s glad and asks what her Plan B is for being out of a job.

She’ll come up with something. She calls herself a survivor.

audra will come up with something for plan b

Back in the hotel room at the Athletic Club, Danny lights the candles while Christine complains about Phyllis.

Danny says they don’t have proof she pulled the alarm and calls it childish.

Phyllis didn’t succeed at tearing them apart.

He thinks she’s wearing too many clothes so she unbuttons her blouse and smiles as she tells him to kiss her. 

Christine and danny kiss some more after alarm

Tucker meets Ashley at Society. She’s primping herself for his arrival and smoothly greets him, flirtatiously.

He doesn’t get why she’s running hot and cold. She can tell he’s worried about her because of the cute furrow of his brow and knows it means he loves her.

He cares about her but love isn’t the word he’d use to describe it.

She’s playing games.

She calls herself mercurial and thinks he is too. She can’t give up on them. She won’t.

ash happy to see tucker

She wants him to take a chance with her but he asks her to see a psychologist.

He’ll go with her and if he’s wrong, she can make him eat crow.

She smiles at him. That’s not going to happen.

She saw someone in Paris who said she was normal.

Tucker wonders if the memory of that therapy appointment is as clear as the fight they have.

Ashley says that was isolated. She apologized. Tucker again asks her to prove she’s okay by seeing someone who isn’t a friend. 

ashley and tucker being mercurial

At the bar at the Athletic Club, Phyllis lifts her glass of wine to some random guy next to her and tells him she’s celebrating letting Danny go. The man nods, not really seeming to care about a stranger’s antics. 

She tells herself that she thinks Danny has bad taste in women and that she needs to get her life back.

phyllis has wine

She couldn’t care less what they do.

phyllis needs to move on

Meanwhile, upstairs, Danny sprinkles rose petals on Christine’s back and writes the words ‘I love you’ on her back.

She smiles and professes her love before they kiss.  

christine and danny canoodle with roses

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